All titles that shape the global and target an international audience are on the World Stage.

The significance of creative ideas is in direct proportion to values ​​they add to the ecosystem. At the World Stage, we will discuss the developments and innovations that put theory into practice  around a meaning and purpose and became a global issue not only with its financial aspect but also with the audience it reaches.

Strengthening global collaborations on the verge of existential crises such as climate crisis, inequality and war, takes an immense place in the agenda of global brands for a long time. New approaches to develop awareness and purpose-oriented projects for a sustainable future will also be a matter of discussion at World Stage.

Other game changing innovations for the creative industries is of course; new technologies. Web 3.0, decentralized structures and blockchain penetrate both living and business models with a power that has a global impact. We look forward to a future where creativity will be tested with the practices of AI and machine learning. In the light of all these possibilities; we will examine the models and strategies that brands, designers, artists and all members of the creative world use as a basis while shaping the future. The global trends of tomorrow will be at the World Stage!

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