Rethink. Reimagine. Recreate.

Pandemic... War... Earthquake... Economic crisis... Elections!
Is it possible to stay the same in a world where everything is changing so rapidly?
Could the solution be to recreate everything rather than pick up where it left off?
This year at Brand Week Istanbul, we'll meet to rethink and rebuild.
Let's meet at the most inspiring week of the year…

2023 Speakers

Vikas Swarup

Author of Slumdog Millionaire & Former Diplomat

Metin Sitti

Max Planck Institute Intelligent Systems Department, Director

Darren Coleman

Brand Experiences and Strategy Specialist, Author

What will you find at the Brand Week Istanbul

Thought leaders

News from Brand Week Istanbul

15 September 2022
15 September 2022
Time to Reset
10 August 2022
4 August 2022
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4 August 2022
World Stage
4 August 2022
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6 September 2021
Big Data & Art...
6 September 2021


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Felis Awards
12 - 13 November 2020

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What Brand Week Istanbul attendees say?

“It was a wonderful event bringing together a real variety of interesting speakers from around the and different areas. I speak at a lot of events and this was conference which I both enjoyed tremendously and found very inspirational”

Tom Goodwin

“For me, it was the most exciting brand week of last year.I am sure that the whole industry will come togetheraround Brand Week Istanbul this year. ”

Tarık Bayar

“So many young and talented professionals. Brand Week is the best place to share ideas and learn what is possible.”

John Zimmerman

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