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Each year Brand Week Istanbul, the biggest business meeting in the EMEA region, brings together ground breaking artists, advertising executives, marketers and business people from marketing, media, arts and sports with over 32.000 participants.


Take place at Brand Week Istanbul for your brand as an important stakeholder of the “Most Inspiring Week of the Year”. Sacel up your brand in the industry and in the EMEA region.

30.000+ Attendens

Come together with more than 30,000 participants from all over the world at Brand Week Istanbul, the largest business and brands event in the EMEA region.

Media and PR Influence

Make a difference with your presence in the sector press and social media channels. Be on the agenda, let your brand be talked about.

Engaging Events

Be at the center of interaction and conversations at the events such as a launch, press conference or party, organized for your target audience and Brand Week Istanbul visitors.

Networking and VIP Packages

Meet potential partners who will improve your business. Become the host of networking meetings that will bring together experienced local and global names in the field with your business partners.

Special Focal Points and Experiences

Adopt special lounges reserved for topics such as women’s leadership, future technologies, wellbeing, sustainability and creativity in the event venue; Become the meeting point of meaningful experiences that are aligned with your agenda and target audience.

Stars of the Stage

The opportunity to represent your company’s projects in speeches that inspire the industry. Add value to society and business with creative practice and visionary initiatives.

Competitions and Award Ceremonies

Be a part of ceremonies and competitions such as Felis Awards, Women Who Make a Difference, Lovemarks. With the support of our team of experts, add games and fun to Brand Week Istanbul with competitions specially designed for the event days.

Students and Young Professionals

Meet students and young professionals who will play a critical role in the future of your industry. Listen closely to their presentations and projects. Guide future leaders of the country and region with your feedback and suggestions.

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