All topics that lead the Global and target an international audience will be on the World Stage.

All our expectations in 21th century are about a sustainable digital economy, strengthening global collaboration against existential crises, especially climate change, a brand new human rights and values declaration and business models enabling creativity. In the light of these expectations many different topics regarding the globe will be on the World Stage.

Whether there will be fundamental shifts in strategy and practice or not is still an on-going hot debate. Even though there is an anticipation of avoiding risks and an expectation of tendency towards protectionism for the near future, there is also an argument about the need for a more globalisation. These will be discussed in detail as conflicting global assumptions on the World Stage. 

Space economy, the future of the middle classes, the future of data economy and local brands going global will be put on the table with an economical perspective and topics rooted in communication and culture such as science communication, new social-new individuals, the future of cultural hegemony, purpose & creative activism and climate change will be explored in a global sense.

For many, the effectiveness of creative ideas are being scaled with what they contributed to the ecosystem. On the World Stage, we will talk about the innovations and developments that put theory into practice and that, with their purpose, manages to become a meaningful hub for their partners. 

Ground breaking business models of brands and creative patterns of designers and artists who shape the future by enjoying digital transformation and technological developments, will be on the World Stage.

Each day, a different theme will be covered on the World Stage; the recent developments in digital and technology will take place on the first day of Brand Week and on the second, an agenda focused on youth and business frameworks fueling culture, art and creativity.

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