At Brand Week Istanbul 2022, we will discuss the present doctrines on brands and trends with in-depth industry analyzes, recent research on the parameters that shape the consumer trends. In short, all the developments awaiting the business world will be at Brands & Trends on 9-10-11 November.

The areas where blockchain and artificial intelligence transform financial technology and the potential it will offer to institutions in the future will be shared with the audience at first hand by its practitioners. At the same time, despite the widespread use of new technologies, brands and marketing experts and creative industries will face a new order in the near future; cookie-free communication. This new regulation will be discussed with all ends at Brands & Trends.

Creative collaborations developed by creatives and customers, gave birth to inspiring ideas and projects and groundbreaking works. The anatomy of such collaborations  will be analyzed and discussed under the title of B2B creativity. Another area that is affected by creativity is the game industry which will be explored in three dimensions; art-design, e-commerce and market research.

The future of retail, the strategies and strategists behind brand successes, and all the developments that will affect the business world, in particular Turkey’s political economy, are also on the agenda of Brands & Trends.

Between 10-11-12 November, many issues that shape the tomorrow will be discussed at Brands & Trends by leading experts from Turkey and the world.

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