Brand Week Istanbul, now in its 11th edition, is set to gather global experts from various fields between 6-10 November. The underlying theme, “Rethink, Recreate, Rebuild,” underscores our shared mission to delve into the trends that will shape our future.

While the pandemic may be behind us, its transformative impact lingers on. The repercussions of economic fluctuations continue to reverberate across brands, startups, and creative industries, influencing both their business models and financial objectives.

In these uncertain and ever-evolving times, clinging to familiar formulas, adhering to stereotypes, and relying on outdated action plans will yield predictable outcomes. Instead, the circumstances necessitate embracing radical change.

We must chart a new course, paving the way with innovative strategies that open up fresh avenues and invigorate the business world and creative industries. It is not about resuming where we left off; rather, it is about devising solutions that foster re-creation.

Join us this year at Brand Week Istanbul as we collectively embark on a journey to rethink, recreate, and rebuild.

Mark your calendars for the most inspiring week of the year.