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Each year, Brand Week Istanbul, the premier business gathering in the EMEA region, convenes trailblazing artists, advertising luminaries, savvy marketers, and visionary business leaders hailing from the realms of marketing, media, arts, and sports, drawing an audience of over 60,000 participants.


Engage as a pivotal player in Brand Week Istanbul, the “Most Inspiring Week of the Year,” to boost your brand’s prominence in the industry and across the EMEA region. Join this esteemed event to expand your brand’s influence and reach.

60.000+ Attendees

Gather alongside over 60,000 participants from across the globe at Brand Week Istanbul, the preeminent business and brands event in the EMEA region.

Engaging Events

Position yourself at the heart of interaction and dialogue during events tailored to your target audience and Brand Week Istanbul attendees, such as launches, press conferences, or parties.

Media and PR Influence

Stand out in the sector press and social media channels by making your presence felt. Ensure your brand takes center stage and becomes the topic of conversation.

Networking and VIP Packages

Connect with potential partners poised to enhance your business. Host networking sessions that unite seasoned local and global experts in the field with your business associates.

Special Focal Points and Experiences

Claim dedicated lounges for topics such as women’s leadership, future technologies, wellbeing, sustainability, and creativity at the event venue. Be the focal point for meaningful experiences aligned with your agenda and audience.

Elevate Your Company's Impact

Seize the chance to showcase your company’s projects in inspirational speeches that resonate throughout the industry. Enhance both society and business through creative practices and visionary initiatives.

Competitions and Award Ceremonies

Engage in ceremonies and competitions like the Felis Awards, Women Who Make a Difference, and Lovemarks. With our expert team’s assistance, infuse Brand Week Istanbul with excitement through specially crafted competitions and games.

Students and Young Professionals

Connect with students and young professionals who are poised to shape the future of your industry. Provide feedback and guidance to nurture the next generation of leaders in your country and region.

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