We have witnessed major changes in the marketing world over the past years.  Such as digital transformation, big data analytics and decision-making processes and changes in consumer behavior driven by mobile devices and social media.  In a way, they have shaken conventional business models to the ground and caused traditional strategies to be shelved.

According to MasterCard CMO and world-renowned marketer Raja Rajamannar, one of our Brand Week Istanbul 2021 speakers, an approach focused on financial results and marketing performance is dominant in the marketing world, and we usually miss the “reason” behind these results. As Raja observes, marketing has been going through its most exciting phase ever in the digital innovation age; The Fifth Paradigm of Marketing.  Innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, 5G, smart speakers and smart wearables, and blockchain, are changing the lives of consumers and potentially taking the impact of marketing to a who different sort of level. Raja Rajamannar calls this new face of marketing “Quantum marketing”.

From Raja’s point of view, Quantum Marketing is; , rather than putting aside all that is known about marketing, to redefine and re-imagine marketing within the rapidly changing parameters of the day by bringing together all our experience and knowledge about it, and to turn marketing into an effective force that directs decision-making motivations with creative strategies.

At Brand Week Istanbul 2021; we will explore both the future of marketing and getting beyond today’s boundaries with a brand new sense of management for the rapidly changing world of tomorrow and discuss all the details of Raja Rajamannar’s method, called Quantum Marketing.

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