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Brand Week Istanbul is a platform where the world’s leading brand, marketing, advertising, communication, technology and thought leaders come together, aiming to bring together the most up-to-date and important names and projects in these fields at events specially designed for them.

Brand Week Istanbul, which focuses on making a difference by exceeding standard sectoral conferences with its workshops, forums, seminars, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, networking activities, experience areas, competitions and award ceremonies, is a common ground that conveys success and knowledge sharing from influential people such as elite brand managers, creative visionaries, and dynamic media leaders.

Brand Week Istanbul focuses on key business models affecting the global industry, highlighting the client, media and broad cultural community.

You can register for Brand Week Istanbul by clicking here.

Brand Week Istanbul will take place 9-13 November on an online platform.

The Brand Week Istanbul ticket covers 5-day online programs between 9-13 November, granting access to all halls and experience areas. Click here to see different ticket categories and contents.

Yes, we offer special rates to students. Click here to take a look at our different ticket options.

Ticket cancellations and changes can be made within 7 days.

You can contact our event sales team for group ticket purchases.


The event schedule will be announced very soon.

You can access it from the website and Kapital Events mobile application.

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You can get in touch with our event sales team.

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Online ticket sales will continue until the end of the event.

Brand Week Istanbul ticket does not include Felis Awards entry.

Felis Awards tickets will be on sale soon.

Yes, you can download Kapital Events on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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