On Decision Making and Influence

Decision-making processes are based on different parameters that both intersect with each other and diverge. These may range from building a simple incentive in everyday life to creating global demand. For many different human-focused structures that vary in quantity and purpose, such as individuals, groups, institutions and organizations, it is significant to take part in and guide these decision-making processes. But it is likely to encounter resistance.

To change one’s mind; using data, evidence and concrete examples is the first and traditional method so far that comes to mind. According to author and academic Jonah Berger, who will give a speech at Brand Week Istanbul 2021, in this process we focus on the desire to achieve results immediately rather than analyzing the method we follow in detail. By this way, our action can be reduced to roughly pushing people in the direction we desire and meeting resistance in reaction. And the result is; being ineffectively excluded from the entire process. At this point, Jonah Berger asks why people we reach do not lean towards the desired direction, and what makes these people stop. Thanks to hundreds of studies conducted by Jonah Berger over the years, and in light of the practices of global companies he has consulted, at Brand Week Istanbul 2021 we will discuss the reasons for this barriers and the methods to follow that encourage people to make decision.

In order to change one’s mind, it is necessary to look at the conditions with an analytical eye and reduce the elements one by one that block the path. For Jonah Berger, by mitigating the factors that impede change at individual, organizational and social level you can change anything. This is the method that he has recently developed and called “catalyst”, inspired by chemistry.

Jonah Berger will present his new methods and analyses and his predictions for the future at Brand Week Istanbul in November 2021. Click here to take your place now and take advantage of early registration opportunities.