The Triumph of Creativity Over Limitations

According to Sokoloff, having a grasp of the boundaries imposed by the current normal makes it possible to achieve effective solutions.

The word limit sounds like an obstacle to overcome at first glance. However, by carrying the meanings both edge and end; it draws the first draft of the feasibility and thus takes the first step. This, in turn, ultimately leads to rational and high-functioning results.

At Brand Week Istanbul 2021, regarding creative business models and inspiring strategies, we will examine in detail the importance of developing ideas shaped by and under specific limits. Jose Migeul Sokoloff, Global President of the MullenLowe Group Creative Council, who will speak at Brand week İstanbul 2021, suggests that the limits that determine the conditions are the elements that also determine the quality of the result. In other words, according to Sokoloff the basic rule for effective creativity is to develop awareness for current limitations and respect them and try to achieve the triumph of creativity over the circumstances within these limitations.

Recently, we tried to overcome the physical limitations that everyone faced with the help of technology and digital tools. These efforts both gave rise to innovative ideas and after being put into practice they began to spread significantly not only in our daily communication but also in our business life. Inevitably, these new orientations also brought along their own circumstances and their own limitations. According to Sokoloff, being aware of all the details of the boundaries that are imposed by reality makes it possible to achieve result-oriented and effective solutions. It is fatal to know the audience or take financial and technological factors into consideration however free thought and independent perspective are the inherent parts of inspiration which Sokoloff strongly points out for the design an effective strategy. We will discuss many other points about effective creativity, collaborations of the post-Covid world and the anatomy of inspiration in November, at Brand Week Istanbul 2021. Click here to take your place now and enjoy early registration opportunities.