Transmedia Storytelling

Storytelling skills directly determine the impact of the transmitted message on the target . In addition, the storyteller can create a worldview for people or even create an effect for generations. In order to analyze cultural elements, it is vital to listen to stories about that culture, and changing a culture begins with manipulating existing stories. In the midst of all these stories, it is possible to exist and express ourselves at different digital platforms at the same time. This also applies to brands, organizations or institutions. In this ecosystem, transmedia storytelling stands out.

Jeff Gomez, one of our speakers at Brand Week Istanbul 2021, suggests creating a multi-layered universe to achieve a more striking effect, rather than linear storytelling. “The Collective Journey” is the name of the model that Jeff Gomez developed when creating a universe like this. This model is used not only to examine striking social systems and tumultuous socio-political changes that can quickly self-organize and reach large audiences, but also to explain the world of transmedia stories such as Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

As Jeff Gomez observes, this is an incredibly effective storytelling method that only emerged in the digital age.  The Collective Journey has a non-linear and participant-open narrative.  This narrative rose as a response to the impact of unearthly conventional communication methods on traditional storytelling.  In addition, mastering and developing the basic components of this timely method significantly helps to create a brand identity or create a layered universe.

At BrandWeek Istanbul, Jeff Gomez will discuss the Collective Journey model and all the details of the next generation, transmedia storytelling. To learn about one of today’s most important storytelling experts’ analysis and insights, come and join us at Brand Week Istanbul.