Turkish National Football Team, Coach



  • Karina spent the last seven years as Partner and…


    Anomaly, Partner & Global COO

    Karina spent the last seven years as Partner and CEO of Anomaly’s flagship office in New York – leading a period of recordgrowth and evolution. At the start of 2017, she was appointed Global COO leading key clients and helping strengthen Anomaly’sseven offices, continuing the company’s evolution at the forefront of the industry.

    Anomaly is a difficult to define, but exciting to work at ‘new model’ company – with offices in LA, New York, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai. Anomaly’s blue chip roster includes Budweiser, Diageo, Google, Hershey’s, New York Life, Nike, Panera, SONOS and YouTube. Equally interesting is Anomaly’s IP portfolio, which includes a culinary lifestyle brand withEric Ripert; the creation of EOS, the no.1 lipbalm in US, and most recently launching the award-winning medicinal cannabisbrand dosist.

    Formerly, Karina was Partner and Managing Director of Fallon London, and successfully grew the agency from startup to a TopTen agency, winning Campaign’s Agency of the Year (twice) and becoming the most creatively awarded agency in the world(Gunn Report).

    Karina is a Board Member of Effie Worldwide, a Founder of ‘Straight Up’ in the US, set up to encourage and develop more femaleleaders in the industry and in London was an active member of Women in Advertising and Communications London (WACL).

  • Mehmet Sezgin is an acknowledged banking and…


    myGini, Inc., Founder & CEO

    Mehmet Sezgin is an acknowledged banking and payments executive with 30 years of global experience.

    His latest initiative myGini, based in San Francisco, offers digital wallet, payment, and loyalty solutions to financial institutions and retailers.

    As the Global Director of payments line of business at BBVA he managed 80 million cards and 1.4 million merchants generating $120 billion purchase volume from 13 countries. A firm believer of new technologies, he introduced BBVA Wallet; a digital card and payments mobile app.  It was launched in Spain, Chile, Mexico, USA, Turkey, Colombia and Peru with downloads reaching 20 million.

    As the founder and CEO of Garanti Payment Systems; a wholly-owned subsidiary of Garanti Bank, he launched the first chip cards in Turkey in 2000, created a loyalty platform called Bonus Card, licensed it to 10 other banks and turned Bonus name into a consumer brand.  He also signed a cobranding deal with Turkish Airlines introducing the first mileage program in the country. He was instrumental in moving Turkey to a full chip&pin infrastructure. Under Mehmet’s leadership, Garanti became a payments powerhouse as one of the top 5 card issuers in Europe.

    Having worked in banking for several years, he joined MasterCard in 1993 to serve member banks in 9 countries. He started his career as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    He was a Board Member of MasterCard Europe for 14 years, and served as Chairman and Board Member of the Interbank Card Association (BKM), Credit Bureau (KKB) and the Risk Centralization Platform at Turkish Bankers’ Association.

    He holds an MBA degree from University of Massachusetts, which he earned with a Fulbright scholarship and Bachelor of Science degree in management from Middle East Technical University in Ankara.

    He is also the author of Book of Bonus.

  • Originally from Germany, Thomas began his career…


    Fjord EALA, General Manager

    Originally from Germany, Thomas began his career in the US after studying at the Art Center College of Design and spent 10 years at Razorfish in New York where he worked as Design Director. More recently he acted as Chief Experience Officer at Siegel+Gale before coming on board as Regional Design Director of Fjord in Europe. In his life at Fjord, he splits his time between three main pursuits. Firstly, creating the environment necessary, as well as removing obstacles, in order for his team to be productive. Secondly, managing key client relationships, and building up a Fjord team that spans 6+ markets. Thirdly, working on new business development including speaking at events, interacting with the media, and helping Fjord pitch for new business anywhere across EALA.

    A huge fan of simplicity, Thomas loves using design as a process to both facilitate people and ultimately create clarity in both form and function. He believes that design is a better approach than consulting because it puts people first. He wants to give people something to smile about and make the world a better place, and design is one of the few things that has the power to do this.

    22+ Years of Experience, 2 years at Fjord/Accenture, Masters in Media Design from the Art Center College of Design, MFA Communications Design in Munich, and the Harvard Executive Education Program – Business Perspective for Design Leaders.

    Clients: Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Generali, American Express, Giorgio Armani, VW, Ford Motor Company.

  • Jonah Berger is a Marketing Professor at the…


    Marketing Professor at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Author of NYT Bestseller

    Jonah Berger is a Marketing Professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a world-renowned expert on word of mouth, social influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. He has published dozens of articles in top‐tier academic journals, and popular accounts of his work often appear in places like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. Berger is the bestselling author of multiple books including Contagious: Why Things Catch On (hundreds of thousands of copies are in print in over 30 languages) and Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior. Berger is a popular speaker at major conferences and events and often consults for companies like Google, Coca‐Cola, GE, Vanguard, Unilever, General Motors, 3M, Kaiser Permanente, and The Gates Foundation.

  • Ahmet Gülüm was born in 1961, in Istanbul.…


    Sportsnet Group Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Ahmet Gülüm was born in 1961, in Istanbul. After his education at Vefa High School, he studied Economy in Marmara University Administrative Sciences Faculty. He concluded his education after graduating from his master’s degree on business management. During his volleyball career, he played for Beşiktaş (1972-1979), Hisarbank Sakarya Karadeniz Spor (1979-1982), Galatasaray (1982-1991) and Arçelik (1991-1993). He was the team captain of Galatasaray for 9 years and Arçelik for 2 years. During his captaincy, Galatasaray Volleyball Team won the Turkish Championship for three times, from 1986 to 1989 successively. He wore the national team jersey for 158 times in different categories like youth, A, military and university. During his captaincy in the national teams, he received many international prizes in the tournaments such as Balkan Championships, Mediterranean Games, Spring Cup and World Military Volleyball Championship. When Turkey won the World Military Volleyball Championship and Galatasaray took in the third position at Balkan tournament, he was elected as the best setter. In 1984, he became the first athlete from volleyball to be nominated for the Athlete of the Year Award by Milliyet Newspaper.

    After retiring from volleyball as an athlete, he pursued his passion in the business side of sports. In 1992, Ahmet Gülüm led the group which brought the first international Beach Volleyball organization to Turkey. He had notable impact on the growth of beach volleyball in the country. Later on, he was elected as the president of Turkish Volleyball Federation and Turkish Volleyball Foundation. He was in Beach Volleyball World Council and FIVB Marketing Council as a member. Furthermore, he was on presidential duty of CEV Marketing Commission. In 1998, he was chosen as the sportsperson of the year by two newspapers, Fanatik and Zaman. In 1999, he was selected as the sportsperson of the year once again, according to evaluation of Milliyet. He has been a member of Turkish National Olympic Committee since 1996.

    Ahmet Gülüm founded Sportsnet in 2001, which is Turkey’s first and only sports focused marketing and communication agency. Sportsnet turned into a group of companies by specializing and growing in different service areas. First came the event company, Allsports. It was followed by Turkey’s first sports oriented digital agency Vo2. Following Vo2, sportstv was founded which brought Turkey’s most various sports content together with the TV audience. Since its’ inception, The Group has been giving sports related marketing and communication services to leading brands such as Beko, Petrol Ofisi, Vestel, Turkcell, Orkid (Always), Aroma, TEB, Turkish Airlines, P&G, Gillette. It also executed the communication works for important sports organizations hosted in Turkey. İzmir and Erzurum Universiade, Moto GP, Formula 1, World Basketball Championship, TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships in Istanbul 2011-2013 are some of the notable examples. Last but not least, in 2015 Ahmet Gülüm founded BİLGİSpor, an undergraduate sports business program, in collaboration with Bilgi University. He is an active lecturer in the program.

  • Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of Iron…


    Lead Singer of Iron Maiden, Pilot and Businessman

    Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of Iron Maiden, a commercial pilot, brewmaster, entrepreneur and creative business thinker. Bruce was a pilot and Marketing Director for Astraeus Airlines, a company which leased aircraft to other carriers, and is the Chairman and founder of Cardiff Aviation which specialises in heavy maintenance of Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft.


    Bruce is also involved in an air ship venture to manufacture lighter than air hybrid transport aircraft and Pouncer, the incredible edible drone developed by Windhorse Aerospace, that will safely fly humanitarian aid into hard to access disaster areas.


    Bruce hasn’t stopped flying Boeing 757s, and in 2016 flew the band around the globe on their “Book of Souls” world tour in their own 747.


  • Ken Segall is one of the most admired creative…


    Former Ad Agency Creative Director for NeXT and Apple, author of New York Times Bestseller

    Ken Segall is one of the most admired creative executives in the marketing industry. He led the creative team behind Apple’s iconic Think differentcampaign and set Apple down the i-path by naming the iMac. With wit and insight, Segall speaks to companies worldwide about the power of simplicity, coloring his presentation with stories about life in the world of Steve Jobs.


    Ken Segall is the author of the new book, Think Simple—the follow-up to his New York Times bestseller, Insanely Simple. A self-proclaimed technology enthusiast, Segall worked closely with Steve Jobs as his ad agency creative director for 12 years spanning NeXT and Apple. He has also served as worldwide agency creative director for IBM, Intel, Dell, and BMW.

    Segall is an international speaker on the power of simplicity. His message has struck a chord across a wide range of industries in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, opening eyes to the benefits of simplicity that are available to all.

    In Insanely Simple, Segall showed how Steve Jobs’s love of simplicity helped propel Apple from near-bankruptcy to become the world’s most valuable company. You could see it in the way Apple innovates, advertises, sells at retail, and even organizes itself internally. In Apple’s success, there are valuable lessons for every company’s success.

    In Think Simple, Ken Segall goes beyond Apple to show how simplicity is powering many different companies around the world—big and small, famous and under-the-radar, established and start-ups. The book is based on interviews with more than 40 CEOs and business leaders, including those at Whole Foods, The Container Store, Ben & Jerry’s, Charles Schwab, Telstra, Bank of Melbourne, and many more.


  • After a career of 15 years in academics and…


    Authority in Marketing and Brand Strategy, Founder and CEO of Vivaldi Group

    After a career of 15 years in academics and extensive professional work experience in several large multinational companies, Erich founded Vivaldi Group. He is actively engaged in many consulting projects for leading companies and brands. In addition to his consulting work, Erich does extensive research on global brands and the formulation of corporate and business-unit level strategies. A sought-after speaker, he also conducts executive-level conferences and workshops around the world in English, German, and Spanish.

    Erich is a published thought leader and his book Brand Leadership, co-written with David A. Aaker and translated in 14 languages, is considered a groundbreaking discussion on the recent developments in brand strategy. He has completed a new book, Hidden in Plain Sight, that focuses on the role of brands in creating economic value and growth for firms. Erich is also the author of more than 40 articles and case studies in leading academic and business journals, including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, and Business Week.

    Erich has held academic faculty positions in the US and Europe and taught in various executive programs in Latin America, Asia and Africa. He holds masters and doctorate degrees from universities in Germany and the U.S., and completed his education with a Post Doctorate Fellowship at Harvard Business School.

  • Stefan Sagmeister has designed for clients as…


    Designer and Art Director

    Stefan Sagmeister has designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO, and the Guggenheim Museum. He’s a two time Grammies winner and also earned practically every important international design award.

    Stefan talks about the large subjects of our lives like happiness or beauty, how they connect to design and what that actually means to our everyday lives. He spoke 5 times at the official TED, making him one of the three most frequently invited TED speakers.

    His books sell in the hundreds of thousands and his exhibitions have been mounted in museums around the world. His exhibit ’The Happy Show’ attracted way over almost half of a million visitors worldwide and became the most visited graphic design show in history.

    A native of Austria, he received his MFA from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and, as a Fulbright Scholar, a master’s degree from Pratt Institute in New York.


  • Born and raised in Italy, he holds a BD in…


    Moleskine Srl, Chairman of the Board

    Born and raised in Italy, he holds a BD in Business Administration from the prestigious Scuola Superiore S. Anna of the University of Pisa.

    After graduating, he joined Procter&Gamble as Brand Manager, working in Italy and Japan. He then moved to management consulting with Bain&Co, to finally go back to the corporate world joining Bulgari, the Italian jewelry house. He was first MD of North American Operations and later MD Bulgari Global Operation, based in Switzerland. In the early 2000’s he became the first non-family CEO of shoes and leather goods manufacturer A. Testoni.

    In 2006 he led the successful buy-in/buy-out of Moleskine and was appointed CEO. Since then he has transformed a small, 20 people operation, with a turnover of €20 million, into a global company of 500+ people and €160 million turnover. After listing the company on the Milan Stock Exchange, he took it private again in 2016 and now serves as Chairman of the Board.

    He lives with his family on the hills surrounding Bologna, is an avid reader of non-fiction books, loves cooking and practices skiing and yoga.


  • Yavuz Turgul was born 1946 in…


    Director, Producer

    Yavuz Turgul was born 1946 in Istanbul.


    Graduated from Istanbul University Institute of Journalism.

    Began working as a journalist for Ses magazine in 1969.

    Worked as a script writer for Arzu Film between 1975-1980.

    Began working as a copywriter for Manajans in 1980.

    In 1993, he and Jeffi Medina started Medina/Turgul advertising agency.

    Worked in advertising until 2003.

    Has been an award-winning film director since 1984. His filmography includes

    1984: ”Fahriye Abla”,

    1986: “Muhsin Bey”,

    1991: “Aşk Filmlerinin Unutulmaz Yönetmeni”,

    1993: “Gölge Oyunu”,

    1996: “Eşkıya”.

    2004: “Gönül Yarası”

    2010: “Av Mevsimi”

  • Dr. Morgaine Gaye is a Food Futurologist and…


    Food Futurologist and Director of Bellwether

    Dr. Morgaine Gaye is a Food Futurologist and director of  bellwether: Food Trends, the first food trend research compendium. She has her own health-food product range of functional food blends called Dr Gaye, which are sold globally on-line.

    Morgaine looks at food and eating from a social, cultural, economic, trend, branding and geo-political perspective. Her work involves running ideation sessions, consulting to food companies, developing new products and ideas; writing articles/ trend reports for PR and ad agencies; giving public , university and corporate lectures on specific food trends, developing new ideas for food-related TV and radio programmes and doing research on all elements of the eating experience from mouth-feel to olfactory perception. She consults to leading blue chip food companies and manufacturers, delivering bespoke trend briefings and NPD ideation.

    Morgaine is a frequent media contributor in print, radio and TV. A number of her academic food research papers have been published. She is a guest university lecturer in UK and Sweden and is on the reviewing panel for the International Food Design Conference and yearly academic journal.

  • 1965'te tanışan Mazhar Alanson ve Fuat…


    Legendary Rock Band

    1965’te tanışan Mazhar Alanson ve Fuat Güner’in birlikte yer aldıkları ilk grup, içinde Ali Serdar, Semih Oksay ve Fikret Kızılok’u da barındıran Kaygısızlar’dı. Bir süre sonra Barış Manço’yla çalışmaya başlayan ikilinin o sıralar tanımadığı Özkan Uğur; Kurtalan Ekspres, Erkin Koray, Ersen ve Dadaşlar gibi müzisyenlere eşlik etmekteydi.

    Yola Mazhar-Fuat olarak başlayan grup, içinde sonradan ünlenecek parçaları Güllerin İçinden’i de barındıran ilk albüm Türküz Türkü Çağırırız’ı 1973’te yayınladı. Özkan Uğur’un katılması, 1976’da Ayhan Sicimoğlu ve Galip Boransu’nun da dahil olduğu İpucu Beşlisi’nin kurulmasıyla gerçekleşti.

    İpucu Beşlisi’nin dağılmasıyla bir süreliğine ayrı yollara giden üçlüden Fuat Güner ve Özkan Uğur, Ferhan Şensoy’un oyunlarına müzik bestelemeye başladı. Daha sonra bir araya gelerek Sezen Aksu, Ajda Pekkan ve Seyyal Taner’in arkasında çaldılar.

    1984’te çıkan Ele Güne Karşı albümüyle birlikte toplam 13 albümde (3 best of, 10 stüdyo albümü) dillere dolanan sayısız şarkıya imza atan, ülkenin dört bir yanında dopdolu konserlerde sahne alan MFÖ, 1985 ve 1988’de iki defa Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması’na katıldı. İlerleyen dönemde Fahir Atakoğlu ve Yavuz Çetin gibi değerli müzisyenlerle çalışan grup, özellikle hep aynı dizilimle yer aldıkları eğlenceli ve dinamik canlı performanslarıyla ön plana çıktı. Ele Güne Karşı, Ali Desidero, Güllerin İçinden, Sarı Laleler, Sakın Gelme, Mazeretim Var Asabiyim Ben, Sude, Yalnızlık Ömür Boyu ve Buselik Makamına gibi şarkılar, grubun efsane statüsüne ulaşacağı yolun temellerini attı.

  • As Vice President of Facebook’s Global Business…


    Facebook, VP of Global Business Marketing

    As Vice President of Facebook’s Global Business Marketing team, Sarah sets the course for how the
    advertising community can best leverage Facebook’s apps and services in a mobile-first environment. In
    this role, Sarah is responsible for providing clients with innovative and effective marketing solutions for
    their businesses.
    Prior to rejoining Facebook in 2014, Sarah most recently led Universal McCann’s agency operations in
    the US where, as President of the agency, she oversaw strategy, analytics, custom content, crosschannel
    buying and planning, and business development.
    Before joining Universal McCann, Sarah built and led Facebook’s Global Agency team. In addition to
    partnering with the Agency community in this role, she led the combination of creative and strategic
    thinking behind turning cross-channel campaigns into those fueled by digital insights.
    Sarah also has extensive client and category expertise. She served as senior vice president at Starcom
    Mediavest Group leading the Mars Wrigley AOR, and has deep experience across CPG/FMCG, Beverages,
    Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Electronics.
    Sarah was recently inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of
    Achievement, which recognizes the industry’s top leaders aged 40 and under for their profound impact
    on the industry. In 2014, Sarah was named one of Advertising Age magazine’s top “40 Under 40”
    marketing stars.
    As a part of Sarah’s ongoing commitment to her community and the industry, Sarah is honored to serve
    on the Boards of Build-A-Bear Workshop, AWNY, Northwestern University’s Regional Board, the
    Reisenbach Foundation, the Angelight Foundation, and the Social Impact for the Ad Council. She is also a
    Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow.
    Sarah prides herself on executing with transparency and openness and relentlessly putting customers at
    the center of her work. Sarah is based in Facebook’s New York office. She holds a degree from
    Northwestern University and is a very proud wife and mother of two.

  • Professor of Psychology at University of…


    Professor of Psychology, Neurosience Pioneer, Founder Neurohm

    Professor of Psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities; Visiting Professor at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and Renmin University in Beijing.Professor Ohme inspires managers and business
    leaders all over the world. He has given lectures in over 30 countries on 5 continents. He has been awarded by the President of Poland, the Polish Prime Minister, and the Foundation for Polish Science, and received a Fulbright research grant. He is an honorary member of the Executive Club and a finalist of the 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year. He publishes in the world’s top scientific and business journals and is a board member of the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, an organization of neuroscientists and business practitioners from 85+ countries worldwide.

  • John Bird founded The Big Issue in 1991, and…


    The Big Issue, Founder and Editor in Chief

    John Bird founded The Big Issue in 1991, and since then he has spread the business all over the world.

    John Bird was born into poverty, brought up in care and has lived through a lot. His life’s journey has included spells as a thief, prison inmate, artist and poet. Now an established iconoclast, activist and publisher, John Bird is the force behind The Big Issue, the world’s most successful street magazine. He is an inspirational business leader with an outstanding record of using business as a tool for social change.

    At a time when Corporate Social Responsibility is preoccupying business leaders and consumers alike, John Bird offers an authoritative, fresh approach, and some original perspectives on the interaction of business and society. His diverse experience, combined with his exuberant personality, erudition and often trenchant views make him a compelling and entertaining speaker.

    John has spoken at the UN in New York, Nairobi and Istanbul, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. The UN Scroll of Honour, an MBE and the 2005/6 Beacon Prize for Creative Giving are just three of the many accolades and awards he has received. Since founding The Big Issue in 1991 with Gordon Roddick, John has overseen its development into the UK’s most successful social enterprise, stretching from Tokyo to Totnes and helping thousands of homeless people worldwide.

    Bird was nominated for life peerage by the House of Lords Appointments Commission in October 2015 to become a non-party-political peer. On 30 October, he was created Baron Bird, of Notting Hill in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

  • Alper Eroglu is the Marketing Director for…


    Unilever Turkey, Marketing Director, Personal Care

    Alper Eroglu is the Marketing Director for Personal Care Products at Unilever, responsible for creating stories for brands such as Elidor, Clear, Axe, Rexona, Dove, Signal, Toni & Guy, Vaseline. Before moving back to Turkey, he worked in regional and global positions in Italy and the UK. He led an international team of professionals create the global media and digital communication strategies for iconic brands such as Axe, Rexona and Magnum. Before joining Unilever, he studied economics and finance at Middle Eastern Technical University and University of California, San Diego.

  • His talent and interest for caricatures led him…


    Comedian, Actor, Film Producer

    His talent and interest for caricatures led him to work for Leman during his college years. He did his first show at Leman Kültür Merkezi while working at Leman. He then started doing shows at Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi, succeeding in making a name for himself. He has done over 4,000 shows. In 1998, he began a career in film with his movie Her Şey Çok Güzel Olacak. He acted in 10, including Turkish classics G.O.R.A, A.R.O.G, Hokkabaz, Yahşi Bati and Pek Yakında, and did voiceovers for 3 movies. While advancing his film career, he continued his stage work doing 4 sold-out stand-up comedy shows. In cooperation with Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra he conducted the orchestra twice in concert. He released a DVD of his college visits. During his career, he became the brand ambassador for many brands. He was featured in numerous successful ad campaigns including ones for Panasonic, Opet, Turk Telekom, Turkiye Iş Bankası and Doritos. He has authored one book and has released 3 of his movie scripts as books. He has been awarded many awards, including Sadri Alışık Best Male Actor Award, 4th Yeşilçam Best Male Actor Awards, Brussels International Independent Film Festival Best Male Actor Award.

  • Anselmo Ramos is the Co-Founder and Chief…


    DAVID, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

    Anselmo Ramos is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of DAVID, a global creative agency with offices in Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Miami. As the head of DAVID’s U.S. flagship in Miami, Anselmo is the creative leader behind Burger King’s famous “Proud Whopper” campaign, as well as successful brand campaigns including DAVID’s first-ever Super Bowl spot, “Wiener Stampede” for Heinz, and Heinz’s “Pass The Heinz” campaign, an idea DAVID brought to life from the hit television series Mad Men. Under his leadership, DAVID also recently won two prestigious Grand Prix awards for Burger King’s “Burning Stores” and “Google Home of the Whopper” campaigns at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival.

    Anselmo got his start in advertising at 24 years old after he moved away from his home in Brazil to work for Y&R Lisbon, Madrid and Miami, and Lowe New York. During his time abroad, Anselmo won multiple prestigious awards from Cannes, The One Show, CLIOs and D&AD, among many others. In 2007, he returned to Brazil to become Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Brazil, the agency responsible for Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches,” which won the first Titanium Grand Prix Award at Cannes for Latin America. Ogilvy Brazil was also named Cannes Agency of The Year in 2013, the first Ogilvy office to ever win this award. To date, Anselmo’s work has won over 195 Cannes Lions, including 30 from this year’s Festival alone. He has been awarded several illustrious industry accolades, including DAVID Miami being named on Ad Age’s 2017 Agency A-List Standouts and on Creativity Innovators List, and he’s been featured on Adweek’s Creative 100 List, which highlights the industry’s most vital leaders in tech, media and marketing.

  • Nick Meaney co-founded Epagogix 14 years ago in…


    CEO at Epagogix Risk Management/Film Consulting/Film Finance - Media Industry

    Nick Meaney co-founded Epagogix 14 years ago in London.

    Epagogix uses a highly innovative blend of expert process and advanced Artificial Intelligence to help clients (mainly in the film, TV and entertainment sectors) to forecast outcomes.

    Immediately prior to founding Epagogix, Meaney worked in a senior role in the City of London for one of the world’s largest Risk Management Companies. There, he realized that the insurance-led approach to risk management for the major US film studios was failing to address the underlying fundamental financial risk of choosing, investing in, and developing the projects which deliver optimal return on investment.

    Meaney was introduced to the power of neural networks to help forecast future outcomes. Seeing opportunities to deliver better outcomes for Hollywood studios, Meaney left the City. Drawing together colleagues from many disciplines, Meaney built the Epagogix team.  Epagogix harnesses expert analysis and bespoke neural networks and helps film and TV industry clients to make evidence-based decisions to identify, develop and improve their creative ideas. Epagogix is based in London and Oxford, with representation in New York and Los Angeles.

    Previously Meaney was based in New York City as global head of marketing and e-commerce for a company involved in travel and international education. Long before that he was a journalist/researcher in Chicago, USA, after graduating from university in England, and before embarking upon a colourful and successful international career across several sectors.  Meaney also has interests in the alternative fuels sector.



    CEO at Epagogix Risk Management/Film Consulting/Film Finance - Media Industry

    Nick Meaney co-founded Epagogix 14 years ago in London.

    Epagogix uses a highly innovative blend of expert process and advanced Artificial Intelligence to help clients (mainly in the film, TV and entertainment sectors) to forecast outcomes.

    Immediately prior to founding Epagogix, Meaney worked in a senior role in the City of London for one of the world’s largest Risk Management Companies. There, he realized that the insurance-led approach to risk management for the major US film studios was failing to address the underlying fundamental financial risk of choosing, investing in, and developing the projects which deliver optimal return on investment.

    Meaney was introduced to the power of neural networks to help forecast future outcomes. Seeing opportunities to deliver better outcomes for Hollywood studios, Meaney left the City. Drawing together colleagues from many disciplines, Meaney built the Epagogix team.  Epagogix harnesses expert analysis and bespoke neural networks and helps film and TV industry clients to make evidence-based decisions to identify, develop and improve their creative ideas. Epagogix is based in London and Oxford, with representation in New York and Los Angeles.

    Previously Meaney was based in New York City as global head of marketing and e-commerce for a company involved in travel and international education. Long before that he was a journalist/researcher in Chicago, USA, after graduating from university in England, and before embarking upon a colourful and successful international career across several sectors.  Meaney also has interests in the alternative fuels sector.


  • Russell Belk is York University Distinguished…


    York University; Schulich School of Business, Chair in Marketing

    Russell Belk is York University Distinguished Research Professor and Kraft Foods Canada Chair in Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University. He is past president of the International Association of Marketing and Development, and is a fellow, past president, and Film Festival co-founder in the Association for Consumer Research.  He initiated the Consumer Behavior Odyssey and the Consumer Culture Theory Conference.   Both of these were key events initiating and institutionalizing qualitative consumer research.  He has received the Paul D. Converse Award, two Fulbright Fellowships, and the Sheth Foundation/Journal of Consumer Research Award for Long Term Contribution to Consumer Research.

    He has honorary professorships on four continents and has held visiting or permanent positions at the University of Illinois, University of Utah, Temple University (US), Göteborg University (Sweden), Craiova University (Romania), Edith Cowan University (Australia), University of Hong Kong, Otago University (New Zealand), Lancaster University Management School (UK), University of British Columbia, Africa University (Zimbabwe), Jishou University (China), Exeter University (UK), and others.  He has over 600 publications and his research tends to be qualitative, visual, and cultural.  It involves the extended self, meanings of possessions, collecting, gift-giving, sharing, digital consumption, and materialism.  In 2014 a 10-volume edited set of his work was published by Sage entitled Legends in Consumer Behavior.

    His other books in the past five years include Romantic Gift Giving, Handbook on the Sharing Economy, Consumer Culture Theory, Review of Marketing Research, Qualitative Consumer and Marketing Research, Routledge Companion to Identity and Consumption, and Routledge Companion to the Digital Consumer.


  • As Chief Brand & Marketing Strategy Officer…


    SapientNitro, Global Chief Brand & Marketing Strategy Officer

    As Chief Brand & Marketing Strategy Officer for SapientNitro, Darren’s primary role is to help business grow by bringing insight through strategy and inspiration to creativity. Additionally he is a co-author of the New York Times best seller Storyscaping; Stop creating ads, start creating worlds.

    He is currently responsible for driving the value and effectiveness of Brand & Marketing Strategy, Social and Media Practices.

    Over the span of 25 years, Darren has been involved with both the client and agency sides. This hybrid skill set and perspective gives him an advantage when mapping out branding and marketing strategies. He has imparted this wisdom to many clients’ success.

    Darren has worked with numerous local and global brands such as: Virgin Blue Airlines, Virgin Megastore, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Foster’s, Burger King, Subway, Footlocker, Coca Cola Brands, X Games, ESPN, Ford, Fiat and Mercedes Benz, Visit Florida and Harley Davidson.

    His most recognized work was spearheading strategy for the “Best Job in the World” campaign for Tourism Queensland in Australia.

    Daz has been internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading strategists. His awards include three Cannes Lions Grand Prix, Effies, MIXX, New York Festivals, One Show, Clios and D&AD Black Pencils.

    He is a sort after awared jury member and international keynote speaker having appeared at Cannes Creative Festival (France), Adobe Conference (UK), Internet Week (NYC), Mesh (Canada), ADWEEK (New York), Facebook Conference (Miami), Columbia University (NYC) and many others.

    Additionally, his expert thought leadership has appeared in notable trade publications and marketing textbooks.

    Darren holds a B.A. from RMIT University.

  • John Deighton is Brierley Professor of Business…


    Harvard Business School, Professor

    John Deighton is Brierley Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at Harvard Business School, where he teaches marketing. He has taught Digital Marketing to Master of Business Administration students, and now teaches an MBA course titled Big Data in Marketing and an executive short course titled Competing on Business Analytics and Big Data.

    His recent research includes “Economic Value of the Advertising-Supported Internet Ecosystem,” forthcoming from the IAB in 2017, “The Value of Data: Consequences for Insight, Innovation, and Efficiency in the U.S. Economy,” published by the DMA 2016, “Adding Bricks to Clicks: The Effects of Store Openings on Sales Through Direct Channels,” published in the Journal of Marketing, and “Interactivity’s Unanticipated Consequences for Marketers and Marketing,” in Journal of Interactive Marketing. Recent case studies include Oracle: Targeting the CMO, Managing Data at Allstate, WPP: From Mad Men to Math Men, and Target Stores: The Hunt for Unvolunteered Truths. See also his Twitter feed @HBSmktg.  He is a past editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Interactive Marketing. He has served as the Executive Director of the Marketing Science Institute, and Director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.  He has been a visiting professor at the Duke University, the University of Tokyo, and Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the UK.

  • Doc Searls is a journalist, columnist, and a…


    Founder of ProjectVRM Berkman Center at Harvard University, Author, Journalist

    Doc Searls is a journalist, columnist, and a widely read blogger. He is the author of The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012), and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual (Basic Books, 2000, 2010).

    He is also Senior Editor of Linux Journal, a fellow at the Center for Information Technology & Society at UC Santa Barbara, and founder and director of ProjectVRM at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University since 2006.  In 2013-14, he was a visiting scholar at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU.

  • "Daniel has been -so far- an engineer,…


    Futurist, Creative & Innovation Consultant

    “Daniel has been -so far- an engineer, entrepreneur, tinkerer, anthropologist, journalist, curator, lecturer, teacher, writer and futurist.

    Interested in technology from an early age, he has devoted much of his life to teaching. Besides his work, he has been professor of schools such as Digital Invaders or Miami Ad School. He has published more than 20 books about his experience on advertising and interactive design.

    After years in independent and corporate advertising agencies, where he won every single accolade in advertising world -including the first Titanium & Integrated Lion in the history of Mexican advertising-, Daniel lives and works in Mexico City (MX), helping brands to improve the way they operate in this fast-speeding world.”

  • Ahmet Kural is a Turkish Actor. He was born on…



    Ahmet Kural is a Turkish Actor. He was born on November 10, 1982 in Kütahya, where his father served as the police chief. He is originally from Ankara. He started to his studies attending high school theater and changed eleven schools in twelve years because of his fathers recurring new assignment locations. He is graduated from Radio, Television and Cinema department of Konya Selçuk University and has a Master’s degree from Bilkent University. He has also got acting education from Müjdat Gezen Art Center. His career is full of joint work with highly respected and very talented senior Turkish actors such as Levent Kirca, Haluk Bilginer, Rasim Öztekin, Köksel Engür and Hümeyra Akbay. He has been very close friend with Murat Cemcir and they acted together in many television shows. Ahmet Kural is known as very good person and loved by his followers due to his extraordinary energy, acting skills and exemplary character traits and work ethic.

  • Murat Cemcir is a Turkish actor…



    Murat Cemcir is a Turkish actor of Georgian descent who appears regularly in Turkish films and on television primarily in comedies. Cemcir appeared in the film Çalgı Çengi with Ahmet Kural in 2011. He later starred with Kural in the sitcom İşler Güçler(Workforce), a behind-the-scenes comedy about television production. In 2013, he starred in the film Düğün Dernek(Wedding Association), which became the most-watched Turkish film in 30 years. In 2014, he began performing in the new television comedy Kardeş Payı (Brothers Share). He speaks Georgian and enjoys horseback riding. He graduated from Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi.

  • He started his acting career at City Theaters. He…


    Actor, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

    He started his acting career at City Theaters. He worked both as an actor and director at very important theaters in Turkey.

    In 1972 he established Ali Poyrazoğlu Theater; he layed out the modern plays from Turkish and worldwide writers.

    He was the leading actor in 70 movies.

    He translated 45 plays into Turkish; the translations were performed in private theaters, government theaters and city theaters.

    He performed his plays in Greece, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Australia and Austria. In 1998 he was one of the leading actors in the play called “Pera” which took place in Broadway followed by many fans. He worked with the famous American actors. The characters he created were very much liked by American critics and the audience. He was a playwright and director for many radio programmes and television shows.

    In Paris, he performed the play he wrote “İçimdeki Timsah” (The Crocodile in Me) in French as “Le Crocodile en Moi”. His writings were published in various newspapers and magazines. He was a columnist in Yeniyüzyıl and Sabah newspapers for 12 years.

    Ali Poyrazoğlu was selected as the Best Actor and the Best Director in movies and theather plays and most of his works were awarded as Most Succesfull Production Award.

  • Robin has spent his whole working life providing…


    Entertainment and Sport Agent

    Robin has spent his whole working life providing promotion, support, counsel and a safe extra pair of hands to his clients in the worlds of international entertainment and sport.
    Having started his working career at J Walter Thompson, which was then the largest advertising agency in the world, one evening in a pub in Chelsea he met an Irishman called Ronan O’Rahilly who was planning the launch of the world’s first pirate radio station. That same evening he offered him a job at Radio Caroline. Here he scripted programmes for the station, sold advertising airtime and produced shows which were broadcast to the station’s massive daytime audience, not knowing whether the British Government was going to close the station down or blow it out of the North Sea! After two years at Radio Caroline he joined a production company, making commercials for British TV and during this time, whilst shooting a Pepsi commercial in Los Angeles he met Sammy Davis Jr. He persuaded Sammy to come to London to perform at the Grosvenor House Hotel. He raised the necessary funds, the shows were a sell-out, Sammy became a lifelong friend and he spent the next 12 years as an impresario and personal promoter to some of the world’s greatest artistes and performers, including Sammy, Marlene Dietrich, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Buddy Rich, and having worked with Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra and many more, Robin was given the opportunity to work with some of the major events in the second of his passions – international sport.

    He was appointed as Director of Broadcasting for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies – Saatchi and Saatchi – and so entered the world of sports marketing in the late 1980s. He applied his skill set for clients at nine Olympic Summer and Winter Games, three FIFA World Cups, six Ryder Cups and numerous Wimbledon Grand Slam tournaments and FA Cups. In 2001 he formed TSE Consulting, a Lausanne based sports consultancy, and 9 years later stepped down from his role as Group CEO. He finally ‘retired’ to his home on the Isle of Wight in August 2010. In 2017 Her Majesty the Queen appointed him as her High Sheriff for the county of the Isle of Wight, having previously appointed him as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for his services to disability sport in the UK. Robin is Chairman of Fundraising and a member of the Executive Council of the charity The British Wheelchair Sports Foundation (WheelPower), the governing body for disability sports in the UK, based at Stoke Mandeville, the birthplace of the Paralympic movement. Under his Chairmanship the organisation has raised in excess of twenty million dollars for disability sport. Throughout his fascinating career he has rubbed shoulders and worked closely with many legends from the worlds of entertainment and sport.

  • Born in East LondonLeft school at 16 to be…


    Adman and Author

    Born in East London

    Left school at 16 to be engineering apprentice.

    Hated factory life, so I went to art school: East Ham Tech, where I used to draw Quentin Crisp in the nude (him not me).

    Got a Rockerfeller Scholarship to go to art school in New York: Pratt Institute.

    Studied advertising at Carl Ally on Madison Avenue.

    Worked as a deckhand on a Danish tramp steamer to South America.

    Came back to London in 1971.

    Worked in a bank while I sent copies of my portfolio to fifty ad agencies.

    Got hired by John Webster at BMP, who’s won more advertising awards than anyone else in history.

    We did a lot of great work (ask me for details if you’re interested).

    We won a lot of awards.

    I became deputy creative director.

    In 1980 I left to start my own agency: Gold Greenlees Trott.

    In our first year we were voted the best agency in the UK by Campaign magazine.

    In our fourth year we were voted best agency in the world by Ad Age magazine, New York.

    We did a lot of great work (again, ask me for details if you want) and won a lot of awards.

    I started the D&AD Advertising Concepts Workshops, which ran for over thirty years.

    Over the years I’ve trained hundreds of young creatives.

    Many of them now run their own agencies, in the UK or abroad.

    In 1990 I left GGT to start Bainsfair Sharkey Trott, with the joint CEOs of Saatchi & Saatchi.

    In 1993 I left BST to start Walsh Trott Chick Smith.

    In 2001 it changed to Chick Smith Trott.

    In 2008 we merged with The Gate, and I became Chairman.

    I left in 2012.

    In 2004 I received the D&AD President’s Award for lifetime achievement.

    I also have the same award from The Creative Circle, The Marketing Society, and The Scottish Advertising Assoc.

    I’ve published three books:

    Creative Mischief

    Predatory Thinking

    1 + 1 = 3

    The first one is out of print.

    The publisher for the second two (in hardback and paperback) is Pan Macmillan.

    I write two weekly blogs.

    One on my own site and one for Campaign.

    I have about 25,000 followers on Twitter.

    Currently I do consultancy work, freelance for clients.

    My wife is an art director.

    My daughter is an art director.

    My son is a copywriter.

    Both kids went to St Martins, we are an art school (creative) family.








  • Tom Goodwin’s main role is the EVP of…


    EVP and Head of Innovation at Zenith USA

    Tom Goodwin’s main role is the EVP of Innovation at Zenith Media, his role is to understand new technology, behaviors and platforms and ideate and implement solutions for clients that take advantage of the new opportunities these make possible.


    Tom’s focus is leading the innovation and content wing within Zenith, unleashing the power of emerging platforms, content and influencer programs, new media and devices and new technology to product robust business results.


    Tom is also voted the #1 voice in Marketing by LinkedIn with over 400,000 followers on the platform, he is also one of 30 people to follow on Twitter by Business Insider and the top two people in Advertising to follow by FastCompany.


    An industry provocateur and commentator on the future of marketing and business, he’s a columnist for the Guardian, TechCrunch and Forbes and frequent contributor to The World Economic Forum, GQ, Ad Age, Wired, Ad Week, Inc, Quartz and Digiday. He features on Global TV as a regular guest on i24News’s “Cutting Edge” section about the future.


    Tom frequently speaks around the world at conferences and to Clients about business transformation, technological disruption, innovation in advertising and the future of entertainment, retail, mobility and finance.   Tom is currently working on a commissioned book by Kogan Page, titled Digital Darwinism and is a founding member of the Wharton Future of Advertising program.


    Born in England, Tom earned a degree in architecture and structural engineering from the University of Sheffield, combining his love of the arts and design with an interest in measurable results and building things. He lives in New York.

  • Nevzat Sayın was born in 1954 in Hatay where his…


    NSMH , Founder - Istanbul Bilgi University Architecture Graduate Program, Founder Member

    Nevzat Sayın was born in 1954 in Hatay where his father, a civil servant, was appointed at that time. After living in Gaziantep, Ankara, Istanbul, and Bodrum, he graduated in 1974 from Atatürk High School in Izmir and in 1978 from Ege University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Architecture, again in Izmir. Between 1978-1980 he continued with graduate studies at the same school but did not complete them. The entire journey of living in Izmir would enable him to fully embrace and internalize the “Aegean Culture” which inspired the manifests in his talks, texts, and works. Between 1980-1984 Sayın returned to Istanbul for what he defines as ‘post-academic training’ and worked with Cengiz Bektaş. Between 1984-1986 he suspended architectural work and went on ‘trips to increase his knowledge,’ focusing on the Aegean Region and antiquity, and took photographs. Until 1990 he continued to practice architecture, working with different offices. Sayın was nominated for and has received architectural awards both in Turkey and abroad. The works he produced between 1990-2004 were gathered in the book “Düşler Düşünceler İşler” (Dreams, Thoughts, Works) prepared by Tansel Korkmaz.. In 2015, “A Book About A Building” was published by Umur Press which includes Umur Print House’s design and construction procedure. In addition to his work at NSMH, he continues to teach in diverse architectural schools in Turkey; he is a founding member of and studio instructor in the MArch Program in Architectural Design at Bilgi University. Summer schools, conferences, juries, and workshops for architecture students constitute an important part of his involvement in architectural education. His works also include texts, interviews, exhibitions, and publications on architecture.

  • David Edwards is an inventor, writer, and founder…


    Harvard University, Professor

    David Edwards is an inventor, writer, and founder of oNotes, the digital scent company. Edwards teaches at Harvard University, and has founded many companies and nonprofits, from his early work related to inhaled insulin (AIR, sold to Alkermes) to his more recent work related to edible packaging (Incredible Foods).  He is the founder of the cultural center, Le Laboratoire (Paris, Cambridge) and Cafe ArtScience, a future-of-food restaurant next to MIT and Harvard.  Edwards is among the youngest engineers ever elected to the National Academy of Engineering in the USA, and has also been elected to the National Academy of Engineering in France, and to the National Academy of Inventors in the USA.

    He has won numerous international awards including being made a chevalier of arts and letters by the French Ministry of Culture.  He is the author of many articles and books, in English and French.

  • Defne Koz is co-founder and partner of Koz Susani…


    Koz Susani Design, Designer

    Defne Koz is co-founder and partner of Koz Susani Design, an award winner, innovative studio based
    in Chicago, with Marco Susani, where she designs iconic, emotionally engaging, innovative award
    winning products and experiences.
    Their designs span from domestic objects to high-tech devices, from hi-touch materials to interaction
    design, from luxury crafts to mass-manufactured products, always focusing on hi-quality design that
    embraces vision and innovation while preserving human, emotional qualities.
    The studio’s internationally acclaimed clients include Alessi, Allstate, Arcelik, Avsar, Bernhardt,
    Burotime, Crate & Barrel, Derin, Delta, Dove/Unilever, Egizia, FontanaArte, Foscarini, Gaia&Gino,
    Leucos, Lipton/Unilever, MPD, Mitterteich 1400º, Megaron, Merati, Nissan, Nestle, Nude, Nurus,
    OmniDecor, Panasonic, Pirelli, Rapsel, Samet, Swarovski, Swissotel, TunaOffice, Verreum, Vitra,
    WMF, Xerox.
    Defne Koz was born in Turkey and raised professionally in Italy,
    After having studied at Domus Academy – Milan, her idea of design is influenced by her training in
    Ettore Sottsass’ studio by the combination of her Turkish and Italian culture and by her curiosity for
    very different product types.
    Her interests span from humanizing new technologies to rediscovering the tradition of hand made
    products. Common to all her projects are her distinctive design language and the research on the
    sensorial qualities of materials.
    She was awarded “Designer of the Year, 2013” by Elle Deco International Design Awards
    in Turkey. Her designs were awarded with ‘Gold Award’ by Neocon 2016, IF Design 2015, 2014; IDA
    Bronze Award 2014, RedDot Design Award 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, and 2006, by Innovation
    Design Award 2013 German Design Council, by Elle Décor Award in 2015, 2012, 2011 by IDA Bronze
    Award in 2011, by ID Design Magazine as “Best in Category” Prize in 2001, by Good Design Award,
    Chicago in 2002 and 2013 and her products were nominated for the ADI Index Compasso d’Oro in
    2002 and in 2016, and were selected several times as ‘Best of the Category by EDIDA International
    Awards and Design Turkey Awards.
    For three years she has been member of the board of the Art and Design Advisory Board of AkBank
    and was member of the Board of the Istanbul Design Biennale 2012.
    IMM KoelnMesse invited her to be a Trend Board Member for 2011 and to design the exhibition
    “Surprising Empathy” during the Koeln Furniture Fair.
    Her designs have been exhibited at galleries and museums; Triennale di Milano, Galleria Jannone,
    Galleria Posteria, Spazio Mudima, Idea books, Galleria Post Design, Spazio Vigentina in Milan,
    Biennale del Vetro Venezia, IOYB Koeln, Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf, Ubersee Museum Bremen,
    MARTa Herford, Ozone Gallery Tokyo, Les Atelier Gallery Paris, Abitare il Tempo Verona, Museo di
    Pietrarsa Napoli, Design Week Belgrade, Design Week Istanbul, MeDesign Genova.
    She held numerous seminars and conferences among them UIC Chicago; Domus Academy Milano;
    AllDesign, Istanbul; Fukui Prefecture Japan; Architectural Association London; Bilgi University Istanbul;
    Centro Borges Buenos Aires; Design Week Belgrade Design Week.

  • Recognized as a global branding expert, Catherine…


    Brand Strategist, Bestselling Author

    Recognized as a global branding expert, Catherine Kaputa is a sought after speaker and workshop leader on personal branding, women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, social media and career success. She is known for her compelling content and entertaining style, using storytelling, branding insight and humor in talks tailored for each audience. Her goal is to take attendees on a journey, a journey to personal and career empowerment.

    Catherine cut her teeth in branding and advertising in three of the most demanding and innovative environments: From Madison Avenue to Wall Street to the halls of academe, Catherine Kaputa perfected her ability to market products, places, and companies. She studied brand strategy under Al Ries and Jack Trout. She led the award-winning “I Love NY” campaign at ad agency, Wells Rich Greene and was SVP, Director of Advertising and Brand at Citi Smith Barney. She taught branding at New York University’s Stern School of Business. She has been internationally recognized as a leader in branding, ranked #22 among Top Global Gurus in branding.

    Catherine has written award-winning and best-selling books. You Are a Brand. won the Ben Franklin Award for Best Career Book, and Breakthrough Branding, was awarded the silver medal in the Book of the Year Awards 2012. Her book, Women Who Brand is on female leadership, one of Catherine’s passions. Her new book is Graduate to a Great Career, for college students, new grads and millennials.

    Catherine has spoken at a wide range of organizations including Google, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, Merck, Samsung, Unilever.


    Brand Strategist, Bestselling Author

    Recognized as a global branding expert, Catherine Kaputa is a sought after speaker and workshop leader on personal branding, women’s leadership, entrepreneurship, social media and career success. She is known for her compelling content and entertaining style, using storytelling, branding insight and humor in talks tailored for each audience. Her goal is to take attendees on a journey, a journey to personal and career empowerment.

    Catherine cut her teeth in branding and advertising in three of the most demanding and innovative environments: From Madison Avenue to Wall Street to the halls of academe, Catherine Kaputa perfected her ability to market products, places, and companies. She studied brand strategy under Al Ries and Jack Trout. She led the award-winning “I Love NY” campaign at ad agency, Wells Rich Greene and was SVP, Director of Advertising and Brand at Citi Smith Barney. She taught branding at New York University’s Stern School of Business. She has been internationally recognized as a leader in branding, ranked #22 among Top Global Gurus in branding.

    Catherine has written award-winning and best-selling books. You Are a Brand. won the Ben Franklin Award for Best Career Book, and Breakthrough Branding, was awarded the silver medal in the Book of the Year Awards 2012. Her book, Women Who Brand is on female leadership, one of Catherine’s passions. Her new book is Graduate to a Great Career, for college students, new grads and millennials.

    Catherine has spoken at a wide range of organizations including Google, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Intel, AT&T, Merck, Samsung, Unilever.

  • Benoit Vancauwenberghe is a creative director and…


    20Something, Managing Partner and Creative Director

    Benoit Vancauwenberghe is a creative director and a raging storm of ideas, words and motivation.
    His goal in the world of advertising? Changing as much as possible.

    To do this you need to inspire the people that will power the world in the future.
    That’s why he founded 20Something, a creative agency that doesn’t work for gen Y but works with them.
    Youngsters are put in the lead and experience the agency life 100%.

    He woke up as a 35-year-old creative director without an office, someone else driving his company car and an intern leading the biggest client meeting of the year.

  • One of the best striker in Turkish Football…


    Beşiktaş Legend “Mr.Goal”

    One of the best striker in Turkish Football history, Feyyaz Uçar, was born on 27th of October 1963 in Istanbul. He started football in Avcılar Football Club, then he moved to Beşiktaş Youth Team. Under the management of Serpil Hamdi Tüzün, he was one of the rising star in the Beşiktaş Youth Team. In a short while he made it to the first team in 1982-83 season, where he scored various goals on Şeref Stadium. He acquired the nickname of “Mr.Goal”, he was the most scorer of the “Metin-Ali-Feyyaz” trio. During his 16 year career, he made 320 league appereances, managed to score 170 goals. He became the best striker of Beşiktaş in the Turkish League with these outstanding statistics. Feyyaz Uçar loved to play crucial matches, he scored 18 against Galatasaray and 16 against Fenerbahçe, he proved himself that he was the best striker after Hakkı Yeten and Şeref Görkey, the club legends. He also scored 17 goals in Turkish Cup. In his career, he won 4 league titles, 3 Turkish Cups, 4 Presidents Cup, 1 Prime Minister Cup and 6 TSYD Cups. He wore the Turkish National Team jersey for 25 times. During the 1994-95 season he had problems with the Beşiktaş board, got dropped from the squad. Feyyaz Uçar was transferred to Fenerbahçe, where he played there for a year. In his last seasons he played for Kuşadası and Antalyaspor, retired from football in 1997. He was always memorized as “Feyyaz from Beşiktaş”. After his retirement from professional football, he coached Göztepe and Denizlispor.

  • Imaad has been the Marketing Director at WARC for…


    WARC, Marketing Director

    Imaad has been the Marketing Director at WARC for over five years. WARC is an online intelligence service offering best practice, evidence and insights on effective advertising and marketing from the world’s leading brands. During his time at WARC, Imaad has helped to grow awareness of WARC and use amongst its core audiences through a variety of content, data and digital strategies. He has presented at various marketing events in Europe including the Festival of Marketing (London), Filmteractive Warsaw, Brand Week Istanbul and DMX Dublin. Before WARC, Imaad’s experience was predominantly in the events sector, leading marketing teams at IQPC, Emap and i2i Events Group across the Retail, Defence and Oil & Gas sectors.

  • Richard Bartrem is WestJet’s Vice-President,…


    WestJet, Vice President of Marketing Communications

    Richard Bartrem is WestJet’s Vice-President, Marketing Communications. His responsibilities include overseeing WestJet’s marketing communications, public and media relations, social media, community investment, sponsorship and creative services. He joined WestJet in 2005 as Director, Brand and Communications and became Vice-President, Communications and Culture in 2007.

    Richard began his career with Unilever in 1988 where, over the next twelve years, he held a variety of sales and marketing positions in Montréal, Halifax, Calgary and Toronto.  Richard left Unilever in 2000 and spent five years working for Astral Media in television in Toronto and was responsible for marketing for the Canadian pay television brands, The Movie Network and Mpix brands.

    A native of Montréal, Richard now resides in Calgary with his wife and two children. His favourite WestJet destination is Maui. He prefers the free snack mix over the cookies available free on board WestJet flights.

  • Inspired by creativity, driven by curiosity and…


    Facebook, Head of Regional Marketing - MEA Region

    Inspired by creativity, driven by curiosity and focused on our mission to make the world more open and connected.

    Honoured to be leading Facebook’s Regional Marketing in building our Facebook and Instagram Brands across Middle East, Africa and Turkey.

    Passionate about supporting our business partners large and small in better understanding our platform, solutions and providing guidance in how best to make the transition in a mobile world.

    Before life at Facebook, spent 15+ years working in media and advertising, partnering with clients including Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft in helping shape their brand strategies globally, regionally across EMEA and emerging markets.

  • Rupert is co-founder and global managing partner…


    Oxford University, Director

    Rupert is co-founder and global managing partner of Finsbury, and founder and director of Oxford University’s Centre for Corporate Reputation.  He is a global expert on how reputations are created, sustained, destroyed and rebuilt.  His work and views are regularly featured in major news outlets including the BBC, CNN, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Times of London.  He has led many of Finsbury’s major reputation and communications engagement campaigns for global organisations over the past twenty years.

    In addition, Rupert chairs The University of Oxford’s Socially Responsible Investment Committee of Council and is a member of the Senior Common Rooms at Worcester College, Oxford and St Antony’s College, Oxford. He is a Trustee of the international mine clearance and humanitarian charity The HALO Trust, and was appointed by HM Queen Elizabeth II as her High Sheriff of Hampshire for 2013-14.  He is also a member of the Royal Company of Archers, the Queen’s Bodyguard in Scotland.

  • As Director of Video Solutions at Google, Dyana…


    Google, EMEA Video Strategy Director

    As Director of Video Solutions at Google, Dyana Najdi leads the company’s efforts across EMEA on product development, commercials and content solutions for YouTube and the broader video network. In her 10 years at Google she has worked across Google Analytics, Media Platforms and sales strategy, and has spent the past few years overhauling Google’s approach to media pricing and trading. She graduated from University College London with a degree in Computer Science and Information Systems and started her career at Accenture, where she specialised in Business Intelligence and Digital Strategy across Media and Technology working with both AOL and Sky Media for the majority of her tenure.

  • Keiichi Matsuda (BSc. MArch) is a future-facing…


    Designer, Film Maker, Artist

    Keiichi Matsuda (BSc. MArch) is a future-facing design consultant, as well as running a multidisciplinary design studio at the intersection of technology, media and architecture. The studio works on installations, concept films and more, exploring how emerging technology will impact the way we live in the future. Keiichi’s research examines the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment. He is interested in the dissolving boundaries between virtual and physical, working with video, architecture and interactive media to propose new perspectives on the city. His work has been published and awarded extensively and exhibited internationally, from London’s V&A, to the Art Institute of Chicago, the New York MoMA, and Shanghai EXPO. He lives and works in London.

  • Fabio Mancone joined Lombard Odier as Chief…


    Lombard Odier, Chief Branding Officer and Executive Vice President

    Fabio Mancone joined Lombard Odier as Chief Branding Officer in September 2015.

    He is responsible for Lombard Odier’s positioning and image worldwide and for developing all brand-related strategies in marketing, advertising, internal and external communication, events and sponsoring, as well as corporate identity and client experience.

    Fabio Mancone has lived and worked in several European countries as well as the United States, having pursued an international career over more than 25 years. He started in the packaged goods sector at Unilever (ice cream) and then moved to Kraft Foods (chocolate), before joining the luxury products division at L’Oréal (Lancôme, Armani). He later went on to hold executive roles in the luxury sector at Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and SMCP (Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot brands).

  • Saffet Karpat  is currently  a business …


    P&G Turkey, Former CEO

    Saffet Karpat  is currently  a business  consultant based In Turkey and investor in Agriculture in Canakkale Turkey. He is also member of Board of Eczacibasi.

    Previously he worked for Procter & Gamble for 30 years in various financial and senior management roles across a number of emerging markets; prior to retiring from P&G in 2013 he was Vice President and General Manager of the Central and Eastern Europe and Middle East and Africa Division, responsible for Turkey, Central Asia, Israel and the Caucasian region.

    From 2013 to 2016 he was a member of the Board and the Executive Committee of Sutas Dairy Company.

    He studied Business Administration at Istanbul University and received an MBA from Lausanne University.

  • Ramesh Srinivasan studies the relationship…


    Professor at UCLA , Founder of Digital Cultures Lab

    Ramesh Srinivasan studies the relationship between technology, politics and societies across the world. He has been a faculty member at UCLA since 2005 in the Information Studies and Design|Media Arts departments. He is the founder of the UC-wide Digital Cultures Lab, exploring the meaning of technology worldwide as it spreads to the far reaches of our world. He is also the author of the books: “Whose Global Village? Rethinking How Technology Impacts Our World” with NYU Press, and “After the Internet” (with Adam Fish) on Polity Press to be released in December of 2017.

    Srinivasan earned his Ph.D. in design studies at Harvard; his master’s degree in media arts and science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at Stanford. He has served fellowships in MIT’s Media Laboratory in Cambridge and the MIT Media Lab Asia. He has also been a teaching fellow at the Graduate School of Design and Department of Visual and Environmental Design at Harvard.

    Srinivasan is a regular speaker for TEDx Talks, and makes media appearances on MSNBC, NPR, Al Jazeera, “The Young Turks,” National Geographic, and Public Radio International. His writings have been widely published by Al Jazeera English, CNN, Wired, The Washington Post, Forbes, and The Huffington Post.

  • Mr. Izzet Karaca serves as an Independent…


    Unilever Turkey, Former CEO

    Mr. Izzet Karaca serves as an Independent Director and Member of Risk Detection Committee at Coca-Cola Icecek A.S. Having started his professional career in 1977 at Koç Research and Development Centre, Mr. Karaca held Industrial Engineer and IT Manager position until 1985. Between 1985 and 1988, Mr. Karaca worked as Systems and Organization Director at Ford Otosan. From 1988 onwards, he held several positions at Unilever in Germany, Turkey and Baltic States including Internal Audit Group Manager, Logistics Manager, Commercial Director and Managing Director. In addition, between 2011 and 2013, Izzet Karaca served as the Chairperson at YASED (International Investors Association). After serving as Executive Chairman at Unilever Turkey and Unilever NAMET RUB (North Africa, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus) and being a member of the Unilever CEO Forum, Mr. Karaca retired from his duties as of 31 December 2013. In 2015, he published his first book called “The New CEO is. You”. He graduated from Bogaziçi University Industrial Engineering Department in 1977.

  • Dr. Erdal Karamercan serves as Vice Chairman of…


    Eczacıbaşı Holding, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Dr. Erdal Karamercan serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eczacıbasi Holding Eczacıbaşı Holding, one of the largest companies of Turkey.

    Received his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. Completed his graduate studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia, U.S.A. Obtained MSc. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

    Various managerial positions within the Eczacıbaşı Group; Intema Project Manager, Artema Sanitary Fittings Production Manager, General Manager of Ekom Foreign Trade, General Manager of Ipek Kagit Tissue Paper Co, Eczacıbaşı Group Vice President in charge of Consumer Products Group, Vice President in charge of both Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Products Groups, and, between 2003-2017, President and CEO of the Eczacıbasi Group. Currently, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eczacıbasi Holding and Member of the Presidential Board.

    Memberships in various associations: Member and Ex-Board Member of TUSIAD, The Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association, Founding Member and Ex-President of the Turkish Advertisers’ Association, Member of the Board of Trustees of Istanbul Erkek Highschool Education Foundation, Member of the Board of Trustees of FMV Isik University, Member of KAGIDER, the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey and Founding Member of KALDER, the Quality Association. Other memberships include various foundations, community organizations and sports clubs.

    Having attended one of the oldest high schools of Turkey, Istanbul High School, Karamercan completed his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, in 1973. As a graduate student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Virginia, United States, he obtained MSc. in 1975 and PhD in 1977.

    Karamercan holds memberships in industry associations: Former member of TUSIAD (Turkish Industrialists’ and Business Association), Vice President of the Turkish Paper Manufacturers’ Union and Founding Member and Ex-President of the Turkish Advertisers’ Association.

    Other memberships include various community organizations, foundations and sport clubs.

  • Faris is an award winning strategist, creative…


    Strategist, Creative Director

    Faris is an award winning strategist, creative director, writer, public speaker and geek. He’s trying to work out how we communicate in a networked world, how we can make people happy, how we can make awesome stuff that is useful or entertaining or both.

    Faris likes to help nice clients and agencies be more awesome. GeniusSteals is his strategic planning and innovation practice. You can read about it here: http://geniussteals.co/

    Previously he was Chief Innovation Officer of MDC and founding partner of Spies&Assassins, the mysterious creative technology boutique. Before that he was Chief Digital Officer at McCann Erickson NYC, and Head of Digital Strategy at Naked Communications.

    He was named one of the most respected planners in the world by The Planning Survey, and one of 10 modern day Madmen by Fast Company. His blog, Talent Imitates, Genius Steals, has been nominated as one of top ten ad blogs to follow by Campaign and Mashable.

    Faris writes on technology, media, brands and creativity for a variety of publications including FastCompany, Forbes, The Financial Times, Contagious and many publications with the word Ad in the title. He is also the author of the first chapter of the book Digital State, published by Kogan Page June 2013.

  • Tonguc earned his undergraduate degree in tourism…


    Historian, Travel Writer and Professional Tour Guide

    Tonguc earned his undergraduate degree in tourism and hotel management, political science and international relations from Bogazici University before earning his graduate degree on Ottoman history. He completed his doctorate degree on business at Wirtschafts Universitat in Vienna.


    His photographs have been published on magazines and websites in several countries including the United States and Australia since 1990. Various houses and gardens he designed have been featured in Maison Francaise, House Beautiful, Home Art, Marie Claire, Elele, InStyle and Banyo + Mutfak. He has visited 124 countries both for business and personal interest. He regularly contributes to the Seyahat (Travel) section of Hurriyet News, Istanbul Life, and Skylife magazines. His work has been featured on publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure, National Geographic, and Lonely Planet. His book “Istanbul the Ultimate Guide” has been featured on the New York Times and International Herald Tribune. His TV show “Paha Bicilemez Istanbul” is one of the highest viewed shows on NTV.

  • Mr. Hakan Bas serves as Chief Executive Officer…


    Supermassive E-spor, Founding Partner

    Mr. Hakan Bas serves as Chief Executive Officer at Lidyana. Mr. Bas is a Co-Founder of Peak Games Inc. and served as its Chief Operating Officer. He oversees key partner relationships, monetization, business development and key account management. Prior to Peak Games Inc., he worked as a Vice President at Garanti Bankasi, a private financial institution in Turkey. Before Garanti, he served as an investment banker for Bank of America and Raymon James. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Cornell University and an MBA from Yale Business School.

  • Asan is a butcher by trade. He was born in 1959…


    Founder and partner of Günaydın Restaurant Group

    Asan is a butcher by trade. He was born in 1959 in Erzincan, and is one of the five surviving children of the family out of ten births. The family migrated to Istanbul in 1962 due to his father’s wish to secure an education for his remaining children, and moved into a shanty house in the Civciv neighborhood near where the Bostancı Amusement Part stands today. His father began to work as a building superintendent. He was a man of character, integrity and honesty.

    During his primary school years, Cüneyt Asan started to work in a butcher’s shop to help support his family, causing him to fall behind on his education. He had to rely entirely on donations for school supplies, as his family could not even afford to buy him a uniform. His teacher was very compassionate towards him, and one day called for Gülcan, one of Cüneyt’s classmates and the daughter of a well-off family, to take Cüneyt home with her after school and ask her mother to sew him a uniform. That was the breaking point for Cüneyt. When he went back home that evening, he told his father that he would drop out of school, to which his father strongly objected. Cüneyt had made his decision.

    The following day, after school, he entered the Butcher’s Market in Bostancı, carrying the plastic bag he used in lieu of a school bag. He got his first job at a butcher’s shop called Bahar. His new boss gave him his apron that day, marking the start of his career as a butcher. He served tea, cleaned the shop and carried customers’ bags, earning his first money. When he went to school the next day, he had pocket money for the first time, which he used to buy sodas for two of his friends.

    Every day after that, he went to the butcher’s shop after school, and he worked there until he enlisted to the military for his mandatory service. Even at such a young age, he was thinking about how meat should be stored. He would go on to introduce a multitude of firsts for butchery in Turkey. He was the first to offer meatballs from a butcher’s shop, make meat popular among kids, simplify women’s work in their kitchen, and offer chicken products. Soon, even the smell of meat on butchers would become synonymous with love for him.

    In time, he came to believe that he was chosen for this profession. He began taking on apprentices. Hundreds trained and developed working with Cüneyt Asan in Turkey, Moscow, Dubai, Qatar and London. His first shop was barely getting by. They were going through some hard times. He managed to keep the shop alive, and in time, purchased it. He would get beat up by his masters when we was still an apprentice. He persevered, and as he did, he grew stronger. By the time he enlisted, he was responsible for almost all aspects of the shop. At the time, the butcher’s shop still went by Bahar, which, he noticed one day, was not at all original. He decided to make a difference, and rechristened it ‘Günaydın’. Back then, there were newsboys on the streets, shouting the name of the newspaper they were selling, and Günaydın was one such newspaper. This would give Cüneyt Asan a sense of greatness and fame.

    He was in the army during the coup d’état in 1980. Those troubled times made him realize a lot. He always cared a great deal about keeping his promises to himself. He realized that success paved the way for more success, like a snowball rolling downhill. He always avoided a fight, but never compromised on his morals. He worked hard to compete, and he became stronger as he grew, always staying in the race. When he returned home after the completion of his military service, his boss told him about his decision to sell the shop, so he took his coat and left. One week later, his boss came to ask him to negotiate the sale. Cüneyt Asan became one of the seven buyers of the shop, partners of 35 years today, who put together the money. The problem was to find a qualified workforce, so he started developing it. Many of those who work in the business received their training while working with Cüneyt Asan. A few of his old masters are still working with him. In the fifth year of the partnership, he established his own meat production facility in Malkara, Tekirdağ, and began supplying raw meat to restaurants and processing plants in Turkey.

    Cüneyt Asan and his partners knew they had to create a difference with the Günaydın Restaurant. They opened the world’s first butcher’s shop featuring an American bar and a library. Newspaper headlines called them the pioneers of the profession. There was an influx of kebab cooks who came from Antep, Urfa and Southeastern Anatolia to open their own kebab restaurant in Istanbul. He began supplying them with meat, and in 1992, he opened his first restaurant in Çamlık, Küçükyalı.

    The high demand paved the way for new branches in Bostancı, Kozyatağı, Etiler and Suadiye. Today, he has over 40 branches in Turkey and abroad, as well as a logistics center in Turkey. With 2,500 employees, he is listed as one of the giants of the restaurant industry. Cüneyt Asan trains new colleagues personally. He believes the importance of training, and is committed to uphold it.

    Cüneyt Asan has always kept a close eye on novelties and developments in the industry. He is providing his services through Günaydın Et, Günaydın Kasap/Steak House, and Günaydın Köfte Döner brands. He is always among top 10 restaurants in Turkey. He brings in ingredients for side dishes from Gaziantep. He makes sure to use the highest quality meat, and to provide the best training to his employees. He attaches great importance to communication. At the dawn of the shopping center era in Turkey, the founders of İstinye Park were among his customers. His close links with them enabled him to establish his own place inside the shopping center, the first of many. He was introduced to the DRY AGE system. Today, his cold storage project, made out of Himalayan salt, is used around the world. In 2016, he opened his first restaurant in Dubai, a market in which he plans to rapidly increase the number of branches. He has also plans for entering Qatar, London, Dubai, and New York. Günaydın is a brand that produces its own beef. He has 20,000 cattle in his ranch in Gönen, Balıkesir, one of the five purebred ranches in Turkey.

    In 2015, he partnered with the Doğuş Group with the purpose of becoming a global brand. Cüneyt Asan’s most important principle is to make his presence stand out wherever he goes, as otherwise one would not realize his real value, and would be stranded, as he explains. The story of his life symbolizes a fact of life. He is a man that can find himself, clear a path for himself and walk his path with determination. He believes that, in order to succeed, one needs a target, and most importantly, a need. He thinks that being born into a wealthy family eliminates one’s drive to endeavor and accomplish.

    He does not believe in luck or coincidence, putting his trust in hard work, intelligence and science instead. He also believes that one should chase his dreams. He believes that success depends on hanging one to one’s beliefs, just as one would keep the passion in his heart. He thinks that all hardship is motivation for growth, and believes that without struggle and growth, change is impossible.

  • He worked as art director on iconic titles like…


    World-Renowned Editorial Designer

    He worked as art director on iconic titles like Colors and Wired, before becoming Creative Director of the Guardian, where he introduced a design philosophy and style which has helped the Guardian build an international reputation and become one of the world’s most recognisable news organisations.

    In 2010 he set up Mark Porter Associates, a design studio with a global perspective, working for a list of high profile clients across print, broadcast, and digital media. In the last 6 years, MPA has helped some of Europe’s most prestigious news brands to adapt to the connected world.

    Mark’s projects have won the highest honours in the industry, and have been exhibited in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Design Museum in London.

  • Haile Owusu is Chief Data Scientist at Mashable…


    Mashable, Chief Data Scientist

    Haile Owusu is Chief Data Scientist at Mashable where his main responsibility is overseeing the efforts of the data science team through the development of the company’s proprietary Velocity and Knowledge Graph technologies. Haile specializes in statistical learning as applied to forecasting and has a background in theoretical physics, including a Ph.D from Rutgers University, a Masters of Science from King’s College, University of London and a B.A. from Yale University.


  • Cagla Şıkel has had wide success as a model,…


    Model, Actress, Presenter, and Youtuber

    Cagla Şıkel has had wide success as a model, actress, presenter and Youtuber. One of the most notable models in Turkey, Sikel nowadays focuses on design as well as TV. After winning the Miss Turkey Beauty Pageant in 1997, Çağla Şıkel went on to represent Turkey at the Miss World Beauty Pageant in Seychelles, winning 4th place. She was awarded “The Queen of Europe.” Şıkel has appeared on runways in France, Germany, Spain, United States, Hong Kong, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, and Egypt. She has worked with some of the most notable Turkish designers including Yildirim Mayruk, Cengiz Abazoğlu, Vural Gokcayli, Tuvana Buyukçınar, and Hakan Akkaya.

    Besides modelling, Çağla Şıkel has pursued a career in TV since 2004, appearing in several shows such as Cennet Mahallesi, Gorgusuzler, Avrupa Yakasi, and Zehirli Cicek. She has taken the role of presenter and jury member for TV competitions such as Dansa Var Misin, Aile Boyu, Ille de Roman Olsun, Sehirler Yarisiyor, Bugun Ne Giysem, and Her Sey Dahil.

    Known for her affections towards her two sons, Kuzey and Uzay, Çağla Şıkel is one of the few professionals who continued her modelling career while raising children. She has worked in the fields of healthy eating habits, exercise, breathing techniques, yoga, and meditation, becoming the brand ambassador for several personal care and nutrition brands in the process. In 2015, she combined her passion for drawing and design and collaborated with Trendyol to launch her special collection “CaglaXmilla.” Since April 2017 Çağla Şıkel has been doing a show on YouTube.

  • Ebru Özgüç took on leadership roles at 3M…


    Vodafone Turkey, Director of Brand and Strategy

    Ebru Özgüç took on leadership roles at 3M between 1995-2011. Between 1995-2000, Ebru worked in the sales and marketing departments. Between 2000-2003, Ebru lived in Paris to serve as the Sales Director for the EMEA region for 3M France.

    She then moved back to Turkey to sit on 3M Turkey’s executive board and served as the 6Sigma Black Belt between 2004-2006. Between 2006-2009 she served as the Executive Director for Corporate Marketing, Corporate Relations and IT. Finally, she served as the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at 3M between 2009-2011.

    In 2012, Ebru was appointed as the Corporate Marketing Director for Vodafone. She led Vodafone’s efforts to lead the digital transformation of Turkey’s business sector by launching “Yarina Hazirim,” (Ready for Tomorrow) “Dijitallesme endeksi” (Digitalization Index) and the Digital Transformation Summit.

    Since 2016, Ebru has been working as the Director of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Vodafone. Ebru has a degree in business administration from Ankara University. She did her MBA at European University in France. She is the mother of 12-year-old twin sons.

  • Mika Johnson is an award-winning filmmaker,…


    Award-Winning Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer

    Mika Johnson is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer and writer who directs music videos, commercials, and fiction and documentary films. Johnson teaches directing and documentary production at Prague Film School. He is also a member of MomenTech, a multiplatform experimental production studio based in New York City.

    In 2011, Johnson began directing “The Amerikans,” a web series featuring three- to five-minute documentaries created in close cooperation with their subjects (www.theamerikans.org).

    Johnson’s most recent projects include “Confessions of a Box Man,” a feature inspired by Kobo Abe’s “The Box Man,” and “Forever Professor,” a thirty-minute, award-winning film on a psychologist obsessed with time who has the largest collection of talking clocks in the world.

    In 2016 Johnson will launch two new web series, one inspired by the works of Franz Kafka (see Resolutions) and another with writer Gabriel Paletz. The latter, titled “Lost & Found,” is inspired by tourists astray in Europe.

  • Fueled with a passion to make a difference, Basak…


    Givin, Co-Founder and Social Entrepreneur

    Fueled with a passion to make a difference, Basak Suer decided to leave her corporate marketing career to become a social entrepreneur. Co-founder of the first mobile application in Turkey that allows consumers to buy a product in return for their donation, Basak aims to increase social contribution through technology and to make her platform, Givin, the biggest technology-based social entrepreneurship company in Turkey.


  • Metin Tekin was born in İzmit, on 1964. His…


    Beşiktaş Legend “The Blonde Storm”

    Metin Tekin was born in İzmit, on 1964. His father, who was a lawyer, had given great efforts to start him to play football, therefore he started football at Kocaelispor Academy. His great pace and outstanding technical attributes made him the star player of the Youth League in a short time. Beşiktaş noticed his talent and transferred him right before he made it to the First Team. On 1982-83 season,at the age of 18, Metin Tekin was wearing the Beşiktaş jersey. He made 320 league appereances and scored 47 goals between 1982 and 1997, where he achieved 5 league titles with Beşiktaş. He never wanted to leave Beşiktaş, he played in Vanspor on loan for a season, this was the last season of his career. Later on he made his testimonial match wearing Beşiktaş jersey for the last time. He managed to score 13 goals to Fenerbahçe and 8 goals to Galatasaray during his career. He made 34 National Team appereances and scored 2 goals. In 1992-93 season, he scored 2 goals to Kosice, which aided Beşiktaş to qualify for the European Cup after many years, in overall he managed to score 6 goals in European Cups. After his retirement, Metin Tekin had a short experience in sports journalism which ended when he started his coaching career. He was the assistant coach on Gençlerbirliği and Samsunspor, under the management of head coach Erdoğan Arıca. Metin Tekin, still remains as a big legend for Beşiktaş fans, one of the most colorful person in the “Metin-Ali-Feyyaz” trio.

  • With his academic background and high referrals…


    RepMan - ORSA Stratejik İletişim Danışmanlığı , Founder

    With his academic background and high referrals in Strategic Communication and Reputation Management, Salim Kadıbeşegil, leads Corporate Reputation Management to generate awareness and have a place in Turkey. Between the years of 1999-2004 Salim represented Turkey as a Board member of International Communication Consultancy Association, ICCO, based in London. He was also a consultant for one of Turkey’s top management magazines’, Capital, “Most Admired Companies” and “Corporate Social Responsibility” research projects. Salim  represented Turkey in “The Reputation Institute”, headquartered in New York. He used to be an active chair in Turkish Corporate Governance  Association, Buğday Ecological Transformation Association. His company Orsa Strategic Communication Consultancy, was also the first member of Global Reporting Initiative in Turkey. He has been a faculty member at the School of Communications, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul/Turkey since 2008. Kadıbeşegil regularly writes articles for monthly Brandmap and quarterly IN magazine of Turkish Ethics and Reputation Society.

    Salim Kadıbeşegil has been awarded as Hall of a Fame by the ICCO (International Consultancies Organisation) Turkish Chapter İDA in March 2017 for his contribution to the profession. Kadıbeşegil is also an honorary member of the Aegean Management Consultancies Association.

    Salim is also founder and advisory board member of the RepMan Reputation Research Center, a not-for-profit platform which aims to increase awareness on reputation management.

  • Kına Demirel started working in Migros after…


    Migros, Marketing Communications & CRM Director

    Kına Demirel started working in Migros after graduating from University of Leeds with her passion for the retail industry. Her journey in retail began at R&D Department of Migros where she completed numerous projects. Kına Demirel manages Migros’ biggest loyalty program, Money Club, cooperating with R&D Team. Besides that, she manages the branding of Migros Group’s all other products. She attends international conferences as a speaker on “Big Data” and loyalty principles.

  • He was born on 30 August 1961 in Kars. He started…


    Actor and Writer

    He was born on 30 August 1961 in Kars. He started to study theater with “Gençlik Kursu” opened in Bursa State Theater. He graduated from Ankara State Conservatory Theater Department in 1985, The master actor, who has collected many of the plays, series and films in the book  “Haşırt Dı Bilekbord” published in KAFA Magazine, continues meeting with readers every month in KAFA Magazine.

  • Yakup Bayrak is a Lycee Saint Joseph originated…


    Entrepreneur, Information Architect, Business Model Designer, Futurist

    Yakup Bayrak is a Lycee Saint Joseph originated Bogazici University graduate. Started his professional carrier at Akampus.com, one of the first venture-capital backed Turkish startup and later on spent more than 14 years in e-business, digital agency management and design consultancy on both agency and client side such as Pure New Media and Bilge Adam, Microsoft’s Gold Learning Partner. Once founded his first startup KeyFruit in 2009, he couldn’t get enough thus he became a serial entrepreneur and founded SHERPA, a UX Design focused Design Studio, Turkey’s first Growth Hacking Consultancy Startup DAM Growth Hackers and tailor made workshop organizer Dijital Stüdyo in 2014, last but not least Ciz.io, a digital toolset helping startup founders turning their ideas in to up-and-running business models in 2015. Married and father of two sons, describes himself as a full time father, part time entrepreneur and has one but huge dream: “Bringing those together who lived and can tell stories that can influence others to act.”


    Entrepreneur, Information Architect, Business Model Designer, Futurist

    Yakup Bayrak is a Lycee Saint Joseph originated Bogazici University graduate. Started his professional carrier at Akampus.com, one of the first venture-capital backed Turkish startup and later on spent more than 14 years in e-business, digital agency management and design consultancy on both agency and client side such as Pure New Media and Bilge Adam, Microsoft’s Gold Learning Partner. Once founded his first startup KeyFruit in 2009, he couldn’t get enough thus he became a serial entrepreneur and founded SHERPA, a UX Design focused Design Studio, Turkey’s first Growth Hacking Consultancy Startup DAM Growth Hackers and tailor made workshop organizer Dijital Stüdyo in 2014, last but not least Ciz.io, a digital toolset helping startup founders turning their ideas in to up-and-running business models in 2015. Married and father of two sons, describes himself as a full time father, part time entrepreneur and has one but huge dream: “Bringing those together who lived and can tell stories that can influence others to act.”

  • Orkun deems himself the “original YouTuber”,…



    Orkun deems himself the “original YouTuber”, having been on the platform since 2007 with simple sleight of hand illusion tricks shot on a low definition webcam in his hometown of Izmir province in Turkey. Initially gaining a subscriber base through gaming content, Orkun shifted his channel concept towards entertainment starting in 2015, along with a massive shift in production quality, self-imposed strict work schedule and persistence, which gave fruit in the form of a surge in subscriber numbers. Currently sitting at 4 million subscribers and growing, Orkun single-handedly defined “YouTuber” as a profession in Turkey, owing to his success, and some of his content were also featured on mainstream media.

  • Alex is a YouTube Creator who makes weekly Food…
    ALEX TORSO / French Guy Cooking

    ALEX TORSO / French Guy Cooking


    Alex is a YouTube Creator who makes weekly Food Videos for a fast-growing global audience.

    Creative Recipes, Tasty Vlogs, Geeky Experiments and Kitchen DIYs : Whatever the content, Alex always focuses on bringing inspiration, confidence, and commitment to the game. « Jamie [Oliver] discovered my work 3 years ago, and that really got me started. We’ve been working together ever since. » As a former engineer and an experienced entrepreneur, Alex regularly collaborates with brands and media all over the world, turning his original journey into a sustainable business. « Salut [French for hi] » he said!

  • Simon has been developing strategy for some of…


    R/GA London, Executive Strategy Director

    Simon has been developing strategy for some of the world’s most iconic brands, at some of the world’s best agencies, for fifteen years. He produces valuable, entertaining, effective marketing for clients and partners and is highly awarded for it.

    Simon joined R/GA in 2015 to lead strategy on Nike. He led strategic development on projects for Nike Football, Nike Running, Nike Training and Nike Sportswear. He then became Executive Strategy Director, leading strategic output across Nike, Samsung, Hyundai, Beats By Dre, Johnnie Walker and Google. He has grown a team of formidable talent spanning expertise from analytics, connections planning and content strategy through to brand strategy and design.
    Simon’s work has been recognised with an EFFIE Grand Prix, APG Creative Strategy Awards, a Eurobest Grand Prix and D&AD.”

  • He was born in Istanbul on December 8, 1968.…


    Actor and Writer at KAFA Magazine

    He was born in Istanbul on December 8, 1968. He’s in the writer crew at Komedi Dükkanı, Her Şey Çok Güzel Olacak, Hokkabaz, Pek,Yakında G.O.R.A., A.R.O.G. and Yahşi Batı as well as in the screenplays of major films of Turkish cinema. Can Yılmaz, who also wrote two books called “Klişe Hayatlar Matbaası”  “Yap Bi Babalık”, continues meeting with readers every month in KAFA Magazine.

  • Refika was born in Istanbul into a large family…


    Writer, Columnist, Youtuber, TV Food Show Producer

    Refika was born in Istanbul into a large family dominated by medical professionals. Her mother is a native of Cyprus, and her father a native of Nevşehir. 

    Refika completed her undergraduate studies at Robert College, and has since studied psychology at Koç University and leadership education at London Business School.[1]v


    While she was working at Yavuz Turgul’s advertising agency Medina Turgul, she decided to leave the school for her dream of being an advertiser. Because of the Istanbul earthquake, she changed her mind and started her own business on VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and earned her bread for the first time. After graduation, she worked at IF Istanbul Independent Film Festival and at the organization department of Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV). And after that, she worked as a senior executive and general manager in private Doğan Hospital for five and a half years.

    Her relationship with kitchen started with making foamy Turkish coffee to the whole family when she was as tall as the oven. She learned the Mediterranean cuisine from her Cypriot mother, aunt and uncles and Central Anatolia cuisine from her father, grandfather, father’s sister and aunts-in-law, who are from Nevşehir. Her palate got better during her visits to her relatives in London. She always looks for different things and when she cannot find any, she wants to do it herself. She tried to figure out the algorithm of foods with her love of mathematics. In one of her interviews, she said “I believe that some people are born to love. I am one of them. In fact, cooking is a simplistic realisation of the act of showing this love”. The fact that she thinks that even a nice view can be made edible is an indication of this passion of hers

    Refika lives in Kuzguncuk neighbourhood of Istanbul. Upon the publication of her book, she needed a studio that suits this spirit. Therefore she initiated a long-term renovation in the building that has been idle for 30 years and was built by the Greek architect Simotas in Kuzguncuk. So she created her own dream kitchen studio with the name Refika’nın Mutfağı that hosts different points of view and occupation groups in each square meter of it, and in which people younger than 35 years old are employed and which is just like a nest for the people, who started up their first business thanks to dedication and hard work. Today, people from different occupational groups such as architects, lawyers, advertisers, dancers, tailors and sculptors work together and enjoy a pleasant and collective life in the building.

    In October 2011, she started presenting the show Mucize Lezzetler, which was sponsored by Arcelik in her kitchen studio in Kuzguncuk. The show is being broadcast on the weekends on NTV, which is one of the most important national TV channels of Turkey. The facts that each show has a different concept, and that the Turkish cuisine is used in a local and natural way without any limitations make it stand out among other food shows.

    Refika, whose greatest dream -with her own words- is “to see a French person making lahmacun in her/his house”, continues to create new recipes by conserving the traditions of the culture of Turkish cuisine and also to push the envelope. She is sharing recipes on food and life.

  • Tevfik Başak Ersen holds a B.A. in Political…


    TÜSEV, General Secretary

    Tevfik Başak Ersen holds a B.A. in Political Science from Istanbul University and a Master’s of Political Science from Long Island University in New York. Initally working as a consultant, Ersen joined Turkiye Ucuncu Sektor Vakfi in 2004. He now serves as the Executive Director.

    Apart from giving lectures on association and foundation regulations, Ersen also works in the fields of capacity developments for NGOs, cooperation between the public and civil society, NGO law reform and advocacy, tax reforms, and social entrepreneurship. He has published many reports and articles on these issues. Tevfik Başak Ersen is a member of Vakiflar Meclisi, the governing body of the Directorate General of Foundations.


  • Ayse Akcura spent more than 15 years on Wall…


    eBrandvalue, CEO and Co-founder

    Ayse Akcura spent more than 15 years on Wall Street. She started her career within the Treasury department  at Citibank after studying Industrial Engineering at RIT. After completing an MBA/ MS in Finance degree at Carnegie Mellon University with Cum Laude, she joined Goldman Sachs fixed income sales and trading department where she worked as an associate both in New York and Chicago offices. Mrs. Akcura also worked at Bear Stearns and Citibank Head Quarters as a Managing Director before establishing her business in NYC in collaboration with AK Capital. After relocating to Turkey, Mrs. Akcura was responsible in running the US relations of ISPAT, a government agency directly reporting to the Prime Minister of Turkey. Currently, Ayse Akcura acts as the CEO and co-founder of eBrandvalue which was founded in 2013. Mrs. Akcura, a mother of two children, is an avid movie critic, enjoys running and traveling.

  • Dr. Sjoerd van den Heuvel is researcher and…


    Utrecht University, Faculty Member

    Dr. Sjoerd van den Heuvel is researcher and lecturer at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands. His research focuses primarily on the development, implementation and acceptation of People Analytics. He teaches People Analytics for professionals, undergraduate- and graduate students. As an invited speaker, he provides People Analytics courses at the University of Twente, AOG School of Management, FHR School of Governance in Suriname, and frequently provides public as well as in-company People Analytics trainings across the globe. Sjoerd holds a Ph.D. degree in Human Resource Management and prior to his current position, he worked as an HR management consultant (Capgemini Consulting), internal advisor (Dutch Postal Service) and assistant professor in HRM (University of Amsterdam and University of Twente). In both his teaching and research activities, his core focus is on how to bridge the gap between science and practice, because that’s where the People Analytics magic happens!

  • He has won more than 150 awards for creativity,…


    Manajans J. Walter Thompson, CEO & CCO

    He has won more than 150 awards for creativity, influence and perfection. He is one of the 2 Turkish Creative Directors who has won Cannes Lions’s Big5. He has served as a jury member for numerous international awards. He has lectured at universities. In her 4 years at Grey, he has had a great influence on the agency’s success, both nationally and internationally.

  • Oguzhan Canım started his career at United…


    Askıda Ne Var, Founder

    Oguzhan Canım started his career at United Towers working in marketing communication. During his time at United Towers, Canım travelled to the UK and the US to continue the company’s branding activities. He then served as the brand manager for Saat and Saat. Realizing that the corporate path does not encourage creativity and entrepreneurship, he left the company to found “Ahtopot Sosyal Medya,” a digital agency, and “Askıda Ne Var,” a social venture. Due to the success of Askıda Ne Var in recent years, Canım decided to focus on social entrepreneurship, shutting down his digital agency.


    Sponsored by Ford, Askıda Ne Var annually provides 3 million TL worth of free products and services to college students. Canım has received widespread support and awards from Ashoka, Bilgi University, Mercedes, TUBITAK, and Sabancı Vakfı. He continues his career as a splendid social entrepreneur.


  • He began his career in journalism as a member of…



    He began his career in journalism as a member of the founding crew of Posta in 1995. Until 1996 he served as the editor for the Science and Technology page. In 1997, he was among the founders of Radikal, serving as the Editor of Technology.

    In 2004, he became the host for Technology Channel’s “Technosohbet” and in 2007 he became the host of Busines Channel’s “Bilisime Yon Verenler”.

    In 2008, he established MYK Media.

    Kuzuloglu is among the founders of the New Media Certificate Program at Kadir Has University. He gives lectures at several universities.

  • Arman Acar contributed to digital growth…


    Unite.ad, Co-Founder

    Arman Acar contributed to digital growth strategies and communication planning processes for global  Brands in Turkey. In 2010, he pioneered Turkish influencer campaigns at social media. Since then, he contributed more than 1000 campaigns in planning and publishing processes not only for Turkish influencers but also foreigners. Arman Acar takes role and helps many works in entrepreneurial ecosystem also as a consultant. Currently he is the general manager of Unite.ad

  • Jord Nikov is a Digital Creative Director in…


    JANDL, Digital Creative Director

    Jord Nikov is a Digital Creative Director in JANDL. He was one of the youngest Creative Directors in Slovakia. He currently works for the award-winning agency in Slovakia that brought the first Cannes Lion to Slovakia. He’s been doing digital advertising and marketing for 11 years. He was with the agencies like Wiktor Leo Burnett, MUW Saatchi & Saatchi and Mayer/McCann Erickson, working for clients like Telekom, Orange or the global fashion brand Nehera. Besides creating ideas and digital strategies for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, he’s active on his YouTube Vlog where he’s addressing topics from advertising and digital marketing.

  • He has grown his aspect of being inquisitive and…


    Mullen Lowe Istanbul, Executive Strategy Director

    He has grown his aspect of being inquisitive and searching insights at Bosphorus University BA in Sociology and The George Washington University MA in International Affairs. These aspects developed further as a strategic planner and a manager while working for several local and international brands at Alice/BBDO, Manajans/JWT, Medina Tugrul/DDB, Ogilvy Istanbul, and Publicis Yorum. Today, he continues to pursue the same journey as a member of the Mullen Lowe Management Board.

  • Shepherd Laughlin leads content and research for…


    Director of Trend Forecasting at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

    Shepherd Laughlin leads content and research for the Innovation Group at J. Walter Thompson Intelligence. In this role, he has produced long-form insight reports on topics including the future of food and drink, the future of retail, generation Z, opportunities in Cuba, and marketing to women. He also manages daily insights for jwtintelligence.com.

    As a reporter, Shepherd has covered major industry events such as CES, SXSW Interactive, and New York Fashion Week. He previously worked at the London-based consultancy The Future Laboratory, where he wrote on consumer thinking and lifestyle trends. His journalistic work has been published in Monocle, Protein Journal, Creative Review, China Economic Review, CNN and other publications.

    He holds an MSc in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and a BA from Brown University, and speaks Mandarin and French.

  • On a beauty market that is drastically…


    L'Oréal, Chief Digital Officer's Team

    On a beauty market that is drastically transforming, Jean-François Mignot has been tasked by L’Oréal to be, within the CDO team of Lubomira Rochet, the booster of change of the L’Oréal marketing culture and practices around the world.


    A strategic mission to ensure that the leading Company of the beauty sector remains ahead of the curve in digital revolution, therefore consumer centricity.

    Jean-François is known for his natural leadership and his ability to activate collective intelligence with always, as the cornerstone of every reflection, the human being.

    He spends his professional time with digital and marketing teams at L’Oréal, re-questioning the conventional approaches, awakening imagination and giving birth to new horizons via hackathons.

    This seasoned marketer and humanist with a genuine interest in people and cultures speaks fluently 6 languages and has developed his sensitivity to consumers by living, loving and working in 10 countriesof Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America.

    He is a practitioner on change for L’Oréal, in order to provoke profound transformations in the company’s mindsets and daily practices, relentlessly awakening creative spirits, shaking up self-beliefs and fostering productive collaboration.

  • Joseph works on the product development team at…


    WARC, Product Manager

    Joseph works on the product development team at WARC – an online knowledge service offering best practice, evidence and insights on effective advertising and marketing from the world’s leading brands. Joseph is responsible for delivering digital and editorial projects for WARC. These have included the WARC 100, an annual ranking of the world’s best marketing campaigns and companies, and, most recently, the Future of Strategy report. Before making the switch to advertising, Joseph was a financial journalist.

  • Product and Marketing specialist with many local…


    Twentify, Co-founder & CMO

    Product and Marketing specialist with many local startup experience, with an expertise in growth, community management and product design. Çağlar founded Twentify in 2014 with Tolga and İlker and now managing the crowd, product roadmap, advertising programs and marketing activities for Twentify locally and globally.

  • He grew up with music because of his father. He…


    Musician, Arranger, Producer

    He grew up with music because of his father. He first started playing the drums when he was 3 years old. He began taking piano lessons when he was 5. He released his first single when he was 7, and did a Turkish tour with his father’s orchestra, appearing in 145 concerts. He studied first Istanbul University State Conservatory, later at Istanbul University, where he studied Latin Literature, Anthropology and Philosophy. After university, he began working as a music director and arranger, working alongside some of Turkey’s most important musicians, such as Kayahan, Nilüfer, Nazan Öncel, Harun Kolçak, Aşkın Nur Yengi, Ajda Pekkan, Suat Suna, Kibariye, Orhan Gencebay, Sertap Erener, Ege, Asya, Mustafa Sandal, Levent Yüksel, Mazhar Fuat Özkan , Özgün, GECE, Atiye, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Keremcem,  Sıla, Hadise, Deniz Seki, and Murat Dalkılıc.

    He still actively performs alongside Turkey’s legendary musicians.

  • Funda as Co Founder, oversees Puzzle Media…


    Puzzle Media Tech Co Founder

    Funda as Co Founder, oversees Puzzle Media Tech’s marketing, communication and client service direction. Before founding Puzzle, she was deputy managing director at IPG Mediabrans’ media agency UM from 2011 to 2015. Her main responsibilities were; coordinating agency’s global network relations, top level media owner relations, managing all UM advertisers’ media buying operations, setting the bridge between buying department, finance and brand groups, presenting agency recognition in the industry. She managed media planning and buying for more than 100 global and local advertisers like L’oreal, Nestle, Evyap, Pınar, Ülker, SC Johnson, Numil, Microsoft, UPS, MasterCard, UIP, Turk Telekom, Toyota and Koç Holding, in her 20 years career from an intern to deputy managing director. Funda studied Communication Arts, Advertising and Public Relations at Anatolian University and Marketing in UC Berkeley.

  • Bettina specializes in strategic planning,…


    Impact34, CEO & 06 Records, Managing Director

    Bettina specializes in strategic planning, communication and brand development in the sports and entertainment industries.

    Bettina started her career working in the Olympic Capitol, Lausanne, Switzerland. She has worked for numerous international sports federations, including UEFA and FIBA. She has worked extensively on bidding for major sports events and has successfully worked with major cities around the world on bids for Olympic, World Championship and Continental Championship.

    After moving to Turkey in 2009 she opened Impact34 and earned the position of lead consultant for the Turkish Basketball Federation. She has also worked for the Turkish Football Federation, the Turkish Olympic Committee, The Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports among other.

    Impact34 has worked extensively in the region managing sports and entertainment projects in Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Dubai.

    In 2016 she opened a record label with her husband, musician Ferman Akgül. 06 Records specializes in talent development, strategic brand building for artists and commercial brands and conceptual music events. 06 Records has recently launched Turkey’s first acoustic music festival – the ”Unplugged Music Festival”.

  • One of the most polite and gentle personality in…


    Beşiktaş Legend

    One of the most polite and gentle personality in Turkish Football, Ali Gültiken, was born in Istanbul, on 1965. He started football in Bakırköy Yücespor Club, then moved to the Beşiktaş Youth Team. In 1984-85 season he was promoted to the first team. Under Beşiktaş jersey, he played 262 league matches and scored 91 goals. 1987-88 season was his best season where he scored 30 goals in 38 matches. In 1991-92 season, where Beşiktaş clinched the title without losing a match, Ali Gültiken faced a unfortunate injury on the decisive game for the championship. At the age of 27, he was forced to leave Beşiktaş due to his injury. During his career he won 5 league titles, 3 Turkish Cups, 4 Presidential Cups, 1 Prime Minister Cup and 5 TSYD Cups. He scored 7 against Fenerbahçe and 6 goals against Galatasaray. Ali Gültiken wore the Turkish National Team jersey for 38 times. In his last season he played for Kayserispor, had his testimonial match with Beşiktaş and got retired from professional football. After his football career he aimed to be a coach as he worked for Hatayspor, Mersin İdman Yurdu and Erzurumspor. He was also the Administrative Manager for Beşiktaş, under Mustafa Denizli’s management.

  • Marco Nazzari  has been fully committed to sport…


    Nielsen Sports, Managing Director Europe

    Marco Nazzari  has been fully committed to sport marketing industry since 1996 in  leading positions.

    Since 2013 MD of Repucom Italia that  was one of the world’s leading sports marketing market research.

    His mission has always been to provide the Sports Business and Entertainment industry with professional tools aimed to  optimize the relationship between property and investors.

    He has been managing powerful sports marketing and entertainment projects in areas such as F1, MotoGp, UEFA Champions League and the Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Olympic Games.

    Starting from 2016, Marco took over as Chief Revenue Officer Europe in Repucom, with the aim of strengthening the business in markets where the company had consolidated offices and planning the expansion into new territories.

    With the acquisition by The Nielsen Company  of Repucom now Nielsen Sports, Marco Nazzari has continued to go ahead his task both at Italian and European level, acquiring the role of Head of Commercial Europe and Middle East .

    Currently  he has been  appointed as  Regional Managing Director for Nielsen Sports in Europe and he is responsible for managing the end to end business across all the existing offices and expansion markets.

    Marco lives in Milan with his family.

  • Since the year 2000 Marek has been enjoying…


    Nielsen, Innovation Business Partner & Director

    Since the year 2000 Marek has been enjoying working at Nielsen, holding different positions and roles.

    However, in the last years, his true love is the FMCG innovation that he helps to develop and launch with success. Proudly, he has been involved in launching a couple of successful innovations across Central and Eastern Europe.

    Besides, Marek graduated with a degree in Sciences and Market Research.

  • Graduated from Kadıköy Anadolu High School and…


    Deeper, Managing Partner & İstanbul Bilgi University Brand School-Lecturer

    Graduated from Kadıköy Anadolu High School and Boğaziçi University Faculty of
    Thanks to his significant interest in theatre that started during his high school years, he spent
    a decade in the university campus.
    He participated in Boğaziçi University Players and Theater Boğaziçi respectively as an
    He pursued a theatre career until he was 30 years old.
    It didn’t work out.
    As a nice consolation prize he became an advertiser.
    He worked as a writer, strategist and an executive for different companies within the Güzel
    Sanatlar Group.
    In 2012, he flew abroad temporarily. He did some good reading, learning and freshened up.
    Then he came back in 2016.
    He joined Deeper, a data based behavioural marketing company, as Managing Partner.
    Also, he is teaching ‘Evolutionary Perspective in Marketing Communication’ in Bilgi
    University Brand School.

  • Doç. Dr. Kaan Varnalı, is a professor at…


    Professor at Istanbul Bilgi University, Board Member at 4play

    Doç. Dr. Kaan Varnalı, is a professor at Istanbul Bilgi University Department of Communication. He teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses on consumer psychology, brand management, and research techniques. He is the founding director of the Graduate Program for Marketing Communication.

    Varnali has earned his doctorate degree on Marketing from Bogazici University. His work on CX and consumer behavior has been published on prestigious publications such as Journal of Business Research, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, International Journal of Information Management, Society.

    Varnali is the author of 4 books. Apart from his work in academia, he also works as a consultant for companies of various sizes.

  • As chief commercial officer of Dogan Media…


    DOĞAN TV HOLDİNG, Chief Commercial Officer

    As chief commercial officer of Dogan Media Group-Kanal D. I am in charge of ad sales across all platforms ranging from FTA, pay TV, news channels, thematics, radia and digital.

    I believe I am a member of a very limited group of marketers, having worked and on the client side of advertising, digital, experientinal, healthcare, PR, media agencies and now media itself.

    It’s %100 püre adrenaline.Witnessing the transformation of media into a convergent content-delivery industry based on big data.

    Respect the individuality of the consumer , understand teh power of a good idea transforming itself into great content and learn to use data and technology to guide , not replace , your decision –making process.

  • 4129Grey’s Chief Happiness Officer Alemşah…


    4129Grey, CEO

    4129Grey’s Chief Happiness Officer Alemşah Özturk founded 41?29! in 2007. In its first 5 years 41?29! became the most successful digital advertising agency in Turkey, attracting the attention of WPP who incorporated the company into its network in 2012.

    Before founding 41?29! Alemşah Özturk founded two other advertising companies and became the youngest creative director in Turkey when he was just 24 years old, successfully creating several impactful projects. He has won numerous awards with the work he has done in the past 20 years, including Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, D&AD, and Webby Awards. He has represented Turkey in these global competitions, including at Cannes Lions. An active user of social media, Özturk has 250,000 followers on Twitter. He shares with his followers his articles on marketing and digital communication, company culture, and digital transformation. Özturk has spoken in numerous national and international conferences and organizations in the past 15 years. He publishes his writings on his website: http://medium.com/@alemsah

    Deemed an exemplary entrepreneur by United States Vice President Joe Biden, Özturk works closely with young entrepreneurs and mentors them. In addition to his activities as an entrepreneur, Özturk has also tried to revive entrepreneurship in Turkey through his angel investments.

    United under Özturk’s leadership since 2015, 41?29! and GREY Turkey provide brands with communication strategies and solutions as a new generation, fully integrated company.

    Alemşah Özturk graduated from Kabatas High School before earning his degree of computer science from Yıldız Technical University. When he isn’t working on creative projects or consulting, he spends his time working on his new book, writing for local and international magazines and gaming.

  • Bonomo was born in İzmir, Turkey to…



    Bonomo was born in İzmir, Turkey to a Sephardi Turkish family. At the age of 17, he began his official career as a vocal productionist in Istanbul. At the same time, Can went on with studying TV and cinema at the Istanbul Bilgi University with his programmes being aired on popular radio channels such as Number 1 FM, Radio101 and Radio Class. Then his radio programmes were followed by programmes in international TV channels such as MTV and Number One TV. Sephardic culture and the ancient language of exiled Spaniard Jew’s are the main elements that shaped his music.

    After his musical career, he began to write poetry and publish poetry books. His first poetry book was named “Delirmek Belirmektir” (2014) and it was published by Küçük İskender.

    In January, 2012, he was internally selected to represent Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. In February 2012, Can revealed his song “Love Me Back” to the public. He placed seventh with the song at the contest’s final competition on 26 May 2012.

  • Ömer  Faruk Sorak who is  the director of…


    Director of Award Winning Movies

    Ömer  Faruk Sorak who is  the director of awarded films, graduated from  communication faculty of  Ankara University. He worked  as assistant cameraman between 1987-1990 and as cameraman between 1990-1995 in TRT (Turkish Radio Television).He started his director career on 1995.He established Böcek Production in 1998.He succeded to make many  ads, full lenght film,television programs and video clips.He has 5 full lenght films. He is the one of prominent directors of Turkey with the films reached more than 13 million spectators and they have  more than 58,5 million dolars revenue.

    The films that he directed:



    -Sınav (2006)

    -Yahşi Batı (2010)

    -Aşk Tesadüfleri Sever (2011)

    -8 saniye (2015)


  • Born in 1970. Graduated from Robert College, the…


    R A B A R B A, Co Founder and President

    Born in 1970. Graduated from Robert College, the American High School in Istanbul. Studied Mechanical Engineering in Bosphorus University, Istanbul. Graduated with an MBA in Strategy degree from City University Business School, London. Worked as a brand manager in Unilever Turkey for 6 years and as a marketing&sales manager in Eczacıbası Group for 2 years.


    Joined Young&Rubicam Istanbul in 2000 as the head of planning. His insights and creative strategies led to some of the most famous Turkish ad campaigns. Clients include local giants such as Turkcell, Arcelik, Garanti Bankas as well as Y&R’s global clients like Colgate, Danone and Kraft Foods.


    Left Y&R in 2004 with the management team to set up Alametifarika, an independent agency in Istanbul, as a planning partner. In 2007, set up his own digital creative agency Rabarba, serving clients such as Turkcell, Garanti Bank, Finansbank, Nike, Carlsberg, Pepsi, Lipton, Nescafe, Dove and Lynx.


    With its TV, internet and mobile expertise in integrating rich ideas on all three screens; Rabarba created more award winning work than any other digital agency in Istanbul in the last four years.  Based on the results of the Global Effectiveness Index , Effie Worldwide & WARC, named Rabarba among the  ‘Most Effective Independent Agency Offices’ list in 2011, along with Weiden & Kennedy and BBH Singapore.

    Founded Duello Games in 2010. Duello’s first i-phone game ‘’i-Slash’’ reached over 10 million downloads in AppStore, of which one million is paid, in the last two years.

    Served as a jury member in creative competitions such as Eurobest, Crystal Apple, Grand Interactive Awards, Méribel Ad Festival; and a keynote speaker in a number of local and global events including the MMA Global Marketing Forum in Berlin and in London in 2010.

    Member of British Council Chevening Alumni, Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies, Global Mobile Marketing Association, Chairman and founder of Account Planning Group UK, Turkish Chapter.

    Areas of interest are brand strategy, positioning, consumer research design, brand archetypes, story, gaming, traditional advertising, digital advertising, mobile marketing, retail design and product design.

  • Zehra Cataltepe is a professor at Istanbul…


    tazi.ai, Co-Founder

    Zehra Cataltepe is a professor at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Computer and Informatics and also the co-founder of tazi.ai, which is a startup company developing continuously learning machine learning solutions in banking, insurance and telco industries.

    She received her M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from California Institute of Technology in Computer Science.
    Her research interests include machine learning algorithms and software, feature selection, anomaly detection, online machine learning, machine learning for human learning, learning on heterogeneous, networked and time series data, and big data.

    She has both industry and academia experience and has taken part in EU and Tubitak projects as a referee, researcher and principal investigator. She has 14 patents and over 80 publications.

  • Mark van der Heijden (1986) originates from the…


    Wanderbrief, CEO

    Mark van der Heijden (1986) originates from the south of Holland, a quaint country known for tulips, cheese, clogs, and coffee shops. After being submerged in the Amsterdam ad scene for seven years, Mark waved goodbye to his job as a copywriter, tossed his home into a backpack, and hit the world as ‘The Backpacker Intern’, helping out agencies, brands and charities in exchange for room and board. The journey has brought him to 27 countries on 7 continents where he worked at 32 companies. Mark shared his story at TEDxTeen in NYC, SXSW Festival, Cannes Lions
    International Festival of Creativity, was invited by The White House, featured by Mashable as Inspiring Travel Instagrammer to follow and is one of the Top 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers in the World.
    In February 2016 Mark co-founded Wanderbrief, a global community that connects companies with international talent trading their creative skills for experience abroad. Wanderbrief helps to solve business challenges through
    collaborative creativity while fostering global citizenship and cultural exchange. Within 8 months Wanderbrief has grown into a community of 6000+ creatives from 77 countries and established partnerships with agencies, brands and NGOs like Adobe, Vodafone, RICOH and Amnesty International. In June 2016 Wanderbrief was selected for the prestigious R/GA Lions Innovation Start-Up Academy and the company recently became runner-up for ‘Best Work
    Experience Provider’ at the World Youth Travel Awards 2016.

  • Dr. Tanju Çataltepe has received S.B. degree…


    tazi.ai, Co-Founder

    Dr. Tanju Çataltepe has received S.B. degree from M.I.T. and Ph.D degree from UCLA, all in electrical engineering. He was at Bell Labs and AT&T Labs between 1990 and 2005, where he worked first on optical networks and synchronization and then on the Internet backbone architectures. Later he was an advisor for the CEO of Turk Telekom. He served as the chairman of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference of 2006. Between 2006 and 2010, he was the CIO for Yildiz Holding, where he led infrastructure and datacenter consolidation projects and SAP deployment. Following, he joined Cisco as the Advanced Services Director in 2010. From 2012 until he co-founded tazi.ai in 2015, he was with Kantar Media Audiences first as the general manager in Turkey, then as the Global IT Director.

  • Joeri Van den Bergh is co-founder, managing…


    Co-founder, Managing Partner and NextGen expert at InSites Consulting Author

    Joeri Van den Bergh is co-founder, managing partner and NextGen expert at InSites Consulting, a global ‘new generation’ research agency with offices in New York, London, Rotterdam, Ghent and Timisoara. He has extensive experience of all aspects of branding, marketing and advertising to kids, teens and young adults. His clients include global customers such as eBay, Coca-Cola, Spotify, Danone, Red Bull, IKEA, Heineken, Converse, Nestlé, AXA and Unilever for whom he has provided research and advice on how to target the youth market.

    He is an awarded global thought leader and marketing author on the impact of Millennials and Generation Z on marketing and business. His best-selling marketing book How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y and Z has been awarded several times (a.o. The American Marketing Association Berry-AMA Book Prize) and will be published in a completely revised third edition in April 2016.

  • Murat Aksoy was born in 1970 in Istanbul. He…


    Liv Hospital, Professor of General Surgery

    Murat Aksoy was born in 1970 in Istanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpasa School of Medicine in 1994, acquiring the title of “Doctor.” He went on to complete his training as a general surgeon at Istanbul University School of Medicine, graduating in 1999.

    He began working as the chief intern at Istanbul University School of Medicine in 2000. Between 2004-2005 he moved to France to study vascular surgeory at Henri Mondor Hospital. He acquired the title of “Associate Professor” in 2006. He successfully passed European Board of Vascular Surgery’s (UEMS-Vasc) exam. He joined Bahcesehir University’s medical team in 2013 as Professor of General Surgery.

  • Markus Spiller has worked all the way in the…


    UX/UI Accenture Interactive Delivery, Central Europe Manager

    Markus Spiller has worked all the way in the interactive business since the mid 90’s bringing over 25 years of digital marketing competence.

    Before joining Accenture in 2014 he worked in leading ATL/BTL/Digital agencies and consulting companies on interactive brand and sales communication assignments, campaigning and creative strategy. As a digital consultant across silos (CRM, Commerce, Social, Search, Advertising, PR, Content, Corporate)  he brings brand and user oriented thinking and senior level digital brand, program & campaign consulting to build up and lead teams of business experts, designers and technologists for delivering unique experiences. He is leading the Accenture Interactive Delivery DACH Practice for UI Design & UI Development and is co-leading the EALA Frontend Capability within Accenture.

  • After completing his high school education at the…


    Samsung Electronics Turkey, Vice President

    After completing his high school education at the German High School, he graduated from Boğazici University with a B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering.

    Mr. Yeğen also holds a master’s degree in Contemporary Business Management from the Marmara University.

    Mr. Yeğen started his professional career in 1991 at Digital Equipment as an IT specialist.

    Between the years 1994 and 1998, he worked as the Marketing and Sales Manager at Hewlett Packard (HP). In 1998, he was transferred to Microsoft Turkey where he worked for seven years.

    His last position at Microsoft was the Deputy General Manager. From 2005 to 2007, Mr. Yeğen served as the General Manager of Apple IMC.

    He held several positions at Turkcell including CEO of Turkcell Ukraine and Germany and Board Member of Turkcell Belarus.

    Mr. Tansu Yeğen received a lot of awards throughout his carreer.

    In 2008  Mr. Tansu Yeğen was chosen as the “CEO of the Year” by Stevie Awards.

    Before joining Samsung Electronics Turkey, Mr Yeğen was IBM Turkey’s Strategies General Manager.

    In 2013 Mr. Tansu Yeğen, started at  Samsung Electronics Turkey as “Director of Enterprise Solutions”.

    In 2015, he was appointed as Vice President of Samsung Electronics Turkey.

  • Tobias Degsell works as a curator at the Nobel…


    Curator at the Nobel Museum

    Tobias Degsell works as a curator at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm. In 2010 Tobias Degsell started to develop a concept that named the Spark of Creativity for business professionals. Since then he has been travelling the world preaching the power and magnitude of creativity. So far companies and organisations from Stockholm to Beijing.

    New Delhi to St. Petersburg has been inspired by the Nobel spark. The Nobel Museum in Stockholm has since its inception in 2001 showcased the Nobel Prize and its recipients. The focal lens through which we look at Nobel is creativity – a common ground that melds together themes from science, culture and peace.

  • Onaran completed his graduate degree in public…


    Garanti Bankası, Vice President, SME Banking

    Onaran completed his graduate degree in public administration at Middle Eastern Technical University in 1990. The same year, he began working at Garanti Bank, serving as the deputy inspector for the Inspection Board. He served as Regional Director for several Garanti Bank headquarters around Istanbul. With the establishment of Garanti Mortgage, Garanti Bank’s subsidiary responsible for the government of mortgage activites,  Onaran became the Executive Director. Onaran served as the Executive Director of Garanti Emeklilik and Hayat A.S. between 2012-2016.

    Since January 2016, Onaran is the Vice President of SME Banking at Garanti Bank.

  • Ayse Arman was born in Adana in 1969.His…



    Ayse Arman was born in Adana in 1969.

    His father Mehmet Kutman Arman is a graduate of Austrian High School. He met his next door neighbor Veronika Arman, a German ballerina, when he was studying in college in Switzerland. Ayse Arman is the second born from this marriage.

    She was raised a tomboy since her parents expected a son. She’s from the generation that grew up on the streets. She climbs trees, she skates, is a good diver and runner.

    She went to Tarsus American High School before studying radio and television at Istanbul University’s communications department. She dropped out when she began working at Nokta Magazine.

    22 years later she had the opportunity to finish her degree.

    She’s a passionate journalist. Before joining Hurriyet she worked at Nokta, Aktuel, Tempo, Marie Claire and Yeni Yuzyil.

  • Dilara Kocak completed her undergraduate degree…


    Dietitian and Healthy Living Expert

    Dilara Kocak completed her undergraduate degree on Nutrition and Dietetic at Hacettepe University in 1994. Having completed a graduate degree at the same university, Kocak acquired the title of “Dietitian Expert” in 1996. She moved on to complete a Management program at Istanbul University, a Presentation and Speech Techniques program at Bogazici University and finally a PR Certificate program at Bilgi University in 2015.

    She worked in clinical departments and leadership positions in several hospitals between 1994-1999. Between 1999-2004 she worked at the American Hospital in Istanbul as the Director of the Nutrition and Dieting Department.

    Between October 2003 and February 2004, she enhanced her expertise travelling to the United States to conduct observation in her field.

  • Born in 1960 in Istanbul, Işıl Arıdağ…


    UNITE Communication, Co-founder and CEO, President of IDA-Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey

    Born in 1960 in Istanbul, Işıl Arıdağ graduated from Robert College in 1978, and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the Boğaziçi University Faculty of Administrative Sciences Department of Business Administration in 1982. She also attended Bogazici University for her Master’s Degree in Psychology.

    After various professional duties in advertising and public relations sectors, in 1998 Ms. Arıdağ became the founder partner of UNİTE İletişim, offering communications consultancy services to leading national and international companies and brands.

    Arıdağ has worked as a part-time academician at the Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communications from 2002 to 2006. Currently gives lectures as a keynote speaker within the communications field.

    Arıdağ has an active role in the business life as the Chief Executive Officer of UNITE İletişim, offering communications consultancy and PR services under Unite brand, and advertising, event management and digital communications services under CreativeUnit and CoffeeShop brands.

    Following her position as a board member between 2010-2012, she was selected the President of IDA-Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey as of December 2014 and assumes responsibility to represent public relations sector.


  • Patrick Vien is Executive Managing Director,…


    A+E International, Executive Managing Director

    Patrick Vien is Executive Managing Director, International at A+E Networks where he oversees all of A+E’s businesses throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Vien also leads the programming strategy, acquisitions and production for all TV channels outside the United States and oversees international marketing. Lastly, Vien oversees the global content sales group with activities across 220 territories.


    Previously, Vien was President of Pulse Films, a global, modern content studio partnered with VICE Media. Pulse’s recent output includes Beyonce’s Lemonade for HBO and the winner of Canne’s “Prix du Jury” feature film American Honey starring Shia LeBoeuf.


    Prior to this, Mr. Vien was President & COO of The Tyra Banks Company (TBC) which included the oversight of television series production, film development, book publishing, retail and digital products.


    Before TBC, Mr. Vien was Chairman and CEO of Warner Music International where he oversaw all aspects of strategy, commercial operations and general management of Warner Music’s labels in 50 countries which had over 500 recording artists on its rosters.


    Mr. Vien joined Warner Music after serving as President of NBC Universal’s Global Networks where he oversaw NBCU’s television channels in Europe, Asia and South America. He oversaw programming, marketing, commercial operations and was charged with creating new TV channels for platforms worldwide. Mr. Vien also managed Universal Studios’s TV joint ventures including The Sundance Channel and HBO Asia.


    Before joining NBC Universal, he was President of Universal’s Television Network Enterprises where he led US cable networks including TRIO, a pop culture TV channel and Newsworld International both of which he founded and launched.


  • Frank Leenders has more than 20 years of…


    FIBA Media and Marketing Services SA. , Director General

    Frank Leenders has more than 20 years of experience in international sports marketing at the highest level.


    He started his professional career with ISL Marketing during the FIFA World Cup 1990 and subsequently joined start-up company TEAM Marketing in 1992, where he was part of the launch and development of the international benchmark project, the UEFA Champions League, since its very first season (1992-93). Frank held several positions in marketing and operations and ultimately was heading the Television department (sales and production) between 1998 and 2001.


    He moved to Rome to join pay Television Sky Italia in 2001, where he was Director of Sports Rights Acquisitions, responsible for the acquisition of all sports related Television rights.

    In 2002 he returned to TEAM, where he became Managing Director and was appointed to the Board of Directors in 2005.

    Following his departure at the end of 2010, he co-founded the independent sports marketing firm Value-Experience. In 2012, they developed a dedicated media and marketing unit for FIBA, the International Basketball Federation in Geneva, Switzerland. Frank holds the position of Director General of this entity: FIBA Media and Marketing Services SA.

    Frank holds a degree in Economics from the University of St. Gallen (CH) and has an MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milano (I).


  • MTV award winning frontman for rock band maNga,…


    maNga, lead singer & 06 Records, Creative Director

    MTV award winning frontman for rock band maNga, singer/songwriter, producer, director, actor and TV host.  Ferman is one of Turkey’s leading artists with a career that counts major hits both nationally and internationally and success that goes beyond music. 

    Ferman Akgül is the MTV Award winning lead singer and songwriter for legendary Turkish rock band maNga. Ferman Akgül’s many talents have made him one of Turkey’s most diverse artists.

    Ferman’s educational background is architecture and cinematography, a skill that has made him a successful video director and arts commentator. He has produced and hosted three seasons of his own music show on Turkish State TV, TRT, and most recently starred in a leading role in the musical version of the classic story “The Little Prince”.

    In 2016 Ferman branched out and released his first major solo music project. The same year Ferman opened his own independent record label “06 Records”. 06 Records has recently launched Turkey’s first acoustic music festival – the ”Unplugged Music Festival”.

  • He was graduated from Communication Faculty of…


    Mindshare Turkey, CEO

    He was graduated from Communication Faculty of Anadolu University. He started his career at Grey in 1994, where he worked in the International Media – Research & Media Planning departments. He worked in various positions for many local and international client groups at MediaCom between 1995 – 2001. He served as MediaCom Turkey Deputy Managing Director between 2001 – 2007.  He was also responsible for all international relations, new business, internal trainings and trading organization functions of MediaCom at the same time.  He was appointed as GroupM Turkey Chief Trading Officer by the GroupM EMEA in Feb 2008 . He worked as MediaCom Turkey CEO since Dec 2009 to December 2015. He continues his career as Mindshare CEO since Jan 2016.

  • At his current role, Cenk Bulbul leads Google’s…


    Google and YouTube, Head of Agency Marketing

    At his current role, Cenk Bulbul leads Google’s efforts to inspire and enable media and advertising agencies. Previously at Google Cenk was the Head of Strategy and Insights for YouTube Ads Marketing team.

    Prior to Google, Cenk led marketing strategy teams at Ogilvy & Mather, NY building brand marketing plans and communications for the agency’s clients, advised top 100 brands on digital marketing at McKinsey & Company, NY and helped launch a consumer offering for Telecom Italia Mobile in Turkey.

    He holds an MBA in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a PhD in Marketing from New York University where he studied influence of emotions on consumer behavior. He is an avid runner and frequently engages with nonprofits for education and inclusion of youth.

  • Benoit Vancauwenberghe is a creative director and…


    Founder of 20Something, Creative Director

    Benoit Vancauwenberghe is a creative director and a raging storm of ideas, words and motivation. His goal in the world of advertising? Changing as much as possible.

    To do this you need to inspire the people that will power the world in the future. That’s why he founded 20Something, a creative agency that doesn’t work for gen Y but works with them. Youngsters are put in the lead and experience the agency life 100%.

    He woke up as a 35-year-old creative director without an office, someone else driving his company car and an intern leading the biggest client meeting of the year. Find out all about it during his talk ‘I got replaced by an intern’at Brand Week Istanbul

  • Following my graduation from University, I’ve…


    Hurriyet Newspaper, Digital Engagement & Advertising Services, Lead

    Following my graduation from University, I’ve Joined the Turkish Marketing Industry as a junior media planner at Universal McCann in 1993 and worked there until 1999 at various positions. As of September 1999, I’ve established Starcom’s operations in Turkey and become the General Manager of Starcom Turkey. After spending 5 successful years at Starcom Turkey, I’ve joined the first Media Audit & Consultancy Company in Turkey, namely ‘Diye’, as one of their Managing Partners and worked there until I’ve rejoined Starcom Mediavest Group as their Chief Intelligence Officer.  In 2-year time, I’ve been assigned with the responsibility of establishing and overseeing the Group’s digital operation in Turkey. As of December 2010, I’ve taken the leadership of launching a full-digital agency, namely United People. And in November 2014, I joined Hurriyet Newspaper as Digital Engagement & Advertising Services, Lead


  • Tolga Yildiz is the principle for the Science and…


    Bahcesehir Schools, Principle

    Tolga Yildiz is the principle for the Science and Technology High Schools, a project by Bahcesehir Schools. Originally an English teacher, after completing his graduate studies he began working on implementing IT in education. Yildiz has been working on developing STEM and product-based education models. Specifically, he has been working with his team to contribute to interdisciplinary studies by implementing aviation, UAV, robotics, and CNC in high school curricula. Recently, he has presented 12 new engineering-based classes to the Ministry of National Education. He is a member of Integra 3646, Turkey’s most renowned FRC team.

  • In 1992, when Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya studied in…


    President, MCD Media and Lifetime Turkey

    In 1992, when Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya studied in New York, she has started her career as an intern at New World International, which distributed the “Bold and Beautiful” series.

    When she returned to Turkey in 1992, she had worked as a Programming and Acquisition Manager at their family company Medyavizyon Ltd. and then decided to specialize in the introduction and localization of foreign TV channels in Turkey.

    In 1998, Oflaz Güvenkaya co-founded the MCD Görüntülü A.Ş., introduced the National Geographic channel to Turkey and localized it.

    After representation in a wide range of foreign TV channels including Eurosport, RTL, Sat 1, Travel, MTV, VH1, Euronews, and Pro 7, she acquired the broadcasting licence rights of Nickelodeon channel and launched Nickelodeon Turkey in 2005. She was granted an achievement award by Nickelodeon Europe on May 1, 2005.

    In the same year, Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya launched the Eurosport in Turkey, which represents Europe’s only Pan-European sports channel, and she localized Eurosport and Eurosport 2 channels with live commentators on a 24-hour basis. She was granted an achievement award by Eurosport. Mrs. Güvenkaya also has advertisement, sponsorship and events rights in Turkey for the Pan European Eurosport Channels and global Discovery Channels.

    In 2006, she founded MTV Turkey as MTV’s licenser in Turkey. She also won an achievement award by MTV Europe on October 23, 2006.

    In the same year in May, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has met with the Viacom Mogul Sumner Redstone and MTV Turkey licenser Mrs. Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya in Ankara before the launch of MTV Turkey in order to discuss more foreign media investments in Turkey.

    In the same year, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended MTV Europe’s interview with Mrs. Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya regarding the Live 8 and G8 summit for Poverty. The interview got broadcasted in MTV Program “Switched on” together with the interviews of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair , Mandela, Bill Gates.

    In 2008-2009, she enabled Turkey to compete for the European Music Awards. Emre Aydın and then Manga won the top prize with fan votes. Thanks to this competition, Turkish artists found a chance to be heard in Europe and share the same stage with artists such as Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Paul McCartney, etc.

    In 2008-2010, MTV Turkey was recognized with numerous awards including the “Best TV Channel of Turkey” and the “Best Communication”.

    Esra Oflaz Güvenkaya has co- founded and became a partner of pay tv cinema channel called “Sinema TV” in July 2008 and followed Sinema TV 2, Sinema TV Family , Sinema TV Action , Sinema TV 1001 onwards.

    She has started to represent BBC channels in 2009, introduced BBC HD and BBC Knowledge to Turkey and launched their localized versions.

    In 2009, she has been recognized as a Power Woman in media.

    In that year, she also founded Turkey’s first local science and technology channel called “Sci-Tech TV”.

    In February 2012, she founded the Kidz TV channel for children and launched the BBC’s CBeebies cartoon and live shows on Kidz TV as daily blocs.

    In March 2016, she became a joint venture partner of A&E Networks and Lifetime Turkey JV, launched in April 2016. The Channel Lifetime Turkey is on air in all the platforms in Turkey which is reaching 18 million homes. Lifetime Turkey is the only women oriented channel in Turkey.

    In December 2016, She was invited by “The Hollywood Reporter’s Women In Entertainment Power 100” Awards, and represented Lifetime Turkey.

    She is a co –founder of Oflaz Medya Group

    She is the President of MCD Medya A.S

    She is the President of Eurosport Turkey

    MCD :  Multi Channel Developers – Independent Content Platform of Turkey-  MCD Görüntülü A.S, MCD A.S –-  www.mcd.com.tr

    She is the President of Lifetime Turkey

  • Since 2010 Faik Uyanik is taking care of the…


    UNDP Türkiye, Communication Coordinator

    Since 2010 Faik Uyanik is taking care of the communications of United Nations Development Programme in Turkey. He is also a member of UNDP’s Eurasia communications team, based in Istanbul, responsible from partnerships, events and press relations.

    Started his journalism and broadcasting career in 1992 at BRT, a TV station of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. He worked for NTV, the first news channel of Turkey, for ten years starting from 1997. Also worked for the BBC Turkish Service for more than three years in London. In 2008 he won the Sedat Simavi Prize of Journalists Association of Turkey (TGC).

    Graduated from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Economics. Completed his master’s degree on European Studies at Catholic Leuven University in Belgium where he was awarded with Jean Monnet Scholarship. There he focused on the regional development policy of the EU. Completed master’s and PhD degrees in journalism at Marmara University in Istanbul.


  • Born in 1971, Berkman studied Economics at…


    Vestel, Vice President of Marketing

    Born in 1971, Berkman studied Economics at Syracuse University before completing his MBA at F.W. Olin Graduate School Of Business At Babson College.

    He has worked as Director and Executive Director in Marketing, Marketing Communication, Strategic Planning, Media and Business Development.

    Between 1998-2000 in Monitor Consulting in New York City,

    Between 2000-2003 yılları at Koc Holding and Arcelik,

    Between 2007-2010 yılları at Avea,

    Between 2010- 2013 yılları at Veritas/Arena Medya.

    Since December 2013, he has been the Vice President of Marketing at Vestel


  • Bakirci worked in the tourism industry for a…


    Oracle, Sales Applications Director

    Bakirci worked in the tourism industry for a short time following completion of his economics degree at Yildiz Technical University. During his career in the digital industry, he was appointed as the Sales Director for Emarsys. During this time, he became an expert on email marketing, marketing automation systems, and recommendation engines. He joined the Oracle Marketing Cloud team in 2014. He is responsible for Oracle Marketing Cloud’s sales process in the CEEMEA region.

  • After graduating from Izmir Scientific High…


    Piri, Founding Partner

    After graduating from Izmir Scientific High School, he studied Industrial Engineering at Middle Eastern Technical University. He completed the Graduate Program on Engineering and Technology Management at Bogazici University. In 2008, he began working at Microsoft Turkey, working on business planning and finance, where he was responsible for over 60 countries in the Middle East and Africa. He continued contributing to YGA, an NGO he began volunteering for when he was in university. He relocated to Eskisehir to work as a teacher for YGA. In 2013, he quit his volunteering position to travel the world. During a world tour that lasted for 2 years, he visited over 100 cities in 26 countries. After returning to Turkey he launched Piri, a mobile application that facilitates the lives of travelers, with several YGA alumni. A TeknoTIM and YGA product, Piri enables travelers to discover cities through the voice of famous tour guides.

  • Kansu started his career in the information…


    Microsoft Turkey, General Manager

    Kansu started his career in the information industry in 1989. In 2003, he joined the leadership at Microsoft’s Middle East and Africa region. Between 2003-2015, he served as Server Business Group Director, Regional Director for Business Operations, Director for Enterprise Sales, Emerging Regions, and Senior Regional Director of OEM Business. As of September 1, 2015 he serves as the General Manager of Microsoft for Turkey.

    Before joining Microsoft, Kansu was responsible for the global marketing of HP’s finance solutions.

    Kansu studied computer science at Istanbul Technical University.

  • Idil Kesten has been the Regional Director for…


    Gemius, Country Manager

    Idil Kesten has been the Regional Director for Turkey, Greece and Middle East for the digital technology and consulting company Gemius since September 2013. Before joining Gemius, Kesten served as the Director of Business Development for product and services at comScore Turkey for 4 years. Throughout her career Kesten has worked at international companies such as Thompson Reuters, Newsweek Turkey and Hannover-Messe. Kesten completed her undergraduate degree at Galatasaray University before acquiring her graduate degree from University of Athens.

  • TEAM is the agency exclusively responsible for…


    UEFA Champions League prodigy, TEAM Marketing, CEO

    TEAM is the agency exclusively responsible for marketing the media, sponsorship and licensing rights of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, annual competitions that feature the elite of European club football.

    Chief Executive, Jamie Graham, has 20 years’ experience in sports marketing having joined TEAM as Head of Marketing in 2007.  Previous roles include Managing Director of ZenithOptimedia’s Sponsorship Consultancy and SVP at then industry leading sports marketing agency ISL, where he headed the company’s research division in the UK.

  • Cavit Yantaç is Deputy General Manager and…


    Microsoft Turkey, Deputy General Manager and Developer Experience & Evangelism Lead

    Cavit Yantaç is Deputy General Manager and Developer Experience & Evangelism Lead for Microsoft Turkey. In his current role, he leads Microsoft Turkey’s activities among Developers, Students, Academia, Startups and IT Professionals as well as partnering with companies and individuals to create next generation innovative solutions, leveraging emerging technology. As Microsoft Turkey’s Chief Evangelist, Cavit Yantaç is helping startups and ISVs throughout Turkey to create innovative solutions in Education, Coding / Development, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Gaming and E-Commerce. Cavit Yantaç has been with Microsoft for 10 years, in the first 6 years of which he was responsible for managing a team that provides technology solutions to enterprises. Before Microsoft, he worked for Nexum Bogazici, a German-Turkish consulting, IT and interactive design company, and completed consulting projects in Turkey, Europe and the US. Cavit holds a degree of MBA from University of Georgia and a BA degree from Bogazici University, Turkey.

  • İdil Dereci is the General Manager of…


    Sesli Harfler, General Manager

    İdil Dereci is the General Manager of Sesliharfler, an interactive creative agency that develop brand building marketing plans and promotional campaigns for its clients. Passionate about diversity, communication and marketing, İdil is born in Izmir but has lived in 3 different continents and experienced many brands to be born, grow and live or die. After working in the marketing industry for over 16 years at international companies such as Vodafone, BMW, THY and also MIT start-ups. İdil has decided to move on the Agency side of the business and writes strategic plans and executes marketing tactics for a prestigious client list since.  In her free time İdil loves to travel with her family and friends, play tennis, take drawing classes.

  • I started working on a project in 2014 to teach…


    Influencer - E-Sport Commentator

    I started working on a project in 2014 to teach Turkish gamers the mathematics and strategy behind games. It shortly developed, grew, and evolved into a widespread movement.

    Stratera is a platform for people who are aware of the growing power and importance of gaming and who want to implement change. I am their humble voice.

    I usually do all the work on my videos. I sometimes get assistance to shoot the videos.

    I am also working on developing a new game with my team of 5. Our two games, one for the Turkish and the other for the international markets, will be out in the first quarter of 2018.

    I have worked with several companies and games on Influencer Marketing in the past two years. I only take on projects that I believe will make my audience and the brand happy.


  • Davor Bruketa is the Creative Director of…


    Bruketa&Zinic&Grey, Creative Director

    Davor Bruketa is the Creative Director of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey advertising agency based in Zagreb, Croatia. He co-founded the agency as Bruketa&Žinić OM in 1995, together with Nikola Žinić, which was renamed to Bruketa&Žinić&Grey after becoming part of Grey Group in 2017.  As Bruketa&Žinić OM the agency won over 450 awards for advertising and design. Advertising Age awarded B&Ž the International Small Agency of the Year 2014 award, and Campaign listed B&Ž among the world’s leading independent agencies. On the global Effie Effectiveness Index B&Ž was ranked second among independent agencies in 2012.

    Bruketa is a permanent member of the New York Cresta Awards Grand Jury, he was also a jury member of many other prestigious competitions such as Red Dot, D&AD London, New York Festivals, Graphis and he was the first jury president of the London International Awards coming from Southeastern Europe.

  • Jonathan Ferrar is a respected consultant,…


    OCHRE ROCK LTD, Founder & CEO

    Jonathan Ferrar is a respected consultant, speaker, author and business advisor in HR strategy, workforce analytics, and the Future of Work.

    He advises clients on how to establish human resources strategies that will improve business performance and help HR leaders become more analytical in their decision-making. In particular, he advises Boards & CEOs of HR technology and HR analytics companies to develop their strategies for the CHRO and other buyers. He was listed as one of the global “Top HR Analytics Influencers”  on LinkedIn in 2014, as one of the “15 HR and People Analytics Experts to Follow”  by Jibe in 2016 and as one of the 20 Experts in People Analytics  in 2017 by Sage People. Jonathan is the co-author of the book “The Power of People”  (Pearson FT Press, May 2017) which helps successful organizations how to use workforce analytics to improve business performance.

    Jonathan has worked for over 25 years in corporate business at IBM, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Lloyds Bank. For over eleven of those years he held executive and VP roles. He has led diverse teams across many countries, held P&L responsibility and managed multi-$100Ms budgets. Jonathan has advised Chief HR Officers and other business executives at some of the world’s largest and most highly regarded companies on how to implement meaningful HR strategies, practices and technology.

    He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Cambridge, UK and a Diploma in Human Resources Management from Kingston Business School, UK. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development .

  • Cayan Cetin serves as the “Data Management and…


    BPN Istanbul, Data Management and Performance Publications Director

    Cayan Cetin serves as the “Data Management and Performance Publications Director” at BPN Istanbul. During his 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Cayan Cetin has worked with agencies, publications, and advertisers and has invested in his own business. Working with Koc Holding, he led the first DMP process in Turkey. Together with Oracle, Cayan Cetin has worked as a consultant for advertisers and publishers, consulting them on digital data management.

  • BSc in Civil Engineering, Bogazici University;…


    Limak Investments, President of the Executive Board

    BSc in Civil Engineering, Bogazici University; MBA in International Business and Finance, Fordham University, US.

    Over 15 years experience in project development, financing and PPP projects. Founder and Chairperson of Limak Investments, the investment arm of Group; portfolio includes airports, ports, energy generation, distribution and trading assets.

    Member: Board member in YASED (International Investors Association) and Endeavor Turkey, member; American-Turkish Council; TUSIAD (Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association) and DEIK; Advisory Board, Contemporary Istanbul. Interests: social business, microcredit and contemporary art.

    She is a Member of UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board since January, 2014.

  • Firat Dirik, is the Regional Director for Middle…


    MediaMath, Regional Director for Middle East and Africa, Turkey and Israel

    Firat Dirik, is the Regional Director for Middle East and Africa, Turkey and Israel at MediaMath, a pioneer in the Adtech industry introducing the first Demand-Side Platform (DSP) and creator of TerminalOne’s Marketing Operating System. Firat is responsible for MediaMath’s operations and expansion in these regions from the London office.

    Prior to joining MediaMath, Firat was Country Manager, Turkey at Facebook, where he was responsible for Facebook’s operations in the Turkish market. Prior to this, Firat spent 5 years at Microsoft Turkey as the Country Sales Manager of Microsoft’s Consumer and Online Business division. He also spent 5 years at Avea as Corporate Sales Manager and another 4 years in the banking industry in diverse sales and marketing roles.

    Firat holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey and a Business Administration Graduate degree from Harvard University.

    Firat resides in London with his two daughters and wife. He is passionate about cooking and enjoys hosting dinner parties for friends.

  • Caglar was born in Adana in 1988. He completed…


    Kolay IK, Founding Partner

    Caglar was born in Adana in 1988. He completed his degree on computer science at Bogazici University in 2011. He began his career at PayPal working as a sales engineer. While working at PayPal he completed a graduate degree on Engineering and Technology Management at Bogazici University. He started working as a consultant at Cluster Alliance, consulting banks through Visa Consultancy. He then joined the founding team of Kolay IK as a business developer.

  • Creative director & strategist in the…


    Creative Director, Strategist

    Creative director & strategist in the intersection of culture & technology. Focus on immersive media technologies & digital formats of reality, AR-MR-VR.

    I work to inspire people to see these new mediums as tools to expand the human potential – creatively, intellectually, emotionally – not as a means to escape, isolate, or reduce ourselves in our humanity.

    Exploring how people perceive the future around the globe, making sense of this plurality of vision, & helping to prototype the possible futures is what I do: story-world design in the context of bleeding edge of scientific discovery, but also political, social, environmental innovation.

  • Noha Wagih Bashir leads Facebook Blueprint in the…


    Facebook Blueprint, Director of EMEA Region

    Noha Wagih Bashir leads Facebook Blueprint in the region, which is the external education brand for Facebook & Instagram. Prior to this role she was head of Digital & Social media at Visa CEMEA, and prior to that head of social media at Impact Proximity Dubai.

    She studied business in Cairo, after spending her early years in Vancouver, Canada. She has been based in Dubai for the past 6 years, and enjoys traveling, reading and studying astronomy & philosophy in her spare time.

  • He was born on a warm night in Istanbul. Ever…


    JWT Istanbul, Creative Director

    He was born on a warm night in Istanbul. Ever since, he has loved nightlife. He became an entrepreneur at a young age. He loved brands and shopping. When it was time to go to college, he decided to follow his childhood dreams and focused on theatre. He studied English Language and Literature at Bogazici University. He became a copywriter. He worked at Publicis, Yorum and Bold, rising to the position of creative director. He completed a graduate degree on advertising and design at Bilgi University. He has worked for numerous national and international brands, winning national and international awards for these brands. He has been a jury member, and has taught seminars. He now serves as the Creative Director Manajans/JWT while teaching copywriting classes at Bogazici University.


  • Sawsan is the MENA lead for Ogilvy Noor, a…


    Ogilvy Noor, MENA Region Director

    Sawsan is the MENA lead for Ogilvy Noor, a bespoke global consultancy for building brands with Muslim audiences. It is part of the Ogilvy group.

    She is also Associate Account Director within the Abu Dhabi practice of Social@Ogilvy.

    Among her specialisms she counts social media strategy and also travel, and she is currently the client lead for Abu Dhabi Tourism & Cultural Authority and oversees all social media activity for Visit Abu Dhabi.

    She was previously Social lead for the Chevrolet business in the Middle East and has helped set up a CRM framework to help the organization effectively communicate and engage with their customers..

  • Kaan Varnali, P.h.D., is an Associate Professor…


    Istanbul Bilgi University Associate Professor of Marketing, 4play - Board Member

    Kaan Varnali, P.h.D., is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Faculty of Communication, Istanbul Bilgi University. He teaches courses on consumer psychology, branding and advanced research methods. He has served as the Vice-Dean of the Faculty for 6 consecutive years. He is the founding director of the graduate program in Marketing Communication, known as the Brand School in the industry. His research on customer experience and behavior has been published by top scholarly journals such as Journal of Business Research, Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, International Journal of Information Management, Society. He also published 4 books on topics ranging from mobile marketing to multichannel customer experience.

    Besides his academic research and teaching, Dr. Kaan Varnali has helped a number of organisations from BIST 100 corporations to digital start-ups in improving their customer experience. He is a partner and a non-executive board member at 4play Digital Workshop, a mobile experience and entertainment agency.


  • Born in 1975, Arda Turkmen is a young…


    Chef, TV Announcer, Entrepreneur

    Born in 1975, Arda Turkmen is a young entrepreneur. Arda went to Saint Benoit High School before attending Bilgi University to complete a double major in business administration and performance arts. He started off his career by organizing student tours and continued in the food industry as a result of his experience in business administration. In 2003, Arda established Roka Davet, a catering business that has catered for many successful organizations. Roka Davet also catered for Metallica and Depeche Mode during their time in Istanbul.

    In April 2008, he opened a new restaurant in Asmalimescit, 11 Leblon, which got nominated in two categories for Time Out’s Food Awards the year it was opened.

    In 2010, he began his own cooking show “Arda’nin Mutfagi” (Arda’s Kitchen) on CNNTurk, which continued for 4 years.

    In 2012, Arda became a columnist for Sabah, writing on his column “Arda’nin Mutfagi.” Shortly after, he began writing and publishing recipes for La Cucina Italiana.

    In 2012, he sold his catering company “Roka Davet.”

    In 2013, he stopped writing his column on Sabah, moving instead to Hurriyet’s Sunday edition.

    In 2013, Arda opened his second restaurant “Forneria” in Karakoy.

    In 2014, he sold the management rights of Leblon to another company.

    In March 2014, he continued airing the 3rd season of Arda’nin Mutfagi on Turkmax Gurme TV.

    In September 2014, 5th season of Arda’nin Mutfagi began airing on TV8.

    In October 2014, Arda assumed a jury position for “Ver Firina,” a cooking show on TV8.

    In 2015, he opened another restaurant, Mukellef Meyhane, in Karakoy.

    In March 2017, Arda changed the concept of Forneria and united his two restaurants under one concept.

    Season 8 of Arda’nin Mutfagi is still on air on TV8.

  • Saul’s charged with strategic leadership across…


    Y&R EMEA, Chief Strategy Officer

    Saul’s charged with strategic leadership across the EMEA region, mentoring the strategy and planning community and helping clients find more effective communications solutions.

    In this regional role he works across clients in many categories including FMCG, retail, beer, pharma, and has a particularly deep experience and interest in the Telecommunications and Financial Service sectors.

    In 2016 Y&R became the most awarded Effie network in Europe – something he’s particularly proud of.

    He sits on the EMEA ExCo, is a member of Y&R’s Global Creative Board and the Global Strategy Board. He is also an executive member of the IPA Strategy Group, one of the UK’s leading communications think tanks.

  • Born 1954, in Konya.After graduation from…



    Born 1954, in Konya.

    After graduation from İzmir Kolej at 1971, attended engineering department of Bosphorus University for one year, then quit.

    Graduate of Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (IDGSA). School of Applied Industrial Arts (UESYO). Teaching assistant at the same school. A professional graphic designer and animation artist.

    Took part in founding of recognized advertising agencies  Markom, Reklamcılık, Klan and Euro RSCG Turkey as a partner. As creative director, he led and supervised many communication campaigns, corporate ID design and publication projects. Drew cartoons and illustrations for daily newspapers, worked for NGO’s voluntarily.

    His cartoon album ‘Karakatür’ was published by Metis Publishing House.

    Designed book covers and illustrations. His works were exhibited and admitted in museums in Canada, France, Switzerland, Korea, Czech Republic, Germany and İran. Won numerous awards in various national animation film competitions and Turkish Society of Graphic Design exhibitions. Exhibited work and conducted a workshop in 8th GraphIst. Joined to the international jury in 9th Tehran poster Biennial as a member. Produces work in other contemporary arts as well. He had 14 personal exhibitions and took part in other national and international mixed exhibitions. Awarded in Breclaw Small Graphics Biennial.

    Served as a board member and President in Association of Animation Filmmakers and Turkish Society of Graphic Design.

    Teaches at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphics Department through graphic projects.  Quit advertising at 2007 and started his own design studio.

    Currently he is occupied with Emre Senan Design Foundation which is a non-profit international center for design students, co-founded with Ayşegül İzer. www.yahsiworkshops.com

    With two children.


  • Graduated from Istanbul University with a degree…


    Leo Burnett Istanbul / CEO

    Graduated from Istanbul University with a degree in Business Administration.

    Studied Marketing in UC Berkeley.

    Worked at A.B. Beebe Food Export/Import Company in San Francisco.

    Started her advertising career in Leo Burnett. One year later, moved to Young & Rubicam as an account executive.

    Worked in Young & Rubicam for almost 14 years and became the Vice President.

    She has been the CEO of Leo Burnett since March 2013.

    She is also the president of Advertising Foundation of Turkey.

  • Isik has 10 years of experience in digital media…


    BPN Istanbul, Assistant Director of Digital Operations

    Isik has 10 years of experience in digital media and marketing communication. She started working at Turkey’s leading media agencies and held an important role in their digitalization process. She worked with numerous national and international brands guiding their digitalization processes. Since 2014, she continues her career at IPG Media Group at BPN Istanbul.

  • Nüzhet Algüneş studied economics at Bogazici…


    BPN Istanbul, CEO

    Nüzhet Algüneş studied economics at Bogazici University. After graduating in 1994, he joined Unilever, where he worked for 7 years, taking on executive roles for the sales, marketing and media departments.

    Between 2001-2002, Algüneş decided to follow his dreams and became the Senior Vice President of Universal Music Turkey. He then decided to return to marketing and communications, taking on roles in international agencies such as Mindshare, Mobilera, and OMD and working in media purchasing/planning, business development, brand communication strategies, and digital marketing.

    Currently, Algüneş works at BPN Istanbul, writes on the future of the communication industry in his column at MediaCat, and gives talks at seminars and panels.

  • Deniz Guven is the Senior Vice President of…


    Garanti Bank, Senior Vice President of Digital Channels

    Deniz Guven is the Senior Vice President of Digital Channels at Garanti Bank with responsibility for the management of digital channels and social media management. This role includes the management of online banking, mobile banking, ATM, call center, interactive marketing and communications, corporate website and social media channels.

    He has over 20 years of experience in the banking and financial technologies areas. He has extensive management experience in channel development, sales, marketing and operations. Before his current role, he worked as the manager of Digital Channels.

    Prior to joining Garanti Bank, Guven served as manager in sales, marketing, strategic planning and international projects at several banks in Turkey. Before his role at Garanti Bank, Guven joined Finansbank as an Assistant VP and managed marketing services and digital channels’ marketing. Earlier on, in addition to managing the digital channels at HSBC, he led the digitalization of Advantage Card, Turkey’s largest loyalty credit card program in Turkey at that time. At the first years of his career, he managed numerous channel projects in Demirbank, Turkey’s biggest private bank at that time.

    In addition to his responsibilities at Garanti Bank, he works as a mentor at GarantiPartners, an acceleration program for start-ups. He has been a columnist at Digitalage, Turkey’s famous technology and business magazine, for 1,5 years. He wrote over 22 different articles about current technology and financial trends.

    Deniz Guven received his New Media and Communication undergraduate degree from Marmara University. He then received a MBA from Istanbul Bilgi University. He joined a Leadership Executive Program at London School of Economics, an Executing Breakthrough Strategy Program at Columbia Business School and an Executive Strategic Marketing Management Program at Stanford University.

  • Graduated from METU – Department of Economics…


    INGEV, President

    Graduated from METU – Department of Economics and after a short experience of advertising and banking, Vural Çakır took place in the foundation of Zet Research Company. After the merger with ACNielsen in 1993, he became the trading partner and the general manager of the company until the end of 2000. He founded KMG Marketing Services Group in 2001 and acted as president of this group until 2007. In 2007, a partnership was established with Ipsos which is the second largest research company of the world and which has also acquired Synovate in 2011.


    He acted as the CEO of Ipsos Turkey and as the member of Ipsos Global Management Council until the end of 2015. After selling all his company shares to Ipsos, he pioneered the establishment of INGEV in order to work in civil society field. Substantially, he continues his works in the field of human development and supports innovative entrepreneurships. Having many articles published in various business magazines, Vural Çakır gave lectures at Bilgi University, Adschool Marketing Communications Master Programme between 2008 – 2013. Also former president of Turkish Researchers’ Association (TÜAD), in the meantime, Vural Çakır is the author of two books named “Geleceğe Dokunuş” (Touching the Future) and “İş Hayatının – Okulda Öğretilmeyen – 21 Gizli Kuralı” (21 Secret Rules of Business Life – Not Taught at School)

  • Born in 1971 in Ankara, he graduated from…


    Riot Games, Director of Emerging Markets

    Born in 1971 in Ankara, he graduated from Australian High School. He studied Electric Engineering at Vienna Technical University. He completed the Graduate Program on General Management at Harvard Business School.

    He began his career in IT in 1995. In 2002, he estabished a startup for the gaming industry, Avaturk. Between 2005-2012 he served as the founding partner and managing director for Nintendo Turkey. In March 2012, he founded Riot Games Turkey. Until April, 2017 he served as the Country Manager of Riot Games Turkey. He then transferred to the company’s headquarters in Los Angeles to serve as the Director of Emerging Markets. Hasan Colakoglu is responsible for Riot Games’s activities in Turkey, Middle East, India, Brazil, and Latin America.

  • Born and raised in Izmir, Efecan graduated from…


    Kolay IK, Founding Partner

    Born and raised in Izmir, Efecan graduated from Istanbul Technical University. After working in software for 4 years, he established Kolay IK, an HR management system, in 2014. He still spends all his time with Kolay IK and his wonderful team.

  • Stephen Royle is the award-winning Senior…


    Discovery Networks CEEMEA, Senior Creative Director

    Stephen Royle is the award-winning Senior Creative Director at Discovery Networks CEEMEA (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa), a division of Discovery Communications, the leader in global entertainment.

    As the leader of an in-house creative agency of 40+ creatives based across 7 regional hubs and serving 112 countries, Stephen successfully combines creative excellence,  strategic vision and commercial insight to amplify Discovery’s diverse portfolio of brands, and help drive business growth.

    Stephen is an expert at launching and marketing TV channels and new products with compelling multimedia creative solutions that stick in the hearts and minds of audiences and commercial partners, cutting through clutter and cutting across cultures.

    Stephen has more than 20 years of experience in the TV broadcast industry in the UK and Europe. Prior to joining Discovery, Stephen worked as a creative and a director at various UK and international TV broadcasters including ITV, ESPN and OSN.

    Stephen’s work has won numerous industry awards including over 30 PromaxBDA Global Excellence and European trophies.

  • Şule Yücebıyık graduated from Istanbul…


    Borusan Holding, Head of Corporate Communication

    Şule Yücebıyık graduated from Istanbul University in 1994 after completing her degree on International Relations. She then returned to the same university to complete a graduate degree on European Union and History of International Relations. She began her career as a journalist at TRT Istanbul News Center and continued her professional life at Yeni Yuzyil as a reporter specializing in economics.

    In 1996, Yucebiyik joined the Milliyet News’s team, working as a reporter, columnist and editor/director for 10 years. Between 2006-2008, Yucebiyik served as Vice President at Global Hill & Knowlton PR. She has been the Corporate Communications Director for Borusan Holding for the past 10 years.

    A believer that corporate communications should be run on the basis of societal contribution, Yucebiyik actively contributes to local and international NGOs that operate in these areas. Since 2014, Yucebiyik has been a member of the advisory board for UN’s Women Empowerment Principles (WEP).

    As an ICF Executive Coach, Yucebiyik coaches executives in the field of leadership communication, specifically on the immeasurable values in business and ways to increase the sphere of influence of corporate executives.

  • Sargın was born in 22nd of April 1991 in…


    Anlatsın.com, Co-Founder & COO

    Sargın was born in 22nd of April 1991 in Istanbul with a quick operation since the doctors wanted have a holiday on the next day. After he studied the elemantary school in TED Karabük College, he decided to attend Ankara Science High School, considering his “LYS score”. He had experienced fun and difficult parts of studying in a boarding school for 4 years with his friends deeply. After high school education, he decided to start studying in Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Department, considering his “ÖSS score” this time. In the first years of university, as soon as he came across Engineering Society, he decided not to be an engineer and started to dream about a corporate life. He met Eril and Tuğberk while he was the chairman of the Engineering Society and all of his dreams have changed completely. When they were in the 2nd grade, they established their company called Sinaps A.Ş. and became the youngest entrepreneurs who got an investment from Galata Business Angels. After many failure projects, they established Üniversiteli Anlatsın. After they had developed Üniversiteli Anlatsın for 2,5 years, they converted their project into Anlatsın. Right now, Anlatsin.com is a platform where 800+ employees from 70+ companies tell’bout their experience, jobs, sectors and companies. Their aim is helping people to make better career choices. If you have questions in your mind like “What does an Industrial Engineer do?”, “What kind of projects do Marketing Departments conduct?” or “How does a Sales Manager spend his day?”; you can visit Anlatsin.com

  • Anne Michaut teaches in HEC Paris' Grande…


    HEC Paris, Affiliate Professor of Marketing

    Anne Michaut teaches in HEC Paris’ Grande Ecole, MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Education programs. Her teaching covers varied topics about Luxury Management as well as Innovation Marketing. She has collaborated with multiple companies in her teaching, such as L’Oréal, McKinsey&Company, Orange, Michelin, AT Kearney, Kering and LVMH.

    She is currently the Director of the LVMH Academic Chair, and works on developing HEC Paris’ excellence in teaching in the field of luxury. She was previously the academic director of the Advanced Management Program in fashion and Luxury, jointly developed with IFM and Tsinghua SEM in China (2008-2015).

    Anne Michaut’s research interests are in the field of luxury, focusing on the perception of luxury, sustainable development, entrepreneurship and client experience. Anne Michaut received a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from Wageningen University, where she also received a M.Sc. degree in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. She also holds an agronomics engineering degree. Prior to joining HEC Paris, she worked on innovation process methods and new product adoption processes at Unilever.

  • Asli Kurul Turkmen is the Director of Search and…


    Endeavor Turkey, Search and Services Director

    Asli Kurul Turkmen is the Director of Search and Services at Endeavor. She previously worked as a Consultant at Hewitt Associates and as Organization Effectiveness Consultant at Watson Wyatt.

    Asli holds a Bachelor degree in Learning and Organizational Change and Economics from Northwestern University. She also holds a Master degree in Organizational Psychology and Consultation from Columbia University.


  • In his current role as Director of Media…


    Facebook, Director of Media Partnerships, Europe, Middle East & Africa

    In his current role as Director of Media partnerships at Facebook, Patrick is responsible for leading content partnerships with media companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa across news, sports, and entertainment. He develops publishing and audience development strategies for products including Facebook video, Instant Articles, Instagram, 360-video and virtual reality.

    Prior to his current role, Patrick was CEO of Rightster (now Brave Bison) a London-based multi-channel network. Formerly, he worked as Chief Content Officer at Base79 after serving 8 years with Google and YouTube as the Senior Director of Content Partnerships, where he was responsible for launching and managing YouTube in EMEA. Walker has also worked at RealNetworks, IMG, Intel and the BBC as a foreign news journalist in Japan and Southeast Asia. He began his career in media and technology as a TV producer and director with NHK in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Tayfun is a digital marketing and advertising…


    Voden, Vice President

    Tayfun is a digital marketing and advertising enthusiast who works to build strong connections among brands and consumers in a digital world.

    Following his graduation from Marmara University , department of  Economics in 2005, he joined Philip Morris Sabancı where he build managerial experience for 6 years both in marketing, trade marketing and sales functions.

    In 2011 he joined Voden, a digital advertising agency, as a managing partner. He held a variety of leadership roles across the complete spectrum of digital services from digital strategy to creative development, from digital integrated campaigns to social media marketing.

    Through these years he worked with both leading global and local brands and leaded many award winning projects at the intersection of digital communication and transformation. He also gave digital marketing courses as a lecturer in Bahçesehir University for two semester. In 2015 Voden has become one of the leading digital agencies of Turkey and acquired by Publicis Groupe in order to be aligned with Leo Burnett Worldwide network.

    Since then Tayfun continues to help grow business and culture in Voden as a Vice President, trying to help brands connect their consumers in a digital driven world.

  • I was born in Istanbul in 1985 and grew up on the…



    I was born in Istanbul in 1985 and grew up on the street spending so much time on observing and understanding the social reality. Since the first time I started drawing, I’ve been pouring my whole life and experiences to my works. I spent 10 years working in the leading advertisement agencies of Turkey having the opportunity to work with prominent ad connoisseurs. I worked on every reasonable idea to realize my vision. After so many years of experience, I founded Gorillafilm.co to work on animation projects. The words you were reading were about Fatih who spent a reasonable time to reach his objectives in the ad business. Now you’re going to meet with Sinan from the hood. He’s more genuine indeed… The reason might be that he’s not an advertiser. Sinan has made a great effort to develop his artistic skills since the very early ages. He painted on the walls of streets and stuck his self-created stickers to the most busy places of the city to convey his messages to more people. He traveled different parts of the world in search of new inspirations. Now he’s participating in the Brandweek 2017 with his new Gorilla exhibition ICO.

  • Ali Bati helped Turkish advertising to achieve…


    Leo Burnett Bucharest, Chief Creative Officer

    Ali Bati helped Turkish advertising to achieve international success by contributing to many firsts. He won over 100 national and international awards, including Cannes Lions, the New York Festivals, the Epica Awards, Eurobest, Golden Drum and the Crystal Apple Awards. His work has also been recognized for effectiveness, with several Effie Awards.

    Ali’s success started early on in his career where during his first year in advertising. He brought Turkey’s first success at Cannes Lions, making him the youngest creative in Turkey to be awarded at Cannes. In 2010 he was named by Luerzer’s Archive as the no. 1 art director in the world and had his work published on the cover of the magazine. He played a major role in DDB&Co ranking third as the Agency of the Year in Cannes. He brought Turkey the first Grand Prix in an international festival, which helped his agency win the title of the Agency of the Year at Golden Drum.

    He studied Graphic Design at Marmara University and Design and Technology at Parsons. He has completed 2 MAs and 1 PhD. Before he took on his role at Leo Burnett Bucharest as Chief Creative Officer, Bati worked in Turkey, Italy, the UK and US.

  • Fadile Paksoy is the founder of Benchmark, a…


    Benchmark, Founder

    Fadile Paksoy is the founder of Benchmark, a consulting company that aids companies in the field of corporate social responsibiliy and sustainability. She studied Economics at Uludag University, and Public Relations at Marmara University. She has worked in leadership positions in several publications. She has over 20 years of experience in the creation, application and management processes of corporate social responsibility projects. She shares her knowledge with participants of conferences and seminars.

  • +20 years of International Human Resources…


    Peoplise, Co-Founder

    • +20 years of International Human Resources Experience
    • Manager & Consultancy in various Global Companies
    • Specialized areas: Strategic Planning, Process Management, Cultural Business Improvement
    • M.S in Organization Development
    • Notable responsibilities:
      • Peoplise- Co-Founder
      • Deloitte Turkey –HR Director
      • ToyotaSa – HR Director
      • Ford Motor Company –North America Organizational Development Manager
    • Illinois Workforce Investment Committee and TÜSİAD society member


  • Mike is a 14-year veteran of Google and has held…


    Google, Head of Industry - Ticketing, Sports & Live Events

    Mike is a 14-year veteran of Google and has held multiple leadership roles on the revenue generating side of the business.

    He’s currently heading up Google’s Sports & Live Events Group where he oversees Sales and Account Services Team responsible for fostering strategic relationships with key partners in Sports, Family Entertainment, Music and Ticketing Industries; and works closely with key stakeholders across Google’s Family of Brands to develop new ad formats and products for the Live Events category.

    Prior to moving to Ann Arbor 11 years ago to help open Google’s local offices,  Mike was involved in establishing Google’s Operations in his native Poland.  He also ran Mid-Market Sales team for Google Canada.

    Co-Owner of AFC Ann Arbor – Minor League Soccer Team in Ann Arbor, MI and (new!) – Head Coach of U-10 Boys Rec&Ed Soccer (his son’s team)


    He also teaches Video and Digital Marketing courses at Michigan State University and acts as Executive In Residence at Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Digital Engagement.


    Marketing & International Business graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, Mike currently resides in Ann Arbor, MI and considers himself extremely lucky to work in the cross-section of Sports/Entertainment and Online Marketing worlds.


  • Gizem Yasa, graduated from the University of…


    24 Saatte İş, Co-Founder

    House of Spade, Co-Founder

    Gizem Yasa, graduated from the University of Chicago with BA in Economics in 2005, started working for a New York-based law firm that specialized in M&A, Wachtel & Masyr, before turning her hobby of jewelry design into a career and established Coracor Jewelry LLC in New York.  She then co-founded Butigo.com, an e-commerce company that specialized in shoes & accessories vertical, in 2011. Butigo.com was sold to Ziylan Group, the biggest shoe retailer in Turkey in 2015. She and her former partner Berk, formed a B2B company, House of Spade, that designs and manufactures shoes and accessories for high street brands in Turkey and UK.  Meanwhile, she consulted multiple e-commerce companies, including Modanisa and Çiçeksepeti, with their branding and marketing strategies. Currently, she is the co-founder of 24 Saatte İş, a mobile app that specializes in HR vertical and brings potential service industry workers and companies together, helping them find jobs/employees in 24 hours.

    Website: www.24saatteis.com

  • Ankit Jain is the Vice President of Special…


    Vice President of Special Projects at SimilarWeb

    Ankit Jain is the Vice President of Special Projects at SimilarWeb which he joined via the acquisition of mobile intelligence startup Quettra that he founded and led as CEO. Prior to that, he was the Head of Search & Discovery for Google Play which he joined through the acquisition of Cuil where he helped build several parts of a web, real time and social search engines from scratch. Ankit is very involved with the entrepreneurial community via the Startup Leadership Program.

    Ankit received his BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 2007 and his MS in Computer Science with a focus on Parallel and Distributed Computing from UC Berkeley in 2008. He received a Certificate in Management of Technology from the Walter A. Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 2008.

    Ankit is a speaker at several conferences on a variety of search and mobile technologies. He co-authored the opening chapter in “Next Generation Search Engines: Advanced Models for Information Retrieval.

  • Said Baaghil is the Unconventional Branding and…


    Unconventional Branding and Marketing Adviser

    Said Baaghil is the Unconventional Branding and Marketing adviser whose out of the box ideas ignite companies to rethink how to reach their target audience and build sustainable Brands. His expertise, however, are not for the faint-hearted. His clientele consists of CEOs, CMOs of leading organizations who are bold enough to be strikingly different from their competitors by breaking the chains of traditional patterns, evolving their business and as a result, creating brands that dominate the category

    Known as the man who ‘Evolves Business’. Baaghil is able to effortlessly dive into the heart and mind of the brand and chart out a new innovative course to optimize opportunities. He views the Brand as a human being. He believes the brand cannot live, if it is not fulfilled and that the customers should experience the brand’s promise every day. According to him, well-built Brands are timeless which is why companies trust Baaghil for his in-depth knowledge of the science of brands and his ability to create marketing strategies that attains continuous growth

    With over 25 years of experience, he has successfully evolved and helped launch some of the most profitable and sustainable brands (from local to international) such as Femi9, Vivid Flair & Code Red. With that under his bow, he has also taken various companies like Tadawul (Saudi Stock Exchange), Savola, Al Muhaidib (Mayar), Al Khabeer Capital, Makkah Techno Valley Co. (MTVC) on an unforgettable brand journey of knowledge and experience

    He is the author of 3 books including “The Power of Belonging” and a co-author to several other books

    Baaghil’s unique approach to Branding and Marketing has landed him in the pages of “Emotionomics” by the well-known Marketing expert, Dan Hill as well as in “Capture the Mindshare and the Market Share will Follow” by the reputable brand strategist and author, Libby Gill. He has also been interviewed by Faith Popcorn, a futurist and the CEO of BrainReserve, for her two new books on market trends. Most recently Baaghil was interviewed by world renown Brand Consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on Branding in the Middle East

    Baaghil has spoken on Branding and Marketing in many parts of the world, including New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Riyadh and Doha. He has previously written articles for UK’s Campaign magazine as well as the Gulf Marketing Review (GMR), a leading Marketing magazine based in Dubai. He regularly writes for Kippreport, Middle East’s 1st online-only Business magazine and a sister concern of GMR.


  • Born in İstanbul in 1960  he studied fine…


    İlancılık, Agency Co-President

    • Born in İstanbul in 1960  he studied fine arts and business administration. During his school years he started his career in Istanbul’s Cağaloğlu district where all the newspaper headquarters where located and got a multi-dimensional experience in the communication sector. He also undertook various duties in the field of dubbing and publishing at TRT (Turkish Radio and Television).
    • In 1986 he founded Tür Tanıtım and continued to be the head of the agency for twenty years, achieving many successes both at home and abroad. He founded Espas Communications in 2006.
    • In 2013 he was invited to   İlancılık Advertising Agency to collaborate by receiving  the position of  co-chairman where as  he is currently pursuing.
    • He has published 15 books, participated to 60 exhibitions, panels and conferences. Many of his articles appeared in various magazines, blogs and also in newspapers.
    • He has been awarded with the Red Apple in 2013 and 2014 and with the Tracking Award in 2013 and with the Gold Compass in 2017  for his live program titled The Backstage of Advertisements  (Reklamarkası Program).                                                                                                                                              While the concept of the program belongs to him, he also continues to be the anchor man and the program producer.  The program keeps on being a top one as a live program on Bloomberg HT since 2011.
    • He is married and has two children.
    • Founder Member of UN Youth for Habitat / Habitat Agenda 21 Youth Association and communication advisor between 1996-2011.
    • Representative of Advertising Marketing International Network (AMIN) in Turkey between 1998-2002.
    • Between 2002-2006 Yeditepe University Faculty of Fine Arts and since 2006, Marmara University Faculty of Communication lecturer.
    • Member of the Turkish National Olympic Committee (TMOK) cultural and Olympic education commission in 2009-2010.
    • In 2009, he was elected as a lifelong member by the Board of Advertisers Association.
    • He is a founding member and board member of International Advertising Association (IAA Turkey), Advertisers Association, Advertising Foundation, Advertising Creatives Association.
    • He introduced the İhap Hulusi Görey visual archive, which he started to collect in 1994, and donated to the Republic Museum connected to Marmara University during the 2010
    • Galatasaray Sports Club 100th year communication committee member and corporate communication director between 2010-2011.
    • He was awarded with the Special Honor Award in 2012 for the 129th anniversary of Marmara University.
    • Currently, he is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Advertising Foundation, the Trustee Member of the Kidney Foundation of Turkey, Member of the Advisory Board of the Marmara University Republican Museum, and Advisory Board Member of the Department of Visual Communication Design of Doğuş University.


  • Yonca Kunacav was born in 1983 in Istanbul and…


    Bepanthol Baby, Speaker

    Yonca Kunacav was born in 1983 in Istanbul and grew up in Tekirdag. She moved back to Istanbul to study at Bilgi University Department of International Relations.

    She got married in 2012, and had her daughter Lila in 2014 and her son Yaman in 2016. She began posting on social media and became a “blogger mom.” She shares her experience as a mother on her Instagram account.

  • Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in…


    Vodafone, Head of Group Resourcing and Employer Brand

    Having completed his Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Political Science, Bülent Bayram started his career in 1998 at Danone as Human Resources Specialist.

    Between 2000-2004 he pursued his career respectively as Human Resources Officer, Human Resources Projects Manager and Human Resources Manager at Jacob’s Bakery Ltd. İn the UK. Meanwhile, he completed his Core Management Certificate Degree at The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) at Liverpool Community College.

    Having decided to pursue his career in France, Bayram worked as a Senior Process Designer at Groupe Danone Headquarters between 2004 and 2006.

    Bayram worked at The Dannon Company, USA  respectively as Total Rewards & HR Technology and Shared Services Director, Talent Acquisition Director and Project Steering Committee Member between 2007-2011.

    Bayram moved back to Turkey in 2011 and started working for Danone Baby Nutrition as a Human Resources Director. In February 2012, he  moved to Vodafone Turkey as Capability Director managing Talent, Learning Development and Resourcing functions.

    As a Board Member of  Vodafone Turkey Foundation, he took active role in coordination of  Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

    Bayram is currently working at Vodafone Group Headquarters, based in the UK, as Head of Group Resourcing and Employer Brand across all Group Locations.

  • Başaran studied international relations at…


    BloombergHT TV, Chief Editor

    Başaran studied international relations at Boğaziçi University before earning a graduate degree from Yeditepe University. He started off his career in finance, working as a trader for ABank and BNP in Istanbul. He then moved to London and became the mission chief for Turkey at Commerzbank and Standard Bank. In 2010, he moved on to media. He is still the chief editor for BloombergHT TV and Bloomberght.com. He is also a columnist for Habertürk newspaper.

  • Gurvardar has a total of 15 years of experience…


    eBay Turkey - GittiGidiyor, UX Strategy & Project Development Manager

    Gurvardar has a total of 15 years of experience in the Internet sector within Turkey’s leading web companies. His roles at these firms included Web Designer, Project & Client Manager, Product Manager, Creative Director and currently the UX Strategy & Project Development Manager at eBay Turkey (GittiGidiyor),


    In 2002, he started his professional career at BCA Creative Ltd., one of Turkey’s leading digital agencies, as a Web Designer. Subsequently, he moved on to Netwise-Praksis, a boutique web design and development firm where he began to work as a senior Web Designer in 2004. In 2007, he had been appointed as the Project and Client Manager at Netwise. In that position, he was in charge of creating, developing and implementing web solutions for the company’s customers who included Turkish blue chip enterprises.


    In 2008, he started working at sahibinden.com, the country’s largest classified ad web site, as a Design & Product Manager. While at sahibinden.com, he developed ad led many high income generating projects.


    In January 2012, he started working at eBay Turkey (GittiGidiyor) as the Creative Director (Design & Content. In his first 2,5 years at GittiGidiyor, he supervised three units and 13 employees.


    In August 2014, he was assigned as the UX Strategy & Project Development Manager which currently makes him in charge of leading teams in defining and formulating the company’s Customer Centric Strategy.

  • Born and brought up in London, 12-year-old Jenk…


    iCoolKid Ltd., Founder and CEO

    Born and brought up in London, 12-year-old Jenk Oz is a professional actor, presenter and trained musician; as well as the Founder & CEO of iCoolKid Ltd., making him the youngest CEO in the UK.

    iCoolKid is a Publishing, Media, Consulting and Production company aimed at young people aged 8-15 years old. The company comprises a website – iCoolKid.com – a comprehensive collection of social media platforms, a YouTube Channel housing original productions, weekly curated music playlists on Spotify, professionally mixed ‘club quality’ playlists created by Jenk and housed on Soundcloud, a full production facility and a stand-alone filming studio referred to as ‘The Garage’; as well as a soon to be launched clothing line – iCoolKidGear.

    Since the formal launch in March 2017, the iCoolKid website has evolved into the internet’s ultimate highlight reel of coolness, where it’s safe for young people to find engaging, intelligent, trending, edgy content. It is currently the UK’s biggest digital media platform of its kind with over 2,500 original articles spread across seven topical channels. The company currently has over 60,000 followers across social media and people from 165+ countries have visited the iCoolKid website.

    As well as working with the iCoolKid team every day, Jenk loves honing his creative skills, recently winning a highly-coveted place with both The Juilliard School of Drama and The National Youth Musical Theatre (NYMT).

    Jenk has worked professionally in TV, film, West End theatre, documentaries, international commercials, print & video campaigns, music videos, recorded original music and done film voice-over work.

    Most recently, Jenk has been featured on the BBC, CNN, MSN, The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, Business Insider, Start-Ups, Growth Business and Vanity Fair. In July, Jenk gave a TEDx Talk called ‘Ideas Ink.’ and spoke at the Arlix Meet: Teen Entrepreneur Conference in the hopes of inspiring other young people to follow their passions and develop their ideas. Jenk will be releasing a book late 2017 entitled ‘Ideas Ink.’, a road map for younge entrepreneurs looking to start a company.

    Lastly, Jenk has just been voted one of the Top 20 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch in 2017 by Start-Up Magazine and one of The Most Influencial People in 2017 by The Evening Standard newspaper.





  • Born in 1989 in Perpignan (France), raised in…


    YouTuber - VLogger

    Born in 1989 in Perpignan (France), raised in Villanova (Catalunya, close to BCN), at a young age she moved to Barcelona where she started her youtube career more tan 7 years ago. On 2010 she creates her main cannel Yellow Mellow as a place to create comedy and music, and also as a way to try out some of the learnings she had at college at that time.


    She started to become very popular with her covers about artists that she admires such as Lady Gaga and Stromae, and afterwards she produced some own songs as well. 

    She never expected that this could become so big for her, and that she would become very popular with the YouTube cannel. Also the platform opened a lot of paths for her to develop her talent, not only music wise, but also performing.

    When her YouTube career started to take off on a more professional base, she decided to leave her beloved Barcelona and move to Madrid to have more opportunities as a digital creator.


    Currently she’s the female spanish vlogger with more subscribers on Spain, with over 1,5 million on her main channel. She currently owns the biggest daily vlogging cannel amongst hispanic countries. She’s one of the top creators achieving new milestones everytime, she’s been the first spanish female creator to be featured on YouTube Rewind, the yearly video that YouTube does worldwide with the most relevant things and creators that happened during that year.


    She has perfomed all over hispanic countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile, and she’s planning to visit all the remaining LATAM countries, where she has a big fandom as well.

    She has launched succesfully 2 singles already “Phantom Limb” and “All I think about” reaching top charts inmediately on sale and also during the pre sale, without the support of any media or any radios, only with the support of her fans. On the reléase day of Phantom Limb she made it to the #1 on Itunes overcoming the launch of Lady Gaga’s new single. Currently she’s working on some more new music and she’s planning to release her first music album on 2018.


    Besides all of this achievements she also finds time to do some good and non profit projects, becoming last year the first digital artists that becomes a Greenpeace Ambassador and relates to such an important topic as saving our planet. She enroled on a boat during 7 days to go to the Arctic afterwards and show her audience how bad the Arctic melting looks. She managed to collect 200k signatures to Save The Arctic which was half of the total amount of sigantures the collected over the past 5 years in Spain.

    She loves animals, tattoos, videogames, Disney, Pixar and Star Wars.


  • As President, Marketing International, Jeff…


    World’ s Leading Sports Agency Octagon, International Marketing President

    As President, Marketing International, Jeff Ehrenkranz is responsible for overseeing operations and new business across all of Europe and APAC regions for Octagon’s Marketing division.

    A company veteran of more than 20 years, Jeff was recently promoted to President, Marketing International from Managing Director EMEI where he oversaw Europe, Middle East and India. He moved into this role from Octagon’s U.S. Headquarters where he served as Executive Vice President, directing the agency’s Marketing Solutions and Entertainment divisions. He successfully led the divisions’ businesses and supported clients across a variety of service offerings and product categories, gaining the reputation as one of the industry’s top marketing strategists.  Jeff has broad global experience, having spent a number of years working for Octagon in Asia, Australia & Europe.

    Jeff’s vast industry experience includes working with clients across a variety of categories with sponsorship investments across sports and lifestyle properties including Football, Rugby, Golf, Olympics, Motorsport, Music & Film and others.

    In 2011, Jeff was named to SportsBusiness Journal’s “Forty Under 40” class, one of the sport’s industry’s highest honors, recognizing his skills as an effective new business “rainmaker” and thought leader.

    Jeff resides in London with his wife Brianne and sons Seamus and Rory. He holds a BS in Political Science from Tufts University and an MBA from Columbia University.

  • During his twenty years in television Tuomo has…


    Wake Dynamite, Creative Director

    During his twenty years in television Tuomo has worked with major broadcasters in various creative, design and technology roles, managing, conceptualizing and designing channel identities, rebrand projects, marketing campaigns, advertising and related workflows and system implementations.

    Currently he is focusing on WakeDynamite™, an IaaS -solution for media companies to provide realtime content management for advertisers in linear broadcast television and other digital advertising platforms.

  • Didem Dinçer Başer is the Executive Vice…


    Garanti Bank, Executive Vice President-Digital Banking

    Didem Dinçer Başer is the Executive Vice President of Garanti Bank in charge of Digital Banking, Corporate Brand Management and Marketing Communications, Customer Experience and Satisfaction, Insurance and Pension Coordination and Call Center and is leading the digital transformation of the Bank. Having been an EVP of the Bank since 2012, she is also a Board Member of Garanti Pension and Life, Garanti Payment Systems and Garanti Technology subsidiaries.

    She has been a part of Garanti since 2005, when she joined the Bank as the Coordinator of Retail Banking Business Line. Before joining Garanti Bank, she worked for McKinsey&Company global management consulting firm for 7 years and was as an Associate Partner there.

    Didem Başer graduated from Boğaziçi University Department of Civil Engineering and earned her graduate degree from University of California at Berkeley, College of Engineering. She started her career in 1995.

  • I worked in a small full service agency, a large…


    MEC London, Group Strategy Director

    I worked in a small full service agency, a large media agency, in performance, digital, communications planning and strategy. I love adverts and being honest about what we think, I don’t love gimmicks. I like finance (low interest category means high interest problem) and behaviour change (aren’t we all trying to be better at being us?). The best bit of my job is understanding why what we’re selling matters to someone, usually by becoming a customer myself. I am a product of curiosity, mistakes, and the wilfulness to keep trying regardless. I have thoroughly enjoyed launching EE and Lloyds Bank; telling the untold magic of Nationwide and Butlins; and changing people’s health outcomes with Change4Life and Stoptober among many others.

  • Bülent ÖZCAN graduated from Middle East…


    European Union Affairs, Director of Project Management

    Bülent ÖZCAN graduated from Middle East Technical University International Relations Department in 1999 then completed his master’s degree at Marmara University European Union Institute on European Union Economy. He participated to the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government Executive Education Program in 2011.


    He worked at the Ministry for European Union Affairs as assistant expert, expert and coordinator. Since September 2010, he has been acting as the Director of Project Management. He is responsible for implementing the projects on capacity building of civil society in Turkey, strengthening the civil society dialogue between Turkey and EU, capacity building of local governments notably governorates during the EU membership process and supporting EU expertise in public, university, civil society and private sector organisations.


    He has books and studies on “Instrument for Pre–accession Assistance”, “EU Grant Programmes and Supports to Civil Society Organisations” and “Project Preparation and Implementation”. He is a part-time lecturer on “Project Management” in MBA programme at TOBB- ETÜ University.

  • Jonathan is charged with building and evolving…


    Geometry Global, Global Chief Strategy Officer

    Jonathan is charged with building and evolving the agency’s strategic capabilities to exceed client needs and works closely with leadership and client teams to lead the global planning community across the agency.

    Jonathan has unparalleled global experience in activation and is an acknowledged industry leader in Shopper Marketing, having played a key role in establishing the discipline for a range of multi-national agencies and clients.  Jonathan’s experience also includes establishing and working within multi-agency teams to deliver integrated, omni-channel solutions.

    After beginning his agency career at KLP, the UK’s first publicly quoted sales promotion consultancy, Jonathan joined the Grey Group where he was instrumental in building the company’s marketing services capability.  He co-founded Grey Marketing Services, Grey Integrated, Joshua (which grew to become the UK’s third largest integrated marketing agency) and G2 Worldwide.

    Jonathan has worked with a broad range of global clients including P&G, GSK, Unilever and Coca-Cola.

    Jonathan is on the board of Give Kids the World, a 70 acre, non-profit ‘storybook’ resort in Central Florida, where children with life threatening illnesses and their families are treated to week-long, cost-free fantasy vacations.

    In his spare time, Jonathan still manages to turn out regularly for his local Lacrosse team and represented England (in the Grand Masters section!) in the 2014 World Championships.

  • Fikret Çetinkaya completed his primary and…


    Fenerbahçe Sports Club, Coordinator of Amateur Branches

    Fikret Çetinkaya completed his primary and secondary education in Adapazari, Turkey. He moved to Istanbul for his university degree where he graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. His first relation with athletics started in middle school when he was selected to the athletics team. He has won the city tournament after he became the 4th best in his region. On 1975, he got transferred to Fenerbahçe Sports Club Athletics Team from Sakarya Sports Club, this was a milestone for his career. After 5 years of Professional sports career, Fikret Çetinkaya started operating in the accounting department of the club, therefore he ended his sports career.

    Later on as a sports Professional, Fikret Çetinkaya was selected as a board member in Turkish Athletics Federation under Ali Ergenç and İlker Çetin’s presidential period. Together with his enourmous efforts for the Turkish Athletics , he was involved for the foundation of Balkan Athletics Union.

    On 2007, he was appointed as the head of Athletics Department of Fenerbahçe Sports Club, where he carried this task succesfully until 2013. On 2013, he became the Coordinator of Amateur Branches for Fenerbahçe.

    Fikret Çetinkaya contributed to the achievements and success of National Athlete Ramil Guliyev, who became the World Champion recently as well as world no.5 Eda Tuğsuz.

  • Draws on 30 years of experience in general…


    CERTIUS, Managing Partner

    Draws on 30 years of experience in general management, marketing and sales with international branded consumer goods companies, such as Unilever and Danone. As a partner of Good Brand, a strategy consultancy, he developed sustainability and social innovation strategies and programs for consumer goods and energy companies. During two years he served as Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Solico Group, the biggest Iranian privately held food company. Managing Partner of Certius

  • REAL MADRID C.F. PLAYER (1994–1999)‣ Mr.…


    La Liga General Director MENA & International Sports Projects

    REAL MADRID C.F. PLAYER (1994–1999)

    ‣ Mr. Fernando Sanz played for Real Madrid C.F‘s Academy for sixteen years, besides, for Real Madrid C.F B Second division on the seasons (1993-1994) and (1994-1995).

    ‣ On the Season 1992-1993, he was loan Stint to Union Espanola de Chile, where he was participating as well in Libertadores Cup and Chile Cup.

    ‣Mr. Fernando Sanz played for Real Madrid C.F (1995-1999)

    ‣ Part of their UEFA Champions League victory in 1997–98, Super Cup 1997-1998.

    Intercontinental Cup victory in 1998 and Spanish League victory in 1996–1997.

    MÁLAGA C.F. PLAYER (1999–2006)

    ‣ For the start of the 1999–2000 season, as well as Mr. Sanz was team leader for 7 seasons.

    ‣Victory of UEFA Intertoto Cup in 2002.

    ‣ Mr. Sanz retired from football in 2006 due the bad economic situation of the club in order to save it.

    MÁLAGA C.F. PRESIDENT (2006–2010)

    ‣ In an attempt to save the club, which had a massive debt of 42 million euros and was

    in the Spanish League Second Division, he impetuously retired as a football player

    and immediately became President of the club after buying, as a sole investor, 98% of

    its shares.

    ‣ After stabilising and improving the club for four years, he resigned on 27 July 2010, as

    Málaga C.F. was sold as a Spanish League First Division club earlier in the summer to

    a Qatari investor, member of the Qatar Royal Family, Al-Thani.

    ‣ It was the first time ever, that any Spanish Club was acquired by an investor of any of

    the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


    ‣ Mr. Fernando Sanz was a very proactive member of the Royal Spanish Football

    Federation, which was victorious in the UEFA EURO in 2008 and the FIFA World Cup

    in 2010




  • After graduating from Marmara University, he…


    Bloomberg HT, Director of Economics

    After graduating from Marmara University, he completed a graduate degree on Finance in 2007. He began his career at Ata Investments, working as an Investment Consultant. He was appointed as the Manager of Funds and Portfolio in 2009. Between 2010-2013 he served as the Director of Research at Bloomberg HT. Between 2013-2014 he worked as the Vice President of International Markets Research at AK Investments. He now serves as the Director of Economics at Bloomberg HT TV.

  • After receiving a bachelor’s degree in…


    Bayazit Consultancy Services, Founder and President

    After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1980, Tayfun Bayazit received an MBA from Columbia University in Finance and International Business. Beginning his banking career at Citibank in 1983, he subsequently worked in senior executive positions within Cukurova Group for 13 years, including Yapi Kredi Bank (Senior Executive Vice President and Executive Committee Member), Interbank (CEO) and Banque de Commerce et de Placements S.A. Switzerland (President and CEO). In 1999, he was appointed as the Vice Chair of Dogan Holding and an Executive Director of Disbank. He assumed the CEO position at Disbank in 2001 and was appointed as the Chair of the Board of Directors in 2003. He became the CEO of Fortis Turkey and Member of the Executive Committee of Fortis Global after the acquisition of the majority shares of Disbank in July 2005. Tayfun Bayazit assumed the position of the Chair of the Board of Directors of Fortis Turkey after the General Assembly Meeting of Shareholders in 2006.

    In 2007, Mr. Bayazit returned to Yapi Kredi (a partnership of Unicredit and Koc Groups) as Managing Director and CEO, and was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2009. Mr. Bayazit resigned from his duties at Yapi Kredi in August 2011 to establish Bayazit Management & Consulting Services, where he currently serves as President. In addition to being a member of the Boards of Directors of various companies, Mr. Bayazit is also actively engaged in the management of numerous civil society organizations including the Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD), Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV), Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD), WRI Turkey, and Darussafaka

  • Ramil Guliyev was born in Bakü on 1990. He is a…


    2017 World Athletism Championship Winner

    Ramil Guliyev was born in Bakü on 1990. He is a Turkish sprinter originally from Azerbaijan. He gained Turkish citizenship in 2011 and started to compete for Turkey.He had been a national athlete and athelete of Fenerbahçe Sports Club since 2013. He competed for Azerbaijan on 2009 Youth European Championship, and he won a silver at 100m ,gold at 200m. He holds  100 and 200 meters national and international records. Also he has 60 meters national record.He has the second best time at 200 between youth athletes after Usain Bolt.He was the first runner up of  European Rising Star Prize in 2009.He is the third white athlete who run 100 meters under 10 seconds with  time that 9.97.

  • Oya Canbaş was born in Pretoria, South Africa.…


    Bayer UK, Director of Consumer Care

    Oya Canbaş was born in Pretoria, South Africa. She studied economics and management at Boğaziçi University. Before joining Bayer, she worked in the marketing departments at P&G and Gilette. In 2015 she was appointed as the Director of Consumer Care for Bayer Turkey. After 2.5 years managing the sales and marketing of Bayer’s consumer care products in Turkey, she moved to the UK to assume the same position at Bayer UK.

  • Jose Maria Arrabal completed his university…


    La Liga Head of Business Development, MENA

    Jose Maria Arrabal completed his university degree in Malaga University Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty between 1993-1998. He moved to the U.S for a year  where he worked as a Intern in  New Jersey Nets. He returned to Spain as he became the Marketing Manager of NBA Europe (Spain & Portugal). Between 2002 and 2006, he worked for Real Madrid Basketball Team, as he operated the Marketing activities. Later on he became Real Madrid’s International Business Development Manager. On 2007 he moved to Malaga FC, as he became the Business Development Director, generated major projects in this period. His success and accomplishments drew the attention of La Liga, Arrabal ended up being the Business Development Director for MENA Region, and still remains as a very key Professional for the organization.

  • Akan has 15 years of experience in marketing…


    FutureBright Research, Founder and Managing Partner

    Akan has 15 years of experience in marketing strategies, brand management and market research. For long years he held the position of Head of Strategy and Planning at Grey Advertising. He also was one of the 12 strategy leaders at Grey Group Worldwide global strategy council.

    He has been a member of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board. He was  juror at Kırmızı and Effie. His work has been deemed worthy of numerous gold Effie awards.

    He founded FutureBright and the Behavioural Institute. Today both companies are among the fastest growing companies in Turkey. FutureBright Group has over 250 brands in its portfolio. Even though FutureBright is not an advertising agency, is ranked among Effie’s top of European rankings.

    He founded ZMET Institute in 2016 and became the ninth global partner of Olson Zaltman & Associates for Turkey and the region. Today, ZMET Institute is one of the fastest growing neuromarketing companies in Turkey. He is a TEDx and Intel TechTalks Speaker. World famous Daily Telegraph has covered a story on his strategic views.

    He holds a teaching post at İstanbul Bilgi University, Brand School.

  • He completed his bachelor’s degree in Istanbul…


    Ipsos, CEO

    He completed his bachelor’s degree in Istanbul Technical University Industrial Engineering and his Master’s degree in Marmara University Industrial Engineering programs.

    Having started in 1997, his research life has been going on for nearly 18 years with KMG; where he participated in the founding team after 2001 followed by Ipsos.

    Until 2015, he worked as Ipsos Loyalty General Manager and Ipsos Turkey Executive Board Member for 8 yeas. Since 2015, he has been working as Ipsos Turkey CEO.

  • Sinan Ozkok’s career started at Oyak-Renault…


    Nissan Turkey General Manager

    Sinan Ozkok’s career started at Oyak-Renault Bursa in 1993, then he took part in Oyak Renault Headquarters for 4 years. Mr. Ozkok continued his career at Renault SAS in France between 2001 and 2007 till he had returned to Turkey. He has been involved in many top positions, including sales and network director of Renault and Dacia brands with Turkey’s largest dealer development network. Sinan Ozkok has been performing as Nissan Turkey General Manager since October 2015.

  • Bediz graduated from Galatasaray University, with…


    Y&R Istanbul, Managing Director

    Bediz graduated from Galatasaray University, with a degree in Political Science and Public Policy.

    His political communication project got awarded by the French government with a Bourse d’Excellence.

    He completed a masters programme in Management and Business Administration of Communication at the University of Toulouse. He started his career in advertising in the Business Development department in

    Euro RSCG Worldwide, in Paris. Later, he returned to Turkey and worked in ALICE BBDO as a Strategic Planner, in Alametifarika as a Brand Director and returned to ALICE BBDO as Strategic Planning Director.

    He later joined Y&R Istanbul as the VP and Head of Planning in 2012 and he remains in the same position today. Since February 2016, he also works as Managing Director of Y&R Istanbul.


  • After graduating as Başkent University…


    Senior Analytical Lead at Google

    After graduating as Başkent University Statistics and Computer Sciences programme, she successfuly achieved Masters Degree from Boğaziçi University Management Systems programme. Currently, Benk continues her studies as a doctorate candidate.

    Benk works at Google as a Senior Analytical Lead for 4 years. Besides that Benk is a member of a special team that attended Google’s Machine Learning training in USA.

  • Lucy was born in 1994 and graduated with a First…



    Lucy was born in 1994 and graduated with a First Class degree in Marketing Communications fro the University of Westminster. It was on a failed placement year that she fell into teaching English, which quickly became one of her greatest passions. At the age of 21, whilst completing her final semester at university, she took out a £500 loan to set up her Youtube channel ‘English with Lucy’. It quickly became her full time profession and she now helps millions of people improve their English for free each month. She is passionate about showing students that they do not have to be spoon-fed – they should go out and find things out for themselves using the many wonderful resources that the modern world offers.


  • Ahmet Sezer,  joined İnteltek as General…


    İnteltek (İddaa), General Manager

    Ahmet Sezer,  joined İnteltek as General Manager in 2004.

    He graduated from İstanbul Technical University, Electronic and Communication Engineering Department in 1982.

    He started to his career at Aselsan  and continued at IBM Turk, Intertech, Vestel Group and Vestel Consulting. Before joining İnteltek, his last position was General Manager of Probil.

  • Açıl Sezen completed both her graduate and…


    Bloomberg HT Radio, Editor in Chief

    Açıl Sezen completed both her graduate and undergraduate educations at Communication Department of Istanbul University. He started her career in Bloomberg HT as news anchor at 2010 and today he is continuing his career as the radio’s Editor in Chief. Previously he worked in several newspapers and especially focused on economy and finance sectors. Between 2006 and 2001 he worked as a manager at online newspapers named Gazeteport and The Lira.

  • Born in 1982, Fatih Aker studied at İzmir…


    Entrepreneur, Alkışlarlayasiyorum.com Founder, 59saniye.com Founder

    Born in 1982, Fatih Aker studied at İzmir Turkish College and continued his education at Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Environmental design faculty. During his university education (in 2004) he built a website called “Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum” as his hobby. However, after the university it became a professional work for him and in 2011 he sold all his shares to Nokta Group. In 2012, he built a micro video website called “59 Saniye” and in a short time the website got investment from Ekşi Sözlük and Başak Purut. After the investment, 59 saniye became the video partner of Ekşi Sözlük. In 2014 he established a micro video production company called Microduction with his two partners and produced micro video contents for brands. In 2015 he started to work for Ekşi Sözlük. He still works as the executive director of the company.

  • Dr. Yılmaz Argüden is a leading strategist,…



    Dr. Yılmaz Argüden is a leading strategist, advisor, and board member of major public and private institutions, and NGOs.  He is the Founder and Chairman of ARGE Consulting, a leading management consulting firm based in Istanbul.   ARGE has been recognized at the European Parliament as one of the best three companies “shaping the future” with its commitment to corporate social responsibility. ARGE is the first Turkish signatory of the UN Global Compact and has served as the B20 Governance & Sustainability Knowledge Partner.


    He is also the Chairman of Rothschild investment bank in Turkiye. He has served on the boards of more than 50 companies in different jurisdictions; as an adjunct Professor of Business Strategy at the Bogazici University and the Koç University; an author of numerous books and a columnist focusing on business, strategy, and governance issues.


    As a social entrepreneur he has founded and led numerous NGOs; initiated the National Quality Movement.  As the elected Global Chair of the     Local Networks he represented 100+ National Networks on the Board of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability platform.


    He is a renowned governance expert and served as a member of the Private Sector Advisors of the IFC’s Corporate Governance Group, and as the Vice-Chairman of the Public Governance Committee of the Business at OECD.  He is also the founder of the non-profit Argüden Governance Academy operating under the aegis of Bogazici University Foundation.


    He has a PhD in policy analysis from the RAND Graduate Institute.  He is an Eisenhower, Fulbright, NATO, and Tubitak fellow; and a recipient of numerous leadership, distinguished citizenship, and career awards.  He was selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow, by the World Economic Forum for his commitment to improve the state of the world.  www.arguden.net

  • Zeynep Aycan is a professor of industrial and…


    Koç University, Professor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Zeynep Aycan is a professor of industrial and organizational psychology at Koc University.

    She sits at the Management and Strategy Board of Koc Holding. She is the director of the Social Sciences Institute and manages 28 graduate and doctoral degree programs.

    She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees on psychology from Bogazici University. She pursued her doctoral degree at Queen’s University in Canada and her post-doctoral work at McGill University’s Business Administration Department.

    Aycan is the author of 6 books and over 80 academic and scientific papers. She’s among the 100 most cited academicians. Her research has been awarded many awards from many esteemed organizations: TUBITAK, American Psychological Association, Chartered Management Institute, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Association of Psychological Sciences, World Economic Forum, and Simon Fraser University.

  • Ozge Gilan is Head of Brand for Facebook Turkey.…


    Facebook Turkey, Head of Brand

    Ozge Gilan is Head of Brand for Facebook Turkey. She is leading FMCG strategy and partnerships in Facebook Turkey organization.

    She has +10 years of experience in building brand strategies and led various local and global brands. Prior to Facebook she was Marketing Manager in Unilever, Turkey. She holds a BS degree in Mathematics at Bogazici University.

  • Betul Selcen Özer was born in 1975. She…


    Tohum Otism Foundation, General Director

    Betul Selcen Özer was born in 1975. She completed her Sociology degree at Middle East Technical University and her graduate degree on Socioeconomic Demographics at Hacettepe University. She wrote her thesis on “Content Analysis of Family Planning News Appearing on National Newspapers: 2001-2005.” Since 2000, she has been working with NGOs such as Willows International, TURMEPA and Community Volunteers Foundation on issues such as reproductive health, family planning, environment and youth. Between 2013-2015 she taught Demographics classes at Yedi Tepe University Department of Sociology. İn her 17 years working with NGOs, Özer has worked on various functions such as field, education, projects, resource development and communication. Since 2014, Özer has been the General Director of Tohum Otism Foundation.


  • Having graduated from Yıldız Technical…


    Fiat, Digital Marketing Specialist

    Having graduated from Yıldız Technical University Department of Geomatic Engineering, Cem Kerem Yosuntaş began his career in 2012 working as a strategist at GroupM Search. He went on to become a brand manager at Zer A.Ş. As of 2016 he is responsible for digital marketing for the Fiat brand under TOFAŞ.


  • Prof. Dr. Bilcin Tak Meydan was born in Bursa.…


    Uludağ Üniversitesi, Faculty Member of Management Department

    Prof. Dr. Bilcin Tak Meydan was born in Bursa. She got her undergraduate and graduate degrees on business administration . She gave  her PhD in Management and Organization Theory. She became an associate professor in 2003 after completing her study on corporate social responsibility and stakeholder management .

    She has led the projects of many corporations in measuring perceived social performance and corporate image.

    She has published many studies on corporate social responsibility, stakeholder analysis, person-organization fit, organizational and professional commitment and identity.

    She is still a professor at the Uludag University Faculty of  Economics and Administrative Sciences. She gives lectures on corporate social responsibility, diversity management and organization theory at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level.

    She is member of Academy of Management.

  • Born as the daughter of a journalist, she too…


    Bloomberg HT, TV Show Host

    Born as the daughter of a journalist, she too became one. She wanted to be an expert journalist and studied economics at Mülkiye. She began work while studying. She first worked at newspaper, and then began a career in television. For many years she worked as a reporter in Ankara, prepared news shows and presented them. She interviewed politicians from the administration. She lived in London for 7 years as a columnist. Since 2010, she talks about economics on BloombergHT TV. She continues her discussions on the radio. She teaches economics at a university. She is also the author of a book, Bana Bana Hep Bana.

  • Fatih Uysal was graduated from Galatasaray High…


    Vodafone Turkey, Marketing Director

    Fatih Uysal was graduated from Galatasaray High School and Bosphorus University Business Administration department.  After he had worked 7 years in various positions within Danone Turkey Marketing team, he was transferred to Danone HQ in Paris as Global Marketing Manager.  Mr Uysal spent his last year in Europe as Global CRM Director, being responsible for ME, Europe and LATAM region and joined Vodafone Turkey  on September 2010 as head of marketing for new segments.

  • Priya Patel is the Business Development Lead for…


    Instagram, Regional Product Lead

    Priya Patel is the Business Development Lead for Instagram in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. She has more than 15 years’ experience in media and advertising including print (Financial Times), TV (BBC), agency and digital in the UK, Australia and Asia. Prior to joining Facebook, Priya spent five years at multinational company Google, where she was an instrumental part of YouTube’s commercial rollout across South East Asia. Priya relocated to the Middle East with Google in 2014 where she managed the Food and Beverage sector and led advertising strategy across MENA. It was in 2015 that she was appointed as Business Development Lead at Instagram where she works closely with brands and agencies to help them achieve their business objectives on the platform.  In her spare time, Priya takes inspiration from Instagram to pursue her interests in cooking, travel and scuba diving. Follow her at @priya7.

  • Izzet Capa has been a household name in the…


    ÇapaMag, Founder

    Izzet Capa has been a household name in the entertainment and restaurant industry since he hit the Istanbul scene in the late ’90s with his first establishment Dedikodulu Cafe. Consequently he has launched more than 50 bars, clubs and restaurants while consistently keeping up with and creating new trends in the industry. The places he owned and operated all presented their patrons with different concepts. While you could enjoy bellydancers at one of the clubs, one could also enjoy house music played by a world-renowned DJ at a different location. At the moment Cahide, Arabesque, BeerHall and the Limonata franchise bear Mr. Capa’s name at their doors.

    He is also the Chairman of Plan B Executions Consultancy firm which helped erect projects on a much bigger scale in the food and hospitality industry. In addition, he is the creator and the owner of one of the most popular, independent online news platform CapaMag. He took a surprising turn in his career by adding the title ‘journalist’ to his resume 5 years ago. He started conducting interviews for one of the major national newspapers HaberTurk and in 2012 transferred to another major newspaper, Hurriyet. He has interviewed numerous politicians and celebrities among which there are names like President Suleyman Demirel, Ricky Martin, Darren Aronofsky, Shakira, John Malkovich, E.L. James, Duran Duran, Buika, Adriana Karembeu, Jade Jagger, Fawaz Gruosi and the list goes on. Mr. Capa has added yet another notch to his belt by carrying his interviewing skills to television. Every Wednesday night he hosted a live talk-show named Izzet Pasa, on main stream channels Show TV and TV8 for 3 seasons.

  • After İzmir Bornova High School Sanem Oktar…


    directComm Marketing Group & Limonsocial CO-Founder

    After İzmir Bornova High School Sanem Oktar graduated from Marmara University’s International Relations Department. Oktar started her career at Colgate Palmolive in 1993 and she is a serial entrepreneur. She established her first company, Tribeca Communication Consultancy at 1997 and two years later she established a database marketing company, directCom. Also, she was one of the founding partners of Peppers&Rogers Turkish Office. After taking part in Peppers&Rogers, she established a social media agency Limonsocial at 2011. Today, she’s continuing her career as directComm Marketing Group’s and Limonsocial’s managing partner and chairman. During her career, she worked with many national and international companies. And today Oktar is married and has two daughters.

  • Graduated from Middle Eastern Technical…


    MediaCat and Digital Age, Editor in Chief

    Graduated from Middle Eastern Technical University Department of Physics.

    She began her advertising career when she was in university.

    After 12 years in advertising, she began publishing MediaCat in 1993.

    Apart from MediaCat, she is the Editor in Chief of MediaCat’s special issue for Cannes Lions, Digital Age, and PI, as well as MediaCat Books, which has published over 800 books.

    Ozkan is the author of “Hayatimiz Reklam,” a book in which she interviewed the legends of Turkey’s advertising industry.

    With her incredible and dedicated team, Pelin Ozkan organizes tens of workshops, seminars, Digital Age Summit, Brand Week Istanbul, Felis Awards, Women to Watch Awards, and Lovemarks awards.


  • After Italian High School, Aybil Göker graduated…


    Habitus Research, CO-Founder

    After Italian High School, Aybil Göker graduated from Bogazici University, Sociology, received her MSc degree in Social Anthropology at London School of Economics (LSE) and completed her PhD in Anthropology at University College of London (UCL). Aybil returned Turkey in 2007, while working at Yeditepe University she lectured at Bogazici and Bahcesehir University, supervised numerous PhD thesis and continued academic publications.In 2012, Aybil Goker with Alper Goker set up the most impactful ethnographic research and creative strategy consultancy company in Turkey. Habitus Research between 2015-2016 received 14 awards. In April 2015, Habitus Research opened its first branch in Florida, USA.

  • Arda Erdik is one of the most awarded creative…


    Tribal Worldwide Istanbul, President & Creative Director

    Arda Erdik is one of the most awarded creative director in Turkey, winning over 200 national and international awards (including 4 Grand Prix), in last 3 years.

    He started his career in advertising as a copywriter in 2001, joining DDB İstanbul Group in 2006.

    In 2012, he took a career break and had a little tour around the world.

    After the break he came back to İstanbul, and joined Tribal Worldwide İstanbul as creative director, in 2013.

    With his creative leadership, Tribal Worldwide İstanbul became one of the most creative agencies in Turkey with the biggest global and local brands like Audi, Vodafone, İşBank…

    In 2013, Marketing Turkey magazine listed him as one of the most promising ad-man in Turkey.
    In 2014, MediaCat magazine listed him as one of the 50 creative (art, cinema, advertising, etc) in Turkey.
    In 2016, MediaCat magazine listed him as one of the 10 creative leaders of the year.

    In 2016, he became the President of Tribal Worldwide İstanbul.

    He is also member of the board in Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies.

    Since 2011, he is also a lecturer of Copywriting in Advertising at Kadir Has University, in İstanbul.

  • Kerem Rızvanoğlu currently works as the…


    Galatasaray University, Member of the Faculty of Communication; Xedzone, Founding Partner

    Kerem Rızvanoğlu currently works as the Informatics Division chair at the faculty of Communication in Galatasaray University.

    He is working as as researcher in the area of human-computer interaction and usability / user experience since 1999. Research interests of Rızvanoğlu include cross-cultural usability, universal usability, mobile usability and user experience. He published numerous papers on these topics as well as a national book entitled as “Herkes için Web: Evrensel Kullanılabilirlik ve Tasarım (Web for All: Universal Usability and Design” and an international book with Görkem Çetin entitled as “Research and Design Innovations for Mobile User Experience Design”. He is currently a member of the board of “International Conference of Human-Computer Interaction”.

    He has been teaching on usability, user experience and interaction design at the certificate, undergraduate and graduate levels since 2001. He taught in Boğaziçi Univeristy and Koç University in the recent years. He is currently teaching in Galatasaray University as a full time scholar and in Bilgi University as adjunct faculty.


    Rızvanoğlu is also the founding partner of Xedzone Research and Consultancy Company, which served in the digital world for user experience research, design, education and strategic consultancy projects more than a decade.

  • Dilay Kurtulus Elciseven studied Economics at…


    P&G Turkey, Regional Brand Manager for Turkey and Caucasus

    Dilay Kurtulus Elciseven studied Economics at Middle Eastern Technical University. She began her career in P & G in 2008. For 4 years she was responsible for brands such as Orkid and Pantene. She became the Customer and Channel Marketing Group Manager. For the past 3 years, she has been the Regional Brand Manager for Turkey and Caucasus for Fabric Care at P & G.

  • Fuat Keyman is Director of Istanbul Policy Center…


    Istanbul Policy Center, Director

    Fuat Keyman is Director of Istanbul Policy Center and Professor of International Relations at Sabancı University. Keyman is a leading Turkish political scientist and an expert on democratization, globalization, international relations, Turkey – EU relations, Turkish foreign policy, and civil society development. He is a member of the Science Academy. He has worked as a member on the Council of Wise People as part of the Peace Process to the Kurdish issue. He also serves on advisory and editorial boards for a number of respected international and national organizations as well as for academic journals.

    Prior to joining Sabancı University, Keyman taught in the Department of International Relations at Koç University between 2002 and 2010 and in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at Bilkent University between 1994 and 2002. He was also Visiting Professor at Carleton University in the summer of 1997. Keyman holds several post-doctoral fellowships from Wellesley College and Harvard University. He has received numerous prestigious grants from the EU Framework Programme and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Furthermore, Keyman has been the research director for various projects such as Peter Berger and Samuel Huntington’s Many Globalizations, CIVICUS, and Mapping Civil Society in Turkey. Keyman has conducted the first extensive research project and written copiously on the political and social trends in Turkey, urban transformation, and living together in Anatolian cities.

  • Ergun Gumrah began his journalism career in 1984…


    GoodWorks Communications Consultancy Agency, President

    Ergun Gumrah began his journalism career in 1984 at Yeni Asir in Izmir. He worked as a reporter for Sabah, Hurriyet and Milliyet in Istanbul. In 1993, he became the producer for the TV show “Dr. Stress.” Between 1994-1997 he worked for Kanal E, determining the strategy for the first economy-focused Turkish TV channel, preparing its prototype and serving as its Executive Coordinator for 4 years. Between 1997-1999, Gumrah took on the restructuring of Kent TV serving as the Executive Editor. In 2000 he founded Cumhuriyet TV. In 2001 he established Medical Channel, the first health-oriented TV channel in Turkey. Between 2001-2014 he served as the Executive Director of Leo PR – MSLGROUP. He is the author of two books: Turkiye’de TV and Medyada Haber Olmak. Gumrah has been awarded numerous awards for his efforts in journalism and PR. In 2015, he established GOODWORKS Iletisim Danismanligi, a communication consulting agency. Gumrah is a member of Türkiye Halkla İlişkiler Derneği, Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti, İzmir Gazeteciler Cemiyeti, Çağdaş Gazeteciler Cemiyeti ve Basın Konseyi.

  • Ilkay started as a copywriter.She joined…



    Ilkay started as a copywriter.

    She joined TBWA\Istanbul as Creative Director in 2006. Under her direction, the agency grew to become the biggest and the most awarded agency in Turkey for the last 7 years. On top of much award-winning international work, she and her team have won the most Cannes Lions, in total, for Turkey.

    Ilkay was named one of the World’s Most Influential Female Creative Directors by ADWOMEN and was voted “Advertising Person of the Year/Turkey” by Advertising Age/Mediacat.

    She is ranked 3rd in Business Insider’s “The 30 most creative women in advertising” list in 2017.

    She is also the founding member and creative director of an international, bi-annual arts and culture magazine, 212.

    Currently, she is feeling very happy and relieved to have finished this flattering biography of herself.

  • Worked as art director at Alice BBDO and Guzel…


    Rafineri, Founding Partner and Creative Director

    Worked as art director at Alice BBDO and Guzel Sanatlar, and creative director at Total Iletisim. In 2001, she became the founding partner of Rafineri. She still serves as the vice president at Rafineri.

    She has won over 100 national and international awards with her teammates. She has represented Turkey at Cannes Lions and Eurobest as a jury member.

  • Sercan Işık who was born in 1994; he was…


    Scorp, CEO

    Sercan Işık who was born in 1994; he was graduated from Terakki Vakfı Özel Şişli Terakki Fen Lisesi and still studying in Koç University Industrial Engineering & Business Admisitration double majör degree. He has experience in marketing department in Adil Işık Group and organization department in Doğan Online DOL. After those, he founded Scorp with his friend İzzet Zakuto in 2014 and he is currently the CEO of the company.

  • Born in 1975 in Istanbul. Originally a writer.…


    Rafineri, CCO / Partner

    Born in 1975 in Istanbul. Originally a writer. Worked as Group Head, Creative Director and Executive Creative Director at Alametifarika and TBWA. For the past 3 years he has been Partner and CCO at Rafineri. He believes in the power of stories. He defines creating real influence as the key resposibility of a Creative. He has won numerous national and international awards for his work. According to IPSOS AdWatch, in the past 6 years he has created “the most loved ad” three times.

  • Erdem Tolon joined The Nielsen Company in 2005…


    Nielsen Media Research, General Manager, Turkey & Business Development Director, Central Europe

    Erdem Tolon joined The Nielsen Company in 2005 and in 2012 he became the General Manager for Nielsen Media Research Turkey. Since 2017, he has also been serving as Business Director for Central Europe.

    He graduated from Koç University with a major from Economics and he holds a Masters Degree from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

    For the last 10 years Erdem Tolon has been focusing on both offline and online media research, ROI analysis, media mix optimization and Digital Research. Erdem is a board member of Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and IPTV Association.

  • Bediz graduated from Galatasaray University, with…


    Y&R Istanbul, Head of Strategic Planning

    Bediz graduated from Galatasaray University, with a degree in Political Science and Public Administration.
    His political communication project got awarded by the French government with a Bourse d’Excellence.
    He completed a masters programme in Management and Business Administration of Communication at the University of Toulouse. He started his career in advertising in the Europeand Business Development department in
    Euro RSCG Worldwide, in Paris. Later, he returned to Turkey and worked in ALICE BBDO as a Strategic Planner, in Alametifarika as a Brand Director and returned to ALICE BBDO as Strategic Planning Director.
    He later joined Y&R Istanbul as the VP and Head of Planning in 2012 and he remains in the same position today

  • Adrian Mediavilla first discussed brands when, at…


    Señora Rushmore, Planning Director

    Adrian Mediavilla first discussed brands when, at age 11, he sent a letter to the local newspaper in Santander to dissect a campaign for SprinGo, a new soda brand that had just been released by the Coca-Cola Company in Spain.


    Today, Adrian is Head of Planning at Señora Rushmore, the leading creative agency in Spain. Señora Rushmore is one of the few agencies working on global and regional Coca-Cola projects. As part of the WPP network, Señora Rushmore is also in charge of Vodafone in Spain. Other clients include the Dutch bank ING, the local iconic department store El Corte Inglés, carmaker MINI and Atlético de Madrid Football Club.


    Before joining Señora Rushmore, Adrian spent six years in Paris working on international accounts at Publicis Worldwide, Duke Razorfish and Saatchi & Saatchi. He then joined the legendary Saatchi & Saatchi office in London where he was in charge of the Toyota Hybrid account across Europe. Eventually, Adrian was hired by Viacom to work as marketing director for MTV, Paramount Channel and other global entertainment properties.


    On top of his advertising work, Adrian writes for different publications like Spain’s PAPEL, Jotdown or Libero magazines and has been a guest lecturer in the London Business School, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Miami Ad School.

  • Zeynep Sarılar, Izmir, Turkey, received her BSc…


    ITEA Office, Chairwoman

    Zeynep Sarılar, Izmir, Turkey, received her BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree from Dokuz Eylul University in 1989.

    In 1990 she joined the R&D department of Netas in Istanbul as a software engineer and a team leader for international gateway switches. From 1994 to 1997, she worked at Alcatel Bell Telecom in Antwerp, Belgium, as a consultant. In 1997, she worked for the Globalstar project at Qualcomm, San Diego, USA, as a software and system design consultant. In 1998, she returned to Istanbul and worked at Yapı Kredi Bank, Benkar Advantage and Global Securities consecutively.

    In 2001, Zeynep co-founded Mobilera, a leading CRM based mobile marketing and advertising company where she managed Service and Product Development till 2013, supervising research projects on wearables, embedded systems, digital home systems and entertainment solutions for the automotive and health industry.

    Since 2009, she has been a Board Member of YASAD, the association for software industrialists and since 2013. She has provided consultancy services for national and international funding projects and coordinating a Growth Accelerator Programme for 17 SMEs in Turkey. In 2013 she initiated GEMİM, a Centre for Entrepreneurship Training and Incubation.

    As of 1 February 2016, Zeynep Sarılar is Chairwoman of ITEA. Also she ıs founded of Actuate Inovation BG and TR.

  • Erdem Aksakal, born 1980, got an BSc Degree from…


    SAP, Marketing Director

    Erdem Aksakal, born 1980, got an BSc Degree from ITU Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA degree from Bogazici University. After working in many technology companies like Vestel and Ericsson, he has been working as marketing director in SAP Turkey since 2010.

    In addition to his business career; he has been writing on various magazines about urban life, sports, technology and business life. He has been studying as a PhD candidate in Bilgi University on marketing. He is giving keynotes, lectures and seminars in many corporations.

    His book about white collar workers and business life “Mezeleri Güzel” was published in 2016 and reached to 6th edition.

  • As early as 2003, Yousef Al-Obaidly played an…


    beIN MEDIA GROUP CEO Vekili ve Digiturk CEO

    As early as 2003, Yousef Al-Obaidly played an intricate role in the successful launch of the now most prominent pay TV sport network in the MENA region. Later on in 2012, he kick started the international expansion of the network, with the launch of beIN SPORTS France, Americas and Asia-Pacific. In December 2013, alongside beIN MEDIA GROUP CEO, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, he completed the transition of Al Jazeera Sport into beIN SPORTS, the international sports network.

    He is currently Deputy CEO of beIN MEDIA GROUP and President of beIN SPORTS France, Americas and Asia-Pacific. In addition, he is the Secretary General of Qatar Tennis Federation, a board member of Qatar Sports Investments (QSI), and a board member of PSG Football Club and PSG Handball Club. He graduated from Seattle University.

  • Nazan Somer Özelgin studied business…


    Yapi Kredi, Vice President, Retail Banking

    Nazan Somer Özelgin studied business administration at Bogazici University after graduating from Robert College. She began her career in 1988 at Arthur Andersen working as an independent accountant and financial advisor.

    In 1999, she became an Associate Partner for Finance at Arthur Andersen. In 2000, she joined Yapi Kredi as Vice President of Private Banking and continued her career at Yapi Kredi as Vice President of Credit and Consumer Loans between 2006-2009.

    Since January 2009, Özelgin has assumed the position of Vice President of Retail Banking at Yapi Kredi. Özelgin sits on the executive board of Yapi Kredi Turkey, Yapi Kredi Azerbaijan, and Tani Pazarlama A.S. She has represented Turkey at Visa Europe for many years and still serves as the Chairman of the Executive Board of Visa Turkey. She also oversees the Audit Committee and sits on the executive board of 441 Trust Co. Throughout her career, Somer has partaken leadership positions for the executive boards of KKB and BKM.

    In February 2017, Somer was appointed to the executive board of Unicredit Bank Romania. Starting from January 2018, she will leave her position at Yapi Kredi to continue her career in Romania and several other Unicredit bank locations. She also plans to partake leadership positions for companies in several other industries in various cities in the world.

  • Dr. Uygar Ozesmi is the founder and provocateur…


    Good4Trust.org, Founder & Instigator

    Dr. Uygar Ozesmi is the founder and provocateur of Good4Trust.org, a platform for individuals seeking to create an ecologically and socially fair future. Uygar established the Turkish branch of Change.org in 2012 and served as the Executive Director for Eastern Europe and Western Asia until 2017. Before that he served as the Executive Director of Greenpeace for the Mediterranean region (2008-2012) and Executive Director of TEMA (2006-2008). In 2002 he became the founding director of Doga Dernegi, BirdLife’s partner in Turkey. He was among the founders of Sivil Toplum Gelistirme Merkezi. Prior to his career in civil society, Uygar acquired his masters degree on environmental science at Ohio State University as a Fullbright Scholar and his doctorate degree on conservation biology, development and social change as a MacArthur Scholar. He worked as a consultant for Adnan Kahveci and was the founder of Erciyes University’s Department of Environmental Engineering (2000-2004). He worked as Expert in Environment for United Nations Development Programme (2004-2006). Along with Good4Trust.org, Uygar founded kusbank.org, Turkey’s first crowdsourcing project, in 2001. Dr. Ozesmi is the author of over 100 scientific publications and a book. He teaches classes at Kadir Has University and is the host of a radio show on Acik Radyo 94.9.

  • Since 2001, after having completed her studies in…


    Managing Director iProspect Turkey, Managing Director Amnet Turkey

    Since 2001, after having completed her studies in MIS in Istanbul,  she has been executing leadership roles across Sales & Marketing teams of international and national technology and construction companies

    Most recently she has spent past 8 years at “Google” as Senior Sales Manager heading up Account Management Teams looking after the biggest brands in the UK market including but not limited to Samsung, Apple, M&S, Argos, Asos, NetaPorter, O2, Adidas, Nike, Starbucks responsible to grow a portfolio of $560M revenue

    While working for Google she completed Advanced Project Management Certificate Program by Stanford University, followed by an Executive MBA program specially designed for selected Google Executives by Duke University.

    After having worked for Google based in Dublin for close to 8 years, she now moved back to her home country Turkey to take on the MD role for iProspect and Ammnet Turkey, something she is uncomfortably excited about and is looking forward to experience bigger better successes

  • Born in Rize, Yavuz Sütlüoğlu completed…


    Çaytaş, Member and Deputy Chairman of Board

    Born in Rize, Yavuz Sütlüoğlu completed elementary school in Hatay Antakya and secondary and high school in Rize. He got his bachelor’s degree in Anadolu University İ.İ.B.F Business Administration in 2003. He completed his MBA in Yeditepe University. In 2003, Sütlüoğlu started his career in private sector, working in various positions in Sales in finance and FMCG companies. He also took part in project-based operations both for domestic and export markets. In 2008, Sütlüoğlu stepped into the public sector and joined Çaykur Purchasing Department. Having performed in different operations related to marketing and sales, Sütlüoğlu is now a member and Deputy Chairman of Board in Çaytaş, a Çaykur affiliate, besides leading his position in Çaykur.

  • Mr. Ümit Leblebici has been General Manager of…


    TEB Genel Müdürü

    Mr. Ümit Leblebici has been General Manager of Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. since September 1, 2013. Mr. Leblebici served as the Chief Executive Officer of Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. Mr. Leblebici served as Deputy General Manager of Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. from February 2013 to September 1, 2013. Mr. Leblebici served as Deputy General Manager at Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. Mr. Leblebici served as an Assistant General Manager of Asset Liability Management & Treasury at Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. since 2001 until 2013. Mr. Leblebici served as an Assistant General Manager of Treasury at Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. since 2001 until 2013. Mr. Leblebici served as Assistant General Manager of Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. From 1999 to 2001 at TEB. He served as Treasury Manager. From 1997 to 1999 at Osmanlı Bankaı› Mr. Leblebici served as Treasury Manager, from 1997 to 1997 at Ulusal Bank as Treasury Manager and from 1991 to 1997 Midland Bank as Treasury Manager. He has been an Executive Director of Türk Ekonomi Bankasi A.S. since September 2013. He studied at Istanbul University with MBA in Finance in 1994 and at Istanbul University in Faculty of Business Administration in 1988.

  • Tolunay Kafkas was born in 1968 in Ankara. He…


    Soccer Development Manager and Director of Youth National Team

    Tolunay Kafkas was born in 1968 in Ankara. He began playing soccer for Ankara PTT.

    He played for Keçiörengücü, Diyarbakırspor, Erzurumspor ve Konyaspor and Trabzonspor. He then transferred to Galatasaray, afterwards playing for Bursaspor and Denizlispor.

    He ended his career as a soccer player after playing for 3 different teams in Austria.

    He played for the Turkish National team 35 times.

    He then became a football manager for U 19 National Team, Kayserispor, Gaziantepspor, Trabzonspor, Karabukspor and Akhisarspor, winning the Turkish Cup for Kayserispor.

    Between 2011-2013 he served as the Soccer Development Director at TFF and football manager for Turkey’s U21 National Soccer Team.

    Since August 2017, Kafkas has been the Soccer Development Director and is also responsible for Turkey’s Youth Football Team.

  • He was born in Izmit in 1985. He first began…


    Captain of Turkey's National Ice Hockey Team

    He was born in Izmit in 1985. He first began playing ice hockey on the municipality’s ice ring. He first played for Turkey’s National Team in 2002 in Lithuania. He has been playing on the National Team ever since. In 2015,he transferred to Zeytinburnu Municipal Team and has been the team leader ever since.

    He is the team captain of the Turkish National Ice Hockey Team.

    2014-15 Turkey Ice Hockey Super League

    2015-16 Didi Turkey Ice Hockey Super League

    2016 IIHF div.3 group world champion

    2016-17 Didi Turkey championship 1st place

    2015 Continental cup grup A 2nd place – Serbia

    2016 Continental cup grup A 1st place – Bulgaria

    2016 Continental cup grup B 3rd place – Spain

    2017 Continental cup grup A 2nd place – Serbia


  • Dr. Soner Canko graduated from Istanbul…


    Interbank Card Center(BKM),CEO

    Dr. Soner Canko graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Science, Public Administration Department. He also received master’s degree and Ph.D from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics. Currently, Dr. Canko is working as CEO of Interbank Card Center (BKM), in which he previously took role as Board Member and Chairman during 2003 and 2007.

  • Engin Aksoy began his career in 1994 working for…


    Vodafone, Vice President of the Executive Board

    Engin Aksoy began his career in 1994 working for The Coca-Cola Company. Between 1997-2000 he served as the Regional Sales Director for Michelin. Between 2000-2008, he took on positions at the Executive Committee of Nike, first as the member responsible for Sales and Management, and then as the Regional Sales Director for the EMEA region. He joined Vodafone Turkey in 2008, serving as the Head of Field Sales where he played an important role in shaping the company’s sales strategies and developing its sales channels. In 2012, he was assigned the role of Chief Enterprise Business Unit Officer. Since January 2017, Aksoy has been serving as the Chief Consumer Business Unit Officer at Vodafone Turkey. He is married and has a daughter.

  • Işıl Evlioğlu Akdemir has been working at…
    Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu

    Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu

    Garanti Payment Systems , EVP of Marketing

    Işıl Evlioğlu Akdemir has been working at Garanti Payment Systems – Executive Vice President of Marketing since 2012. She is currently in charge of product management (mass, affluent and debit cards), credit card portfolio management, customer satisfaction and process optimization, marketing communication and advertising.

    She has an 12 years of experience on marketing projects in banking and payment systems sector.

    Having started her professional life at 2003 as a consultant at McKinsey in Turkey, Işıl Evlioğlu Akdemir was responsible mainly for operational and strategical analysis of marketing projets both in Turkey and abroad. She also took important role as Junior Partner at McKinsey in various marketing operations in payment systems sector.

  • She got married at 19 after graduating from high…



    She got married at 19 after graduating from high school. She became a mother when she was 20 years old. She has 4 daughters. She was a housewife for 13 years because it was frowned upon for her to work.

    In 1990, she sold the only asset she had, her bracelet, to be able to start knitting at home. Her business soon grew, and she rented an office. For 18 years, she managed her atelier, “Müge Tuhafiye ve Örgü Evi”. She decided to steer her career in another direction after knitting became out of fashion.

    She noticed the absence of traditional Turkish food in the tourism industry in Kars. She decided to open a traditional Turkish restaurant in Kars in 2008, becoming the first women entrepreneur in the industry.

  • Born in Ankara. He studied first at TED Ankara,…


    Yapı Kredi, Vice President, Brand Management

    Born in Ankara. He studied first at TED Ankara, and then at Ankara University Department of Political Science. Worked at Demirbank, Disbank and Fortis. He has been the Vice President of Brand Management at Yapi Kredi Bank since 2008.


  • Is the founder and CEO of dnaunion, Iran’s…
    Nasser Pashapour Nikoo

    Nasser Pashapour Nikoo

    Founder, CEO of dnaunion

    Is the founder and CEO of dnaunion, Iran’s leading marketing services and market research group, comprised of 14 companies in Iran and the Middle East. He is a serial entrepreneur and senior executive with in-depth firsthand knowledge and 23 years experience of building and growing business in Iran. He leverages his vast network of business and institutional contacts to grow dnaunion, support clients and incubate start-ups and talents.

  • Born in April 17, 1991, Duygu Ozaslan is the…



    Born in April 17, 1991, Duygu Ozaslan is the creator of one of Turkey’s biggest beauty and fashion YouTube channels.


    While studying Spanish Language and Literature at Istanbul University, Duygu gained great recognition on YouTube, acquiring the title of “Influencer” in various social media platforms, including Instagram.


    Duygu’s compelling, inspiring and exemplary content and style quickly rendered her a role model for the youth. Moreover, she has cooperated with more than 50 global brands.


    While creating a series of compelling, cool and high-quality content, she began chasing her childhood dream and created a brand called “Do Istanbul.”


    Duygu Ozaslan’s YouTube channel has 750K+ subscribers and 150M+ views.

  • Having graduated Robert College and Marmara…


    Deeper, Founder

    Having graduated Robert College and Marmara University, and after he started and bankrupted his first company during his university years, Viktor Kuzu started working as an account planner at Güzel Sanatlar Group. Throughout the years, he has worked with many brands, helping shape their marketing and communication strategies. In 2012, he decided to explore the new dimensions of brand communication and the marketing world, and together with Öner Şahin and Taylap Yapıcı, he co-founded BLAB. In 2016, he founded Deeper, a data-driven behavioural marketing firm.

    He continues to work on developing technologies that might help understand human irrationality with the use of rational data.

  • Gulhan Egilmez leads the strategic planning and…


    Hayat Chemicals, Global Marketing Director, Homecare and Women’s Care Products

    Gulhan Egilmez leads the strategic planning and application processes of Molped and Bingo, women’s care and homecare products of Hayat Chemicals. She studied Economics at Marmara University, and strategic planning and leadership at London South Thames College and Koc University. Having decided to pursue a career in marketing while at college, she began her career at Canan Cosmetics working for their brand, Ipek.


    She joined Hayat Chemicals in 2000 as the lead for washing agent products. She led Hayat Chemicals to success in a competitive industry, leading the brand’s efforts in various markets. In 2014, she became the Global Marketing Director for Hayat Chemicals. In 2016, she took on the responsibility of women’s care products while keeping her position for the washing agent products.


    Egilmez is married and has a daughter. In the fast pace of life she finds joy in ceramics.

  • She was born in 1979 in Ankara.She began…


    Newscaster, Author

    She was born in 1979 in Ankara.

    She began working in media in 1993, alongside Erhan Konuk.

    She moved to Istanbul to study. She began working at Alem FM when in Istanbul.

    In 2001, she began doing voice overs for NTV. She worked for NTV for many years. She has also anchored for FOX TV and CNN Turk.

    In 2012, she began hosting a morning show on Kanalturk. For many years, Uzun hosted the TV shows “Erken Baski” and “Guzel Bir Gun.” She has worked for Tv8 and TRT Haber before joining Lifetime.

    Uzun is the author of “Sizin Hic Maviniz Var Mi?”. Her second book “Kalbimin Ses Telleri” was published in 2017.

    For the past 5 years, Uzun has been teaching classes on diction, newscasting, and presenter at Baskent Academy of Communication.

  • TutorU15-17 National Women's League Technical…


    Football Manager for the Turkish Women's National Team


    U15-17 National Women’s League Technical Advisor

    A Group Women’s League Coach

    Grassroots Expert

    Director of Development of Women’s Football

    Football Manager for U15 National Women’s Team


    Regional Coordination Project Expert

  • Thomas Kolster is a man on a mission, one of the…


    Mr. Goodvertising, Düşünce Lideri ve Sürdürebilir İletişim Alanında Uzman

    Thomas Kolster is a man on a mission, one of the early pioneers in the do-good space coining the term Goodvertising to describe the changing advertising landscape that’s become a movement in itself. As a seasoned advertising professional counting more than 16 years he’s a vocal voice for advertising and brands as a force for good and his book “Goodvertising” is the most comprehensive book to date exploring communication for good.

    He’s a globally experienced keynote speaker featured at events like SXSW Eurobest, D&AD, Epica, ad:tech & Sustainable Brands, a columnist for the Guardian and several other publications and a regular judge at international award shows. As a passionate entrepreneur and change-agent he’s launched impact platforms like Cph:Change and Wheregoodgrows.com The Huffington Post has dubbed him “Inspirational Leader”

  • Karagenç received her license for Sakarya…


    Football Player, Turkish National Team and Besiktas J.K.

    Karagenç received her license for Sakarya Yenikent Güneşspor on October 27, 2004, where she was until January 2007. During this time, no leagues were held in the country. With the reestablishment of the women’s football leagues, she transferred to her hometown club Gazi Üniversitesispor. In the six seasons, she played for Gazi Üniversitesispor, she capped 70 times, scored a total of 32 goals, and enjoyed three league championships in 2006–07, 2007–08 and 2009–10.

    For the 2012–13 season, she signed for te İzmir-based club Konak Belediyespor. She became again champion in her first season with the team.

    She played with Konak Belediyespor at the 2013–14 UEFA Women’s Champions League in the qualification round matches in August 2013 and in the knockout stage matches in October 2013.

    By October 2015, she transferred to the Istanbul-based team Beşiktaş JK to play in the Second League. At the end of the 2015–16 season, she enjoyed the league champion title and the promotion of her team to the First League.

    On September 19, 2009, she made her first appearance in the women’s U-19 national team playing against Serbia at the 2010 UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship First qualifying round – Group 7 match. At the same tournament, she played also against France and Georgia. Karagenç participated at the 2010 UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship Second qualifying round – Group 1 matches against Sweden, Ireland and England. her further appearances in the women’s U-19 national team were at the 2011 UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship First qualifying round – Group 9 (Romania, Czech Republic and Northern Ireland), at the 2012 UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship Second qualifying round (Iceland, Germany and Wales) as well as at the 2012 UEFA Women’s U-19 Championship – Group A (Portugal, Denmark and Romania). In the women’s U-19 national team, she capped 32 times netting one goal.

    She played for the first time for the women’s national team on April 15, 2009 in a friendly match with Belarusian women. Karagenç was team member in the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 5 match against Austria. She played in nine matches of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2013 qualifying – Group 2 round against Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Romania and Kazakhstan. In 2013, Karagenç took part at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 6matches against the English and Montenegron women.


  • Ömer Barış Gökpınar studied Business…


    Samsung Electronics, Vice President of Corporate Brand

    Ömer Barış Gökpınar studied Business Administration at Bogazici University. He completed his MBA at State University of West Georgia. He worked in various leadership positions in departments such as brand management, marketing and marketing communications at P&G, Vodafone and Turkcell

    He began his career as a Marketing Expert at Worldspan in 1998. He worked as Senior Assistant Brand Manager at P&G between 2000-2004. He worked as the Brand Director at Alametifarika and Brand Group Director at TBWA / Istanbul before joining Vodafone in 2009, where he served as the Brand Strategy Senior Manager. Between 2012-2015, he worked at Turkcell, first as the Marketing Communications Senior Manager and then as the Director of Marketing Communcation. Since 2016, Gokpinar has been the Vice President of Corporate Brand at Samsung Electronics.


  • LLB Basak Purut graduated from Istanbul Law…


    ekşisözlük, Executive Board Member

    LLB Basak Purut graduated from Istanbul Law School. He has been working in the field of IT Law for the past 15 years. For the past 5 years, he has taken on an entrepreneurship role, and he still continues to serve in the executive board of Eksi Sozluk.

  • He was born in 1978 in İstanbul. He graduated…


    Kafa Dergisi, Journalist and Columnist

    He was born in 1978 in İstanbul. He graduated from Istanbul University Biology Department. He decided to pursue his career in the media sector and began to program on a local radio in 2002. Then BEST FM radio programs were prepared and delivered by him. Since 2007, Işık has been a journalist and columnist at Posta Newspaper and has produced and presented a TV program called “Bunu Konuşalım” Candaş Tolga Işık, who has two books called “İthal Edilmiş Korkular Ülkesi” and “Portakal Ağacı”, also has the privilege of KAFA, FITBOL and #tarih magazines.

  • She was born Istanbul. studied Turkish Art Music…


    Musician, YouTuber

    She was born Istanbul. studied Turkish Art Music at Istanbul Technical University. Her music career started at the age of 13 with Mine Kosan vocalist. She contunied working as a vocalist with Ebru and Demet Akalın. She performed a song with Erdem Kınay named Helal Ettim. In addition to the identity of the artist, known to dominate the digital world, Merve Özbey meets with fans of acoustic performance on her brand-new YouTube channel.

  • Burçak Ünsal is an attorney admitted to…


    Ünsal Gündüz Attorneys at Law, Owner

    Burçak Ünsal is an attorney admitted to practice in New York and in Turkey.

    Ünsal serves at the General Board of Bosphorus University, Information Systems Research and Implementation Center and teaches Cyberlaw at Bosphorus University, Department of Management and Information Systems.

    With a multi-disciplinary educational background Ünsal is also qualified as a patent and trade-mark attorney before the European Patent Institute and the Turkish Patent Institute.

    Prior to establishing Ünsal Gündüz Attorneys at Law, Ünsal has been the regional counsel of Google & YouTube for almost three years. Ünsal has a vast experience at major international law firms such as Baker Botts LLP, DLA Piper, Kobayashi Todo and Hergüner in the US, Japan and Turkey.

    Other than his unique experience and knowledge in transactional, regulatory and dispute resolution aspects of Technology Media & Telecommunications Law, Unsal also has distinct experience in M&A, corporate law, cyber law, international business transactions, IP and infrastructure in different jurisdictions such as US, Japan, EU and Turkey.

    Ünsal speaks English, Japanese & Turkish and holds the following degrees:

    • Ege University, Institute of Science, Master of Science, 2009
    • University of Virginia School of Law, LL.M., 2003
    • Marmara University Faculty of Law, LL.B., 1999
    • Golden Gate U. Law School & South Texas U. School of Extension, 1998
  • He was born in Taksim in 1972.He listened to…



    He was born in Taksim in 1972.

    He listened to music. He worked in advertising.

    He became a moviemaker.

    He loves taking photos.

  • Enis Baruh was born in 1983 in Istanbul. He…


    Wanda Digital, Creative Director

    Enis Baruh was born in 1983 in Istanbul. He studied Sociology at Eskisehir Anatolian University. He began his career in advertising in 2002. He worked for the Hayal Kurmak Serbest, a project that organizes screenwriting classes and film festivals in prisons. He worked as an executive assistant at Sender Senaryo Atelier.


    After completing the project, he began working for Ilancilik Advertising Agency, working as a copywriter for 4 years. At the same time, he worked as a screenwriter for TV shows and movies. In the light of the digital transformation, he decided to join Wanda Digital. He has won around 150 global and national awards for his work. He gives lectures on digital advertising and copywriting when he has the time.

  • He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of…


    Avukat.com.tr, Founder

    He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He is a freelance lawyer and at the same time he teaches “Informatics Crimes in Turkish Law” at the Law Institute of Bilgi University. Articles published in various magazines and