This year, 3 critical issues that will “reset” the economy, communications, trade, culture, and current politics will be discussed thoroughly at Master Hall with experts, researchers and executives.

At Master Hall, in the light of recent research on global and local trends we will explore new media and the world of influencers, brands, emotions and the anatomy of brand loyalty as well as Turkey’s political outlook. Master Hall is the place to gain great insights for great changes to come and to participate in brainstorming with experts from different fields.

November 9 // Time to Influence

From creating brand communities to the function of music in short content, from competition between platforms to measuring the effects of influencer marketing; many issues related to new media and of its actors will be discussed together with influencers and new media representatives.

November 10 // Hearts & Minds

This year, we will take a look at the Lovemarks of the year for the 15th time and honor the brands who win the hearts of customers. The great archive of Lovemarks will unveil the brand-user relationship for the past 14 years and this history will be explored the whole day. Artists, brand representatives and creatives will reflect upon the production and consumption trends of the individual and mass. The future of the media, changing norms of sexuality, the relationship between sustainability projects and sincerity, and the culture of loyalty will be examined through the lens of the users, customers and executives.

November 11 // Every Choice Is A Beginning

A decisive and critical year awaits us in Turkey; the 2023 general elections. The debates will clear the panoramic view and future of Turkish society and its politics. While examining the state of affairs of Turkish politics with thought leaders, writers, academics, and activists, we will also shed light on alliances and possibilities, the future of social polarization, the opportunity to rebuild, and the roles of media and technology that are involved and direct all these processes.

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