In the midst of tech-centered narratives and existential threats that have come along with 21st century, our philosophical inquiries regarding being human, remaining human or getting beyond human are on the rise. So, what is next for human or what is it that comes after human?

Biotechnological developments, AI creativity, climate crisis, space economy, transformations in business models and separation of socialising from space and time, deconstruct the conventional definitions of human and human nature. 

While global trends shape the national cultures, lifestyles and business models directly, brands that have a vision of reasoning today and leading the tomorrow are planning to build a business framework around meaning and sentiment. Creating a value has become a must during the dystopia-like days we live in. Many parameters that fuel and enable each other such as reconsidering the human-nature relationship with all its elements, building and developing multi-cultural institutions, the limits of creativity, responsible consumption and production will create tomorrow. Mastering data analysis, technological developments, economical insights and the digital world is essential for the architects with an idea of designing the future. 

During the pandemic, arguments about being human, which are roughly as old as humanity, keep developing under brand new conditions and new anticipations about the future  and they will be analysed in depth in Brand Week istanbul. 

The attempts to define the new human, will also be the starting point for a new paradigm in economy, society, art, and technology.

Let’s explore the X-factor of human of the 21st century and all the new paradigms it will possibly give rise to.

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