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Victoria Cook

How The Global Citizen Has Changed In 2021

person1Victoria Cook

Global Vatandaş 2021 Yılında Nasıl Değişti? || How The Global Citizen Has Changed In 2021

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Vicky is responsible for global audience insights at Mindshare, working across the full range of Mindshare’s global clients. Under her leadership, the team works to bring consumers to life, utilising both syndicated and bespoke research while making sure the audiences' created our actionable in media.


Over her 16 years at Mindshare, Vicky has played an integral part in the building of proprietary studies and tools, from consumer studies to planning tools, making sure these solutions are used accurately and effectively by Mindshare’s global planning network. After studying Physics at university Vicky joined MTV Europe in a sales and research role.


After deciding to focus purely on research Vicky joined the Mindshare Worldwide team in 2003, and found that her passions for understanding consumer’s behaviours and motivations matched those at Mindshare.

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