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Çiftçi || Farmer

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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Born in 1974 in Istanbul, originally from Erzurum, Sencer Solakoğlu went to a boarding school in Switzerland at 11 years old. He then moved to California, to pursue his graduate studies in economics and upon obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he then completed a master’s degree in behavioural sciences and worked as a clinical psychologist for a period.

After his decision to return to Turkey, he commenced his researches –in light of his uncle’s recommendations- on stock farming. Following a 2 year feasibility work, he moved to Bursa Karacabey -where he have not set a

foot in before- and touched the very first time a milker in his ranch.

Today Solakoglu’s ranch is on the verge of celebrating its 10 year anniversary, and produce 40 tons of milk daily and has a financial turnover of over 50 million per year. Both statistics that are beyond average for the Turkish stock farming market.

Over the last 3 years, Solakoglu has been sharing his experience through educational programs over thematic TV channels and through industry related conferences.

Solakoglu is also the president of TÜSEDAD Derneği which brings together industry professionals working on dairying, breeding and livestock.

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