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Prof. Madhavi Venkatesan

Sustainability 2.0: A Profitable and Green Economy is Possible!

person1Prof. Madhavi Venkatesan

Sürdürülebilirlik 2.0: Kazançlı ve Çevreci Bir Ekonomi Mümkün! || Sustainability 2.0: A Profitable and Green Economy is Possible!

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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* Earned her doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in economics. As of April 2021, she assumed the role of editor-in-chief of the journal Sustainability and Climate Change.

* In 2016, Madhavi established Sustainable Practices, a nonprofit with a mission “to facilitate a culture of sustainability as defined by reducing the human-made impact to the planet and its ecosystems”.

* Sustainable Practices initiated the Municipal Plastic Bottle Ban campaign and in spring 2020, facilitated the Commercial Single-use Plastic Water Bottle Ban.

* Madhavi’s academic interests include the integration of sustainability into the economics curriculum and she has been active in promoting education and stakeholder engagement to incorporate ethics into the existing economic framework.

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