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Prof. Craig M. Wright

How To Fashion A Creative Lifestyle?

person1Prof. Craig M. Wright

Yaratıcı Bir Hayat Nasıl Yaşanır? || How To Fashion A Creative Lifestyle?

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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*Craig Wright, Moses Professor Emeritus of Music, from 1973 to the present a professor at Yale, where he continues to offer annually “The Genius Course” in the Summer program.  During his tenure at Yale, Wright served as chair of the Department of Music (1986-1992) and Academic Director of Online Education (2014-2017).  

*Wright has published seven books on music and cultural history, the most recent being “The Hidden Habits of Genius” (Harper Collins), an Amazon Top-20 Book Selection for 2020.

*Yale has recognized Wright’s contribution to undergraduate teaching in the form of its two most prestigious prizes, the Sewall Prize and the DeVane Medal.

*He was also awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, an honorary doctorate from the University of Chicago in 2004, and in 2010 was elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


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