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Prof. Olivier Sibai

person1Prof. Olivier Sibai

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Olivier Sibai is a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London. He teaches Strategic Brand Management and Digital Marketing.

His main research interest revolves around social marketing and transformative consumer research. He has a particular interest in conflict and the exercise of power in the marketplace. His current research projects focus on brand activism, anti-racism consumer movements, market-place exclusion, violence on social media, deviance in consumer communities, marginal consumption practices, and consumer isolation

His work has been funded by the Wellcome Foundation and cited in outlets like the Conversation, and the World Economic Forum. His work has also won an award from the London Guild of Marketors.

Before academia, Olivier has worked as a market analyst, marketing researcher, product manager, and in key account management. As an academic today, he likes to help businesses on consultancy projects aligned with his expertise.

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