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Melissa Bruntlett ve Chris Bruntlett

Pedal For Happiness, Health and Welfare

person1Melissa Bruntlett ve Chris Bruntlett

Mutluluk, Sağlık ve Refah İçin Pedala Bas! || Pedal For Happiness, Health and Welfare

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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* Melissa and Chris Bruntlett are urban mobility advocates who strive to communicate the benefits of sustainable transport and inspire happier, healthier, more human-scale cities.


*They co-authored two books titled; Curbing Traffic & Building the Cycling City that are respectively focused on reducing cars in cities and the Netherland’s impressive cycling culture.


*Melissa works with Mobycon—a bicontinental mobility consultancy—supporting the promotion of Dutch transport knowledge, policy, and design principles in countries across Europe and North America.


*As communications manager for the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Chris uses his knowledge and passion to share practical lessons for global cities wishing to learn from the Netherlands’ extraordinary success. 

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