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Martin Kunze

Ceramic Architect

person1Martin Kunze

Seramik Mimarı || Ceramic Architect

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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Martin is founder of the Memory of Mankind (MOM) project in Hallstatt, which stores information for 1 million years. In connection with this project he invented ceramic data carriers that both can carry analogue or digital information. These data carriers are the most durable ones humanity has used so far.

Alongside with The Global Round Table, New Horizons Space Message, BeyondTheEarth and the Long Now Foundation, he is also board member of Arch Mission, US, which has the aim to disseminate humanity’s knowledge in the solar system, and recently successfully launched a first time capsule on board of SpaceX’ Heavy Falcon.

He also works as artist, independent researcher, and consultant on long term transfer of information in the fields of human history, evolution, biololgy, geology and astrobiology. He gets contacted by broadcasting stations as consultant concerning arising challenge of ephemerality of the digital age in the light of increasing consumption of resources.

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