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Çilingir is currently Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Insider, responsible for running efficient operations, building a strong company culture, managing overseas growth, supporting sales and marketing teams, sharing and developing Insider’s technology. Being a 1X entrepreneur, founded Insider with five fellow co-founders upon their lucrative exit of a highly prestigious language school. Following studies at London School of Economics, completed master’s degree at Shanghai Normal University. During the time in China, worked as an investment consultant in global companies like PepsiCo and Vestel.

After gaining international experience working and living in the Middle East, UK, China, Asia Pacific and Russia, equipped with skills and know-how to create a global product company. Being a highly influential tech enthusiast and a thought leader, invited to speak at leading technology events to discuss latest trends and advancements in the customer experience delivery space. Granted the most successful woman entrepreneur of the year by Microsoft and was awarded by Junior Chambers International (JCI). Selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in ISP-2014. Recently ranked as one of the top three women CEOs outside of the US by Crunchbase.

An avid entrepreneur at heart, been working for Insider’s growth for the past seven years and dedicated in creating a strong culture which has been a core element of Insider’s success, developing the disruptive technology of Predictive Ad Audiences.

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