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Görkem Yeğin Mert

Facebook, Creative Strategist

person1Görkem Yeğin Mert

Facebook, Creative Strategist || Facebook, Creative Strategist

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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Gorkem Yegin Mert is a hybrid creative awarded both for traditional and digital work. She started her career as a copywriter and became a creative group head when she was 26. Before joining Facebook, she worked for Rafineri, Tribal Worldwide, 41?29!, Grey Istanbul and finally as a Creative Director for 4129Grey. Along her 14 years of advertising career, she worked for unlocking the potential of creatives and brands to build effective and creative work. Now in Creative Shop, she has parlayed her passion for creative technology and platform hacking into building impactful work with agencies on Facebook platforms. Her work won more than 70 national and international awards including a Gold Cannes Lion.

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