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Fatih Tüylüoğlu

VMLY&R, Chief Strategy Officer

person1Fatih Tüylüoğlu

C-Section, Yönetici Kreatif Direktör || VMLY&R, Chief Strategy Officer

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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Celebrated his 10th year at C-Section recently, Fatih Tüylüoğlu served on different roles within the agency starting as a copywriter and becoming the creative director along the way.

Tüylüoğlu lead creative processes at Plasenta, an agency of the same group, for the last two years. The experienced creative now has an executive role under the VMLY&R umbrella.

Before joining C-Section Tüylüoğlu worked for Beyaz Show where he created formats and occasions which link traditional TV and digital and had done the same before Beyaz Show for Wanda Digital between 2006-2007.

With a career that now spans 15 years, Tüylüoğlu worked with local and global brands regarding their digital processes and has been awarded both locally and internationally. 

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