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Dilara Koçak

person1Dilara Koçak

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Talks, Workshops or Events

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Dilara Koçak, earned her Bacholar’s degree in “Nutrition and Dietetic” and completed her Master’s at Hacettepe University. After working in US hospitals 2003-2004, she founded Mezura Clinic. In addition to being a nutrition and diet treatment consultant for individuals, she is also the pioneer of Coorporate Wellness practice in Turkey. She is the supporter of UN Project named; FA0 Zero Waste Zero Hunger Project

“Dilara’s project “Wellness Dairy” has been a classic for people who put their health first. She is the author of three books and her articles were published by Milliyet, CEO Life, Hello and She also hosted shows on TV and shared her experience and knowledge about wellness and nutrition.

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