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David Courtier - Dutton

Hearing The Emotions: The Future of Sonic Branding

person1David Courtier - Dutton

Duyguları İşitmek: Markalı Sesin Geleceği || Hearing The Emotions: The Future of Sonic Branding

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David Courtier-Dutton started his career in the worlds of law and corporate finance before joining a fledgeling B2B technology company in the late 1990’s to ride the dot-com wave. As Strategic Development Director, he helped build the business to a $1bn unicorn valuation and led its subsequent IPO on the UK stock market.

David founded SoundOut in 2007 with Grace Hammond and a few short years later SoundOut was recognised as the global market leader in song testing for all the major record labels, national radio stations and hundreds of thousands of independent artists across the US and beyond. 

SoundOut then expanded into the world of strategic branding and, working with brand consultants and major FMCG conglomerates such as Unilever and Henkel, built a suite of consumer powered products to measure and analyse the personality and archetypes of leading consumer brands and their key brand assets. 

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