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Cem Rodoslu

Migros, CMO and Executive Committee Member

person1Cem Rodoslu

Migros, Pazarlama ve Yurtdışı Operasyonlar İcra Kurulu Üyesi || Migros, CMO and Executive Committee Member

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Talks, Workshops or Events

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Born in 1967, Cem Rodoslu obtained his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering at Ege University and pursued a master’s degree on agricultural policies. Rodoslu also completed Harvard Business School’s Advance Management Program in 2016.

Rodoslu’s career started in 1991 at Önentaş Dardanel A.Ş. and he had different managerial roles for Tespo A.Ş, Continent – Carrefour (Promedes) and Tansaş respectively throughout his career.

Joining Migros as Category Management Assistant General Manager in 2006, Rodoslu became Vice President of Marketing in 2010. Rodoslu continues to be a part of Migros as CMO and Executive Committee Member since 2018.

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