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Başar Ekim

Nokta, Co-Founder and VP of Advertising

person1Başar Ekim

Nokta, Kurucu Ortak || Nokta, Co-Founder and VP of Advertising

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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Nokta, leading Full-Stack Ad Management & Technology company, was founded in 2008, and is currently monetizing more than 25 sites and 2 billion ad impressions per month. Nokta is also providing contextual video generation, customized video player, CDN, display/video header bidding, yield optimization, video/revenue analytics services for its partners. 

Başar holds a bachelor degree in engineering from Middle East Technical University. He has served as CFO and VP of Advertising of the Company since 2008. Nowadays, he is leading growth and ad strategies mainly for the EMEA region. Başar is married and has two young daughters.


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