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Av. Tuğrul Sevim

Partner at BTS&Partners

person1Av. Tuğrul Sevim

BTS & Partners, Ortak || Partner at BTS&Partners

Talks, Workshops or Events

Talks, Workshops or Events

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Master of Laws, attorney at law and a partner of BTS&Partners, Tuğrul Sevim has extensive expertise over lawsuits concerning payment and financial systems, complex IT and telco contracting (development, licencing, integration, outsourcing), and over problems regarding e-commerce, internet and privacy of personal data.

Sevim, aids his clientele regarding the management of their intellectual properties and contracting regarding their portfolio.

Sevim’s clientele includes payment system organizations, management consulting firms, tech and outsourcing servicers, telco and finance companies, software and hardware providers and others that make up the IT sector. 

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