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Adam Puchalsky

Risky Business: Impact and Truth

person1Adam Puchalsky

Riskli İşler: Etki ve Samimiyet || Risky Business: Impact and Truth

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Talks, Workshops or Events

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Adam Puchalsky has always looked at the world a little differently. There has never been a challenge he didn’t work to solve and never been a moment he didn’t roll up his sleeves to help get it done.


As the Global Head of Content at Wavemaker, Adam has transformed the agency’s boutique offering into a fundamental part of the agency – through precision, platforms, partnership and IP.

In moving the agency’s product to a future-proof place,


Adam has brought together and developed a team of more than 600 content experts worldwide. He’s successfully activated on Wavemaker’s belief in positive provocation to deliver innovative solutions for clients. 

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