YouTuber - VLogger

Born in 1989 in Perpignan (France), raised in Villanova (Catalunya, close to BCN), at a young age she moved to Barcelona where she started her youtube career more tan 7 years ago. On 2010 she creates her main cannel Yellow Mellow as a place to create comedy and music, and also as a way to try out some of the learnings she had at college at that time.


She started to become very popular with her covers about artists that she admires such as Lady Gaga and Stromae, and afterwards she produced some own songs as well. 

She never expected that this could become so big for her, and that she would become very popular with the YouTube cannel. Also the platform opened a lot of paths for her to develop her talent, not only music wise, but also performing.

When her YouTube career started to take off on a more professional base, she decided to leave her beloved Barcelona and move to Madrid to have more opportunities as a digital creator.


Currently she’s the female spanish vlogger with more subscribers on Spain, with over 1,5 million on her main channel. She currently owns the biggest daily vlogging cannel amongst hispanic countries. She’s one of the top creators achieving new milestones everytime, she’s been the first spanish female creator to be featured on YouTube Rewind, the yearly video that YouTube does worldwide with the most relevant things and creators that happened during that year.


She has perfomed all over hispanic countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Chile, and she’s planning to visit all the remaining LATAM countries, where she has a big fandom as well.

She has launched succesfully 2 singles already “Phantom Limb” and “All I think about” reaching top charts inmediately on sale and also during the pre sale, without the support of any media or any radios, only with the support of her fans. On the reléase day of Phantom Limb she made it to the #1 on Itunes overcoming the launch of Lady Gaga’s new single. Currently she’s working on some more new music and she’s planning to release her first music album on 2018.


Besides all of this achievements she also finds time to do some good and non profit projects, becoming last year the first digital artists that becomes a Greenpeace Ambassador and relates to such an important topic as saving our planet. She enroled on a boat during 7 days to go to the Arctic afterwards and show her audience how bad the Arctic melting looks. She managed to collect 200k signatures to Save The Arctic which was half of the total amount of sigantures the collected over the past 5 years in Spain.

She loves animals, tattoos, videogames, Disney, Pixar and Star Wars.