Radio Show Host, Storyteller and Author

Born in 1979 in Switzerland.

Began hosting radio shows in 1999.

She hosted shows on Radio Sport, Super FM, Radio Hot and Pal FM.

For many years she has been the producer and host of “Hitnoz” on Best FM.

In 2007, she contributed to for Hit magazine, Pozitif and On Yedi with articles and interviews.

She hosted the tv show “Dorduncu Araniyor” on Show TV and “Haber Sizsiniz” on TRT Haber in 2009.

In 2012, she published her first book “Anladim Bozuklugu”. Later on she published “Dunluk,” “Hic Kurucu” and “Oyle Vakti”

In 2017 she began writing for Pulbiber magazine as well as Episode magazine. She currently serves as an Editor and Columnist for Episode.

In 2016 she began doing stand up comedy. She performed her first show “Beni Bilirsin, Arkandan Konusmam!” at BKM’s Istanbul Comedy Festival.

In 2018, she began perfoming her new comedy show “Ne Munasebet.”