Youtube Turkey, Head Of Partnership

Timur Altop is a senior manager in media sector, which has experienced in content broadcasting, licensing, production, and distribution at TV, internet, and printed publication industries, and been playing roles in both North America and Europe. As an entrepreneur, Timur initiated the first market-based content portal services, which was finally acquired by Euromoney-Institutional Investor. He entered into the TV sector by serving for international format adaptations in Turkey, titled “Çırak,” “Benimle Dans Eder misin,” “Bir Dilek Tut”, and “Fenomen”, in the position of manager. He concurrently served as Turkish licensing and business development advisor of Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Marie Claire magazines on behalf of Warner Market Group and Group Media. Timur then served as senior manager in charge of distribution and business development in FOX Networks Group for FOX, National Geographic, FX, Fox Crime, Fox Life, Fox Sports, 24 Kitchen, and BabyTV. He has been serving as the Country Director of YouTube Turkey, particularly in charge of managing and developing the content business partnership affairs, since 2017. Timur is also among the incorporators of a non-profit corporation, titled Endeavor Turkey, which has been supporting active entrepreneurship in the developing markets. Born in 1972/New York, and a graduate of the Marketing Department of the American University in Washington D.C., Timur Altop is married, and the father of two children.