Communicator/Social Enterpreneur, Founder of the Bilim Virüsü and President of Turkish Corporate Communicators Association

Şule Yücebıyık dreamt of a career in journalism while in high school-a dream which she realized while studying International Relations at İstanbul University’s Faculty of Economics in the 1990’s. She worked as a reporter for more than two years at TRT Istanbul News Center. Subsequently she held positions as a reporter, editor and columnist for 15 years in Yeni Yüzyıl and Milliyet Newspapers, respectively.

Continuing her career as Vice President at Global – Hill & Knowlton Public Relations Agency, Yücebıyık has served a large number of national and global brands from industry to technology, from finance to retail during her time in the PR sector. Having provided personal communication consultancy services to leading figures in Turkish business, Yücebıyık gave support to hundreds of speakers regarding creative writing and story telling during the TEDxReset organizations where she worked as a volunteer for three years.

Yücebıyık has worked as the Head of Corporate Communication for Turkey’s deep-rooted industry group Borusan for the past 12 years.

She had great impact on public opinion with the #LoveBeginsWithLanguage and #CallOutSexism movements that she started as an advocate of gender equality. These campaigns she designed for Borusan have received awards both in Turkey and internationally as well as inspiring other corporations.

Being the President of Corporate Communicators Association, Turkey’s biggest corporate communications professional network, Şule Yücebıyık believes that “the future of communications” will be achieved through consicousness of effective leadership, solidarity and cooperation, hence she develops projects in this area.

In 2018, Yücebıyık established a social initiative called Bilim Virüsü, which aims to instill a passion for science in students and equip them with the 21st century competencies. Yücebıyık continues to infect hundreds of young people with the science virus, along with voluntary institutions and individuals who believe that science is the common language of humanity.