MORE DESIGN, Administrative Manager

Syrian architect from Damascus, has a master degree from Damascus university. Practiced architectural work in several institutions in Syria before establishing here own office in 2006. She taught architectural design for students in the faculty of architecture in Syria for 10 years before she had to move to Lebanon, later to Istanbul because of the crises that happened in here homeland Syria. In Istanbul she started working in interior design and furniture layout along with her husband Mouhamad Albeyrouti, who also is interior architect and had worked in the same field for more than 20 years. After few months of working in Istanbul they discovered the encouraging and promising work atmosphere in turkey so they learned more about how to establish a company in turkey and together with their civil engineer partner Bachar Kudmani established their company MORE DESIGN for architecture, decoration and engineering in 2015 despite of all challenges and difficulties they might face. Full of hope and willing to succeed and to add a value to the Turkish economy that offered a generous hand to all Syrian investors on the Turkish land.