Sharif University of Technology, Professor

Born: 28.4.1957 in Tehran ,Iran.

School: Attended school in Tehran.

Undergraduate study in University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, 1974-1977, graduated first class honors.

Graduate studies at Imperial College, London , UK, 1977-1980.

DIC in mathematical physics.

PhD in Theoretical  Physics.

Postdoctoral  experience 1980-1990

Institute for Advanced Studies, Dublin, Ireland,

Durham University, UK.

University College, London University, UK.

Employed in Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran from 1990-Present.

Current employment, (attached from Sharif  University) Director of  Microelectronics Research Center , Tehran, Iran. 2015-present

Research Interests

Critical Phenomena – Conformal Field Theory – Evolutionary Theory – Complex Systems

125 articles published in ISI Journals. Other articles not cited.

Currently active in research on application of data analytics to social issues such as traffic , marketing, public opinion. For full list of publications please see Google  scholar papers and citations for S.Rouhani