Anlatsı, Co-Founder & COO

Sargın was born in 22nd of April 1991 in Istanbul with a quick operation since the doctors wanted have a holiday on the next day. After he studied the elemantary school in TED Karabük College, he decided to attend Ankara Science High School, considering his “LYS score”. He had experienced fun and difficult parts of studying in a boarding school for 4 years with his friends deeply. After high school education, he decided to start studying in Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Department, considering his “ÖSS score” this time. In the first years of university, as soon as he came across Engineering Society, he decided not to be an engineer and started to dream about a corporate life. He met Eril and Tuğberk while he was the chairman of the Engineering Society and all of his dreams have changed completely. When they were in the 2nd grade, they established their company called Sinaps A.Ş. and became the youngest entrepreneurs who got an investment from Galata Business Angels. After many failure projects, they established Üniversiteli Anlatsın. After they had developed Üniversiteli Anlatsın for 2,5 years, they converted their project into Anlatsın. Right now, is a platform where 800+ employees from 70+ companies tell’bout their experience, jobs, sectors and companies. Their aim is helping people to make better career choices. If you have questions in your mind like “What does an Industrial Engineer do?”, “What kind of projects do Marketing Departments conduct?” or “How does a Sales Manager spend his day?”; you can visit