Founder, The Core Code


Baaghil is the unconventional brand consultant, author and speaker. His out-of-the-box ideas ignite companies to rethink their strategies on reaching their target audience and building sustainable brands. Baaghil has changed how people think of brand in the Middle East. As a consultant, he has worked with many distinguished organizations in the region such as the Saudi Stock Exchange, Savola, AlKahbeer Capital.

Baaghil has authored four books, including the most reputable “The Power of Belonging” and “Create Your Space,” both listed in the Library of Congress. The international recognition of Baaghil’s unique approach to Brand and Marketing can be found in key publications: well-known marketing expert Dan Hill wrote on Baaghil in “Emotionomics”

Baaghil was interviewed by futurist and BrainReserve CEO Faith Popcorn for her two forthcoming books on market trends. Most recently, Baaghil was interviewed by the internationally acclaimed brand consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on branding in the Middle East.