Legendary Designer of Apple’s Logo

It was in 1976 when opportunity walked through the door one day and said, “Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. Regis wants you to make a new logo for my computer company.” This correspondence led to one of the most creative visual designs of all time: One and only Apple logo.

Since then, Rob Janoff Rob has worked with many Fortune 500 companies on campaigns as varied as selling Kleenex tissue to Intel chips, from Frangelico Liqueur to John Deere mowers. Over the past eight years Rob Janoff has been the go-to figure for international startups and established brands like Crooz in Japan, Lucas in the UK, Pluit City in Indonesia, Sunac in China and Exeed in UAE.

Rob Janoff says it’s no accident that you get few opportunities for success in life. When they come along you have to be ready to grab them. In making the most of his opportunities, Rob has a unique story to tell. You will his words of wisdom at Brand Week in Istanbul and in his book “Taking a Bite out of the Apple” which is expected to be ready for the Turkish readers very soon.