Service Lines Leader of Brand Health Tracking and Social Intelligence Analytics & ExCo Member, Ipsos Turkey


Özlem Bulut Sönmezyalçın graduated from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University in 1995. In the same year, she got a job as Quantitative Researches Group Leader at ACNielsen and kept working in that capacity 1999. She then transitioned over to the position of the Director of Business Development at GFK in 2000. In this process, she took on responsibilities such as special projects and retailer panels with a focus on Consumer Panels.

Joining the ranks of Ipsos KMG in 2001, Özlem worked as a Director of Health Research and then Industry and Services at Quantitative Research Department. She led the Key Accounts and PartneRing Program.

In January 2011, she took up the role of leadership for Advertisement and Brand Research Efforts as General Manager of Ipsos ASI – Advertisement Research.

Taking on the role of Innovative Products in 2015-2018, Özlem worked on developing new models in the field of Neural Marketing and Social Media.

She has been leading Brand Health Monitor and Social Intelligence Analyses at Ipsos since October 2018.

Working in the academic field as well, Özlem taught neural marketing at Neural Marketing Post-Graduate Program at Üsküdar University in 2015 and has been teaching the same subject at İstanbul Bilgi University Brand School Post-Graduate Program since 2016.