YouTube Content Creator

Born in Izmir, Orkun Isitmak started his career as a YouTuber, his actual profession, by preparing game videos. Afterwards, he turned his channel concept into an entertainment-oriented direction and his channel is approaching 6 million subscribers. He changed the face of YouTube in Turkey and placed being a youtuber into our lives as a profession. He has gained a robust place in the mainstream media with his ‘AVM’de Bir Gece Geçirmek(spending one night in a shopping mall)’ video. Through his fun and horizon broadening videos taken in many parts of the world, he was selected for the YouTube Top Creator program, which is organized by Google and only includes top people in their fields. In addition to all these, he was featured in Iyi Oyun (the good game), which is the first e-sports film of Turkey and the world, and had his first acting experience.