Writer, DJ

Oben Budak who was born in Istanbul in 1977, studied Opera Singing at Istanbul University State Conservatory after Kocaeli University Department of Business Administration. Oben Budak, who is a modeling and advertising player in connection with Gaye Sökmen Agency, performed voice in TRT. Budak was a vocalist with Ajda Pekkan and Aşkın Nur Yengi with voice and breathing techniques he learned from Sertab Erener.

Oben Budak, one of the first VJs of King TV, has been serving as Star TV and ATV. Budak has worked as a correspondent for Aktüel magazine, a fashion editor at Harpers Bazaar and a publishing director at FHM.

Oben Budak started working in Sabah newspaper writing Müziklerim Efendisi as corner of music, then the trendoben corner in 2005. She started working in Haberturk Newspaper and still writing Jöntürk since 2009.

Oben Budak, who has written many novels such as Falan Filan (2012), Hayvan (2013) and Büyük (2015), has become a wanted name in the world of DJ ‘s which he started as a hobby in recent years with the name of Discoben..