Academician, El İzi Communications Consultancy, Co-Founder

Dr Vardar has been both an academician and a practioner since 1985. She graduated from Izmir American Collegiate (1979), getting her B.Sc. in Management Sciences from Dokuz Eylül Univ. Izmir, Turkey (1983); M.Sc. from Univ. of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), UK, in International Marketing (1985), her Ph.D. again from UMIST (1990) in Global Advertising. She continued her academic interests while pursuing business life and got her Associate Professorship (1994). She was a lecturer at Yeditepe University, Economics and Business Admin. Faculty (2002-2008), getting Professorship (2004). On the business side, she started at Turyağ – Henkel as an product manager in Izmir (1985-1987); Research and Media Manager at Yaratım/FCB (1990-1993); Planning Director at Y&R/Reklamevi in Istanbul (1993-1995). She was the founding Managing Director of Initiative Media in Istanbul between Dec. 1995-June 2001. Dr. Vardar established her own consultancy, El Izi İletişim Danışmanlık in Istanbul,Turkey in 2002. In October 2016 she formed her UK subsidiary – El Izi Communications Consultancy UK Ltd., to internationalize her recent e-learning project.

Dr. Vardar has been publishing in marketing/advertising/branding over the years; having 13 books, 6 book chapter (4 in English), 60 articles (20 in English), 80 presentations. Her first book titled Global Advertising: Rhyme or Reason?, published in 1992 in London, UK  is still being sold at amazon.com. This same book was translated into Korean in 1998.

Currently she works at her own consultancies – El Izi, London, UK and El İzi, Istanbul, Turkey; dividing her time between these two offices