CEO at Epagogix Risk Management/Film Consulting/Film Finance - Media Industry

Nick Meaney co-founded Epagogix 14 years ago in London.

Epagogix uses a highly innovative blend of expert process and advanced Artificial Intelligence to help clients (mainly in the film, TV and entertainment sectors) to forecast outcomes.

Immediately prior to founding Epagogix, Meaney worked in a senior role in the City of London for one of the world’s largest Risk Management Companies. There, he realized that the insurance-led approach to risk management for the major US film studios was failing to address the underlying fundamental financial risk of choosing, investing in, and developing the projects which deliver optimal return on investment.

Meaney was introduced to the power of neural networks to help forecast future outcomes. Seeing opportunities to deliver better outcomes for Hollywood studios, Meaney left the City. Drawing together colleagues from many disciplines, Meaney built the Epagogix team.  Epagogix harnesses expert analysis and bespoke neural networks and helps film and TV industry clients to make evidence-based decisions to identify, develop and improve their creative ideas. Epagogix is based in London and Oxford, with representation in New York and Los Angeles.

Previously Meaney was based in New York City as global head of marketing and e-commerce for a company involved in travel and international education. Long before that he was a journalist/researcher in Chicago, USA, after graduating from university in England, and before embarking upon a colourful and successful international career across several sectors.  Meaney also has interests in the alternative fuels sector.