TV Presenter, Sports Writter, Basketball Manager

He is a TV presenter, commentator, sports writer and basketball manager, who is especially known for his commentating on basketball games.

He graduated from the Construction Department of the University of Illinois in the United States. After staying in the US for 17 years, he came back to Turkey to do military service. However, his military service was postponed for 4 months so he started to work with Aydan Siyavuş at Eczacıbaşı Sports Club. That was the first time he began to use his basketball experience he got in the United States. He was transferred to Fenerbahçe Sports Club as Technical Manager of Basketball Branch with Aydan Siyavuş.

He began his commentary career at TRT by commentating on NCAA Final Four games in 1988. Then, he also commentated on NBA games at TRT for three individual terms. In 1992, he was transferred to Show TV, and commentated on games  and made programs at Cine 5 as from the date of its establishment. At this channel, he presented a program called Asist with Ismet Badem, which earned him popular acclaim. Then, he commentated on many games and presented programs primarily at NTV Sports and many TV channels, including ATV, Channel 24, TRT and NTV. He presented a program called “NBA Stüdyo” with Murat Kosova and Kaan Kural at NTV, which has taken its place among the unforgettable programs such as Asist. He was transferred from NTV to Lig TV/Digiturk and directed the basketball division for 5 years, during which he commentated on many games and made programs.

Besides commentary work, he also worked as a basketball writer in various newspapers and magazines. He first introduced US basketball to Turkey in Sports supplement of Cumhuriyet newspaper and made Turkish people love it. At the same time, he played an important role in publishing of Basket Magazine. Later on, he wrote for magazines, including Fast Break, Slam, NBA Basket, Overtime and Süper Basket, and undertaken publishing of these magazines.Other than that, he established Baskent 34 basketball club, which he also chaired and through which he raised many players, 10 of whom played in the Turkish First and Second Basketball Leagues. Furkan Korkmaz, one of the players in NBA, who makes us proud, was raised in the Baskent 34 club.