Dude Table, Director of Food Marketing Strategic Consulting Agency

Merve Akgül, a graduate of Boğaziçi University, School of Business Administration, figured out during his studies at the university that imagining is the most important competence so she suspended her studies and received the Visionary Leadership education from the European School of Economics, Florence, which is the university of Stefano D’Anna, the author of the book “The School for Gods”, and completed her studies at the university along with the said education. By the courtesy of her 6-monthly training experience at Unilever Food Solutions, she met the expertise of Funda Güzelmeriç İnansal, which brings together the concepts of food and marketing, which she dreamed of. After graduating from the university and completing her training, she began to work with Funda Güzelmeriç İnansal in 2012; she is providing integrated marketing service as Turkey’s only food marketing strategic consulting agency with Funda İnansal at Dude Table. She continues to work on integrating the developing new generation of economy into the food and beverage sector as the company manager developing new generation methods and new areas at Dude Table.