Actor, The United Nations Development Program, Goodwill ambassador in Turkey

Mert Fırat was born in Ankara in 1981. He studied Acting at Ankara University, Department of Theater in the Faculty of Language, History and Geography.

Since 2005, he has taken part in many cinema, theater and tv projects and played the leading role in and contributed to screenplays of films including “BAŞKA DİLDE AŞK (Love in another language“, “ATLIKARINCA(Merry-go-round)” and “BİR VARMIŞ BİR YOKMUŞ (Once upon a time)”.

He’s been on the theater stage non-stop since he was a student, and he is one of the founders of MODA SAHNESİ(STAGE), Bursa SANATMAHAL and DASDAS and continues to appear before the audience with the plays including “BÜTÜN ÇILGINLAR SEVER BENİ(All nuts love me)”and “EN KISA GECENİN RÜYASI(Dream of the shortest night)” at MODA SAHNESİ and the play “JOSEPH K.” at DASDAS.

In addition, Mert Fırat works voluntarily with different associations and foundations on corporate social responsibility issues and is currently a partner in two different projects. Firstly, together with his partners, he launched “SanatMahal” project in Bursa. Secondly, he is one of the founders of and actively contributes to the design, planning and operation of the project.

He is also known to engage in voluntary work in the field of sustainable development and was the first goodwill ambassador in Turkey of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in 2017.