Istanbul Food Beverage Group, Founder, Chef

While acting as the chef and partner of 21 successful enterprises, including “Mikla” from İstanbul Foods & Beverages Group, Mehmet Gürs is renowned for being the pioneer of the modern restaurant business in İstanbul, and has made a distinguished name for himself with the visionary project he has commenced, namely “New Anatolian Cuisine”. In this approach, he displays not only his respect for the traditional and really “noble” products, but also his efforts to create the cuisine of the future out of a combination of the traditional and innovative methods. Thanks to their intense researches and creative processes, on which they concentrated for long years, a vast network composed of researcher chefs, a full-time Anthropologist, countrymen, mothers, and grandmothers with in-depth fund of knowledge on the regional products, methods, and habits. All these efforts have brought along a successful collaboration of the real owners of the land and the chefs of the city. As the reward of such collaboration, having made its debut at rank no.96, Mikla jumped by 40 ranks, and reached to no.56 as of 2016, and continued its advance up to number 56 as of 2017. In 2018, it secured its position within the top 50 by reaching to no.44.  Mikla has thereby become the first Turkish restaurant that was ranked in the list for four consecutive years.

Alongside Mikla, Gürs also operates the brands, namely the comfy family restaurants chain “numnum café & restaurant”, the Italian restaurant “Trattoria Enzo”, the innovative self-service restaurant “Terra Kitchen”, together with the groundbreaking coffee industry brand of “Kronotrop Coffee Bar & Roastery”. Specialist roasters and baristas of Kronotrop, the leader in the 3rd generation coffee business in Turkey, represent Turkey in the world championships for the last two years.  Buzzfeed has mentioned of Kronotrop among the best 25 coffee-makers that should by any means be visited in a lifetime.

İstanbul Foods & Beverages Group has remained to be referred as the pioneer of the Gastronomy sector in Turkey.