Food Photographer

Mehmet Ateş’s life as a photographer started as a student at the Media Studies Department of Marmara Univrsity in 1997 and gained a professional dimension when he went on to magazine photography in 1998.

He converted his first studio from a dilapidated house in Beyoğlu… He covered the damp walls of the corridors of his studio with blue plaster on sacking and succeeded in creating his own underwater map that constantly changed shape. There, for two years Mehmet Ateş entertained his clients with chestnuts cooked on his stove. In 2002 he moved to his present studio.

In 2003 a new adventure began from an editorial point of view while working for the Sabah Magazine Group. On this journey that at the beginning focused mainly on decoration and style he became acquainted with food photography. In 2008 when he joined the Ciner Magazine Group as photo editor he found the opportunity to enhance his skills on the subject of food photography with the magazines La Cucina Italiana and Food and Travel.

Now he works freelance focusing on food photography.

Since 2011, with his passion for learning and teaching, Mehmet Ateş has been holding a Food Photography Workshop with his colleague Erkin Ön for people who wish to add some flavor to their photographs.

Mehmet Ateş has found the opportunity to exploit the freedom of the creative atmosphere of the editorial world and represents an astatic, innovative and global perception of photography.